5 Reasons You Need a Graphic Designer

We promise, it's worth it.

If I had a dime for every crude clip-art logo I’ve seen created in Paint, Word or PowerPoint…I would have a lot of dimes. It can be tempting for business owners to save money by creating something themselves. However, cutting corners on your branding is detrimental to the success of your business. Plus, you’ll likely face a costly rebranding down the road to correct this mistake. Commit to this expense now, and you’ll be glad that you did. If you think about it, you can’t afford not to hire a graphic designer.

Here’s five reasons why business owners are better off hiring a professional graphic designer to create their marketing materials.

We save you time, and money.

You don’t have time. Whether you’re a startup, expanding into a new market or simply maintaining day-to-day operations, design projects are a huge undertaking. As a result, you could end up putting off a much-needed flyer because, let’s face it, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Hire a professional so we can create the deliverables you need, enabling you to stay focused on your business. The time you would spend investing in home-grown design might seem like it costs less than a designer, but you’ll be missing out on time you could be generating revenue. Or worse, you need to re-design that clip art logo (and re-print all 3oo of those business cards and t-shirts that it’s on) which can be costly. The main culprit of homegrown design is that business owners are concerned about cost. If you’re working with a limited budget consider a small agency, or freelancer. The right graphic designer will work with your budget, or point you in the right direction. Do your homework and get some quotes before you resort to clipart.

We understand the process, and the programs.

Designers are well acquainted with the process that creative projects demand. It’s more than drawing a graphic, picking colors and laying out type. We’re talking mood boards, wireframes, market research, development, rounds of revisions, etc. There are a lot of technical components that you might not even realize you’re missing if you go solo. Plus, the Adobe Creative Suite is a series of complex programs (aka, where the magic happens) that are not for the faint of heart. We have these programs, digital tools and an entire creative arsenal at our fingertips.

For example, I have a personal font collection with a staggering 2,734 fonts — and counting.

By going alone, you’re missing out on our resources and expertise. Plus, we know what format to export your files for future marketing and printing endeavors. Most print shops require a vectored art file with Pantone or CMYK color swatches or in .eps or .pdf format. If that sentence gave you a headache, you need to hire a designer. We can navigate the technical aspect, so you don’t have to.

You Need a Graphic Designer

We provide consistency.

We’re always thinking about the bigger picture. When we’re mocking up logo concepts, we’re thinking about how it would look as large scale signage, as a small one-color option, how these fonts will translate to printed material, etc. Those holistic thoughts help up make creative decisions, contemplate and overcome potential obstacles and ultimately provide brand consistency. The more consistent, the more memorable. Memorable brands lead to buying behavior — which is kind of the whole point.

Memorable brands lead to buying behavior — which is kind of the whole point. Click To Tweet

We bring a new perspective to the table.

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve spent years building our resumes, portfolios, getting degrees and working with a laundry list of clients. We’ve seen a lot of creative and worked with a lot of brands. Every project under our belt translates into expertise. We’ve learned from our mistakes. We’ve seen what makes successful brands so successful.  When you hire a designer, you’re investing in our experience. We bring our perspective to the table and leverage our knowledge from past experiences. These experiences have done more than plump up our resumes, they’ve honed our craft. We can identify challenges, provide solutions and incorporate aesthetic trends that you might not think about if you’re the only one at the table.

We get results!

We’re successful when you’re successful. Our job is to leave a brand better than we found it. When a designer is job-hunting, one of the first questions employers ask is; “Tell us what problem you solved for (insert brand) and what were the results?”. Credible designers will have case studies on their websites talking about what they’ve done for their clients and how they were successful. Rest assured, our interests are aligned.  We specialize in taking your vision and bringing that to life, so you can focus on your business.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from brands who took the leap, and have #noregrets :

“We came to Road Warrior Creative after two very unsuccessful attempts with previous web developers. We were at a point where the frustration level was so high for us that we were not sure where to turn. We found Amber and her team and all I can say is WOW….She pulled off what two other firms failed miserably at. Her team was extremely easy to work with and was instrumental in pulling off the look and feel we wanted. Not only was her team able to deliver a great looking site for us, but the whole experience was awesome! Super easy to work with and extremely reliable. Her team continues to help us with on-going site additions and any technical help we may need. Thanks so much Amber and team!!!”

— Keith Pulson
Principal, Zion Bags

“Amber and Chris have been amazing to work with! They developed a beautiful website for us and continue to be wonderful to work with when we have questions about our site or need to add something to it. We also had them develop a new logo for us which was amazing. They were very patient with me in my pickiness over colors. We will continue to use Road Warrior Creative for our website and graphic design needs.”

— Jennifer Kalous
Owner, The Pink Moose

Give your brand the best advantage by finding the right designer, agency or studio to fit your needs and save yourself the headache (or future expense) of DIY-ing your marketing materials. You’ll be glad you did.

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