Web Design Inspiration

Take a look at some of the designs that inspire us.

It can be argued that designing and developing a beautiful and effective website is an art unto itself. We relentlessly seek the perfect balance of function and aesthetics, packaged neatly with great content and other strong traffic drivers. Whether generating leads or building a community around your brand, an online presence that achieves this paradigm is a force to be reckoned with. In pursuit of perfecting both the art and the craft of creating game-changing websites for businesses, we find that the best ideas often come from the outside. Here are three different websites that inspired us:

Inspiring eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Store Design

Master & Dynamic is a premium audio company based in New York City. The clean design emphasizes gray and silver, which really makes the color in their product images “pop.” We also love that there is a strong call-to-action on their front page in the form of a prominent SHOP button.

eCommerce web design

Clicking on a product category on the top menu displays a secondary menu with pictures with a text overlay. What a clever way to further showcase products without loading another page!

Looking at their product catalog, it is evident that Master & Dynamic is trying to capture upscale customers — The clean, modern design of their product specification images conveys this perfectly.

Master Dynamic Product details

Inspiring Web Design: Generating Online Leads

Business.com Website Design

Welcome to Business.com! And there it is — Front and center: “Get business tips and advice delivered to your inbox.” This simple and powerful call to action likely converts a significant percentage of their total traffic into useful leads.

Good Website Mission Statement

We thought the background image of a plant, coffee, and an iPad was a nice added touch to an excellent purpose statement. Everything about this image conveys “business” to us.

A second, more prominent call to action is on display the moment you land on their website.

website call to action

This likely captures a significant portion of traffic that lands on other pages and ensures a greater total conversion rate. Well done!

Web Design Inspiration: One-Page Wonders

Leap Transit Web Design

San Francisco-based transportation company Leap has mastered the one-pager. Pair that with a great tagline, some clever video embedding, and a solid call to action and you have a winning formula. They don’t stop there — As you scroll down you navigate through visually distinct areas that will tell you everything you need to know…

One Page web design
Instructions on how to ride, map included.
one page website
…. And a slick-looking route planner tool.

When starting any project, we always ask our clients to show us what inspires them. We take that and craft solutions that have a look and feel all their own, yet are deeply connected to both the business and the customers. Leave a comment below and tell us what inspires you!  Is your website working great for your business?  We’d love to check it out – leave a link in your comment below!

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