How to Write a Business Blog

Keep your content fresh with a business blog!

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One of the many great benefits of having your business’ website on WordPress is the built-in ability to have a blog embedded in your website.  Blogging allows you to keep your website content fresh and exciting in a quick and easy manner. While many aspects of your business may stay the same for long periods of time (hours of operation, primary services you provide, a standard menu, location…) there are small changes that happen on a weekly or even daily basis that your loyal customers may be very interested in knowing about – and by sharing these details in a business blog, you may help to bring customers back to patronize your business sooner than they anticipated!  Just as we discussed the importance of building community on Twitter (read parts one and two), blogging for business can also be key to building a community around your brand.  Additionally, regularly publishing new content may help your business attract new customers, as your posts are shared on social media, and blog posts help to improve your search engine ranking.

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Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Contrary to popular belief, blogging does not have to be time-consuming or difficult or require advanced degrees in writing- it simply requires keeping your open eyes for “new” happenings that you would like to share with current and potential customers and 5-10 minutes to write a few sentences.

Business Blog Ideas

So, what are some examples of “new” happenings that are worthy of sharing on your website’s blog? Here are just a few:

  • New hires! Did you just hire a new sous chef, customer service associate, sales representative, hostess, bartender, event planner… Let everyone know in a blog post that describes what they’ll be doing, their past experience in the field, and a photo. Your regular customers will enjoy learning about your new employees and an interview story can be shared by a new hired with their friends and family – possibly drawing them in visit your business.
  • New merchandise, new menu items, new services… Is your store carrying a new clothing or accessory line? Have you recently added some new appetizers to your restaurant’s happy hour menu? Offering a brand new service to your new or existing clients? Let everyone know in a blog post that describes the “new” feature and who might enjoy it. “Our brand new handbag by Designer X goes great with the jeans we carry by Designer Y!” “Love cheesy fries? You’re going to want to come in for Happy Hour on Thursday to try our new hand-cut potato wedges served with three different artisanal-cheese dipping sauces!” “Did you know that in addition to our event planning services that we can also handle all aspects of invitation design, printing, and mailing? This enhanced service is now available to all current and new clients – contact us today to learn more!”
  • New photos! Having a smartphone makes it easy to snap photos and share them on your blog. Did you install a new display in your store’s window? Take a photo! Have a group of “regulars’ that come to happy hour, lunch, or dinner? Take a photo! Did you create something for an event or finalize a big contract? Take a photo! Just be sure to remember these few quick rules when using photos:
  1. Be sure to ask permission when photographing people and let them know it may go on your website.
  2. Make sure the photo is in focus and interesting to look at before sharing it on your blog.
  3. Give credit when credit is due – if you’re sharing a photo of a floral arrangement that was created by someone outside your business, be sure to acknowledge that.
  • Funny and interesting things:  Not everything you blog needs to be specifically about what is going on with your business.  Just as with Twitter we recommend following the rule of 80/20, limiting your sales-y content to 20% of your posts, the same applies when blogging.  Watch for interesting news articles, images, or videos that are relevant to your services and products, and blog about them.  A salon, for example, might write blog posts each month on the “hair trends of the month.”  A doctor’s office can share recently published studies that are relevant to their patients’ health.  A retail store that caters to families and children might watch YouTube for cute videos of little kids doing funny things that can be embedded into blogs.  These kinds of posts are interesting and engaging and are what will really hook your customers in.

These are just a few ideas to start getting your creative juices flowing when you start your business blog. There may be many, many more suggestions based on the specifics of your business sector, location, and services. When you’re stuck for ideas, ask your employees, co-workers, and customers what they would like to see – you’re certain to get plenty of good ideas!

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