What is Second Screen Social?

Do you know about second screen social?

In the era of constant media and advertisements, our attention is almost always divided between two screens, especially when we have mobile devices right in the palm of our hand. Many of us scroll through social media while the TV is on in the background. And while this might sound like bad news for advertisers, it can actually help an audience to become more engaged with your program. But just how do you use this second screen social to your advantage?

What is Second Screen Social?

Second screen social is the habit of scrolling through social media while simultaneously consuming other media. I know, you’re probably thinking “isn’t that just taking their attention away from the second media source?” Well, I’ve got some good news: second screen users are actually more engaged in their second program!

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This is because brands are using this second screen to their advantage. They create hashtags, ask questions, and post content for their users to engage with on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s take a look at some examples.

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a reality show where a variety of acts compete to win their own show in Vegas. Their Instagram account is a great example of integrating multiple screens and driving engagement. And it clearly shows with their 1.1 million followers.

America's Got Talent Instagram

Their feed has photos from the acts on stage, videos of performances, and behind the scenes photos and interviews with contestants. They also post throughout the live showing of the program on television, encouraging fans to like and comment on the photos of their favorite acts. This way, both of their viewer’s screens are involved with America’s Got Talent while the show is on air

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is another reality show, but this program’s prize is love. Their Twitter feed is a hub of second screen social interaction. And clearly, they’re doing something right.

The Bachelor Twitter feed

Fans of the show are so involved that they tag The Bachelor in their tweets while they’re watching the show. This way they can communicate with those on the show, as well as others who are watching the show.

The show’s account retweets fans, asks them questions, and even tweets out GIFs of different moments on the show in real time while it’s on. This way, they keep viewers’ attention on both screens focused on what’s happening on their program.

How You Can Use Second Screen Social

Okay, so maybe you aren’t a big tv program like America’s Got Talent or The Bachelor. But there are still ways that you can use second screen social.


Conferences are a great place for you to take advantage of multiple screens. With a presentation happening on stage, your audience members can quote the speakers, ask questions, and interact with other audience members. You can even have members of your social media team asking questions and tweeting photos throughout the event. This will help them feel like they’re building a real relationship with your brand. It even makes those who are live streaming the event from somewhere else feel included.

If you’re running a conference, it’s important to create a hashtag for your event and encourage attendees and sponsors to use it. Add your hashtag to your program, post it on the walls, and make sure your emcee asks people to use it throughout the event.

Start A Meetup!

If you’re a smaller company who isn’t organizing huge conferences, you can try utilizing meetups. Meetup.com is a website that helps you find and create groups of people who are interested in the same topic as you, are part of your age group, or are in your industry. You can create a meetup for educating others on your area of expertise, and encourage them to share their thoughts on social media during the meeting.

This is what we do and it’s great both for networking, meeting potential clients, and giving back to the community. Check out our current meetups for inspiration:

Social Media + Commercials

If you’re an advertiser with commercials, integrate that advertisement over different channels. You can use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and stories to continue sharing your ad campaign, asking questions, and engaging with your audience. Even if it’s as simple as a few local commercials, creating a brand presence that’s connected across all types of media can help you to reach people and maintain relationships with them.

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