Which Website Design Company Should You Go With?

Discover which design company is right for you.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to determining which website design company you should go with. Just some of the factors you might consider are the size of the web design company, whether they’re specialized or a one-stop shop, and how many clients are competing for their attention. There are advantages and disadvantages that come with any type of web design company and we’re going to walk you through the basics.

Let’s start by identifying the major types of web design companies you will find:

Website Design Company

Website Design Company Types

Independent Freelancer

This is an individual that will often provide multiple services to his/her clients, including: website design, website development, and sometimes search engine optimization. This type of website design company typically focuses on “one and done” projects with a continuous flow of new clients. Because their business model typically relies on a constant influx of new projects, once yours is complete it may become challenging to get their attention. In most cases, they do not offer hosting or maintenance plans and prefer to let other businesses handle long-term support.

Since an independent freelancer’s only true business overhead is their own living expenses, they are potentially less expensive than the other company types that we’ll discuss. However, they may struggle with medium and large sized projects. And enterprise-level website projects are out of the question.

Pros: Individual Attention ; Low Budget Friendly
Cons: Often Unavailable ; May Lack Resources ; Post-Launch Support Unlikely ; Will Struggle With Bigger Projects

Small/Boutique Agency

This website design company will have a small staff — typically less than ten total employees. An agency of this size will typically offer a broader range of services services, such as website design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and hosting/support. A boutique agency will often offer ongoing support and marketing services because they have the capabilities and expertise to do so. With better staffing and support systems in place, working with this type of website design company will ensure that you receive help and individual attention after the launch of your website. These agencies are also capable of working on and supporting larger sized projects, while maintaining their ability to connect with their clients and give them the attention that they deserve. However, due to their smaller size, a well known agency can often be booked solid 2-3 months into the future… So, plan ahead!

ProsIndividual Attention ; Good Post-Launch Support ; Better Resources ; Can Work On Larger Projects ; Highly Customized Solutions
Cons: May Struggle With Very Large Projects (1000+ pages) ; Sometimes Overbooked/Unavailable ; Might Turn Down Low-Budget/Small Projects

Medium Agency

A medium sized website design company (or agency) will have 10 – 40 employees. At this level, agencies will typically start to narrow down their range of services to three or four main areas. Ongoing support is almost always a selling point that medium agencies will use, often boasting impressive features like 24/7 support. The biggest area in which medium agencies can excel is their ability to tackle very large projects and they’re unlikely to be overbooked.

Pros:  Almost Always Available ; Great Resources ; Can Work on Largest Projects
Cons: Lower Individual Attention ; Support Quality Can Vary ; Most Expensive ; Likely To Turn Down Low-Budget/Small Projects

Large Agency

Like medium sized agencies, large website design companies are capable of handling enterprise-level projects and can leverage some impressive resources for those that are able to pay for it. They will offer most services that a business needs to create and maintain a full-featured online presence. While they can always be reached, your call may not always go through to the same person. As with anything, quantity does not necessarily equal quality. When working with a business of this size, it is important to understand that their business model is based upon pushing through the highest volume of projects possible.

Pros: Always Available ; One-Stop Shop ; Great Resources ; Can Work on Enterprise-Level Projects ; Multiple Price Tiers
Cons: Lowest Individual Attention ; Support Quality Can Vary ; Cookie-Cutter Solutions at Lower Price Tiers

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The One-Stop-Shop Question

Is it better to work with one website design company that does everything, or work with multiple specialists? The answer will probably frustrate you, but it’s true: It depends.

Do you want to be your own project manager?

If you’re working with one freelancer for website design, another for website development, and you’re also working with an SEO consultant, that’s a lot of coordination you’re going to have to do. The SEO consultant will have questions for the website developer and the website developer may have questions for the website designer. Going this route can save you some money, but it won’t save you time.

Where do you want to focus your efforts?

The advantage of working with an agency is that they will typically have all of the above under one roof and a project manager to oversee all of it for you. They focus on managing your online presence so that you are able to put more energy into other areas of your business.

How often will you have to repeat yourself?

Depending on how you segment and split up work, you might find yourself having the same conversation and relaying the same information repeatedly. As you divide your time up more and more between different businesses, they are less likely to really get to know your business and needs.

Are they invested in your success?

Nobody likes to talk about it in these terms, but it’s the truth: The more business you’re doing with a company, the more valuable you will be to them. If you can ask a single company to provide all of the online services your business needs, they will be that much more invested in helping you succeed.

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