Twitter’s New Customer Service Features

Are the new customer services features enough to keep businesses on Twitter?

Another really great way to service our customers just came out in social media this past week. I’m eager to hear if you feel that Twitter’s new customer service features will be enough to keep you on the platform even though others have left. But first, why are users leaving Twitter?

Why Twitter users are leaving the platform

We’ve discussed in the past that Twitter is struggling to stay relevant and questions about its longevity have recently been asked. In fact, a few sources have come out with their thoughts.

This is a snippet from Business Insider‘s assessment:

But details inside Twitter’s earnings disclosure show the underlying problem may be worse than that. The percentage of users on the system who aren’t actually doing anything stayed the same despite the loss of the Apple users, Twitter said. The company did not say why that portion of users who are on the platform “without any discernible additional user-initiated action” was unchanged.

Viral Buzz also questions the future of Twitter:

Twitter is currently tightening their workforce.
The first was to lay-off 8% of the company’s workforce and now is the executives.
Is Twitter a sinking ship?
Their revenue is still growing, but looking at the signs, Twitter is surely in trouble.
As a social media company, user = audience, more audience = more advertising dollar.

Right now the top three user concerns seem to be:

  1. Four of the nine Twitter executives leaving the company,
  2. Twitter increasing the tweet character limit from 140 to 10,000, and
  3. Rumors of the Twitter timeline changing to algorithm-based instead of live.

Although they’ve made strides in adding their thoughts and reasons for the top three user concerns, Twitter isn’t top of mind when we think of consistent companies.

What do smart companies do when they’re trying to get back on the grid? They come out with something really great!

Twitter’s customer service comeback

Twitter is stepping up their game in an area other social media tools haven’t yet drilled into. We all know that Twitter is already great for Business-to-Consumer relationships. Consumers can easily and freely tweet their business heroes on Twitter as they can on no other social platform, and businesses can reply back in a conversational tone.

Twitter is stepping up their game where other platforms haven't yet focused. Click To Tweet

Now, to increase the already pretty unique experience, those who perform customer service on Twitter can mirror a very similar experience their customers get via email.

There are two components of Twitter’s new customer service tool: easy access to direct messaging (DM) from a tweet and a slick, brief customer feedback form.

Tweet Straight to Direct Message

Have you ever been chatting with a customer and it became two, three or four tweets long just to get your statement out? Argh! They reply with another three tweets, and now it’s your turn to send another novel split into 140-character segments. Twitter’s new tweet-to-direct message feature might give you a bit more solace that on Twitter, you’ll be able to provide just as great customer service as you do via email.

Although there are definite reasons to keep conversations with customers public it’s important to take more sensitive or longer conversations to a private venue.

First, why would we want to keep a business-to-customer conversations public?

  • So that other Twitter perusers see that we responded to the customer
  • If it would be helpful for others to see the answer to the question
  • If it is important to you that users see your bravery in responding to even difficult questions on a social platform

Now, let’s chat about why you might make the decision to move a Twitter conversation to a direct message:

  • If the user needs to send over sensitive information, for example: their phone number, email address or username on a specific account
  • When you have a list of steps you want your customer to follow
  • If you think the conversation will be a long one and want easy access to the entire chat in the future
Twitter's new feature allows companies to rapidly start DMs with customers. Click To Tweet

Twitter’s new tweet-to-direct message feature allows companies to invite users to a private conversation accessed by one click. Therefore, if you find tweeting is just not fitting the bill, you can nearly seamlessly transition to direct message.

Twitter tweet to dm gif

As you can see above, businesses can include a link in their tweet that pulls the user into a DM. Inside the DM, a copy of the tweet you last sent is present so they can reference it as they type their response.

What do you think? Will this feature change the way you use Twitter?

Customer Feedback

The other component to Twitter’s new initiative to keep businesses serving customers through the platform is a customer feedback form.

Much like when businesses send out requests for feedback following an email conversation with a customer, Twitter now allows companies to include a similar feedback request form following a DM interaction.

Here’s another Twitter-produced GIF that will show what this new Customer Feedback feature can look like for your business.

NPS Feedback Twitter Customer Service GIF

Looks like Twitter isn’t releasing these features to the public (at least not yet). However, customers of Twitter’s Official Partners: ConversocialHootsuiteLithiumSalesforce, Spredfast, SprinklrSprout Social and Sparkcentral might see them via their third-party tools soon! Will Respond be added to the list? We’ll see!

Twitter, and social media as a whole, is rapidly changing to keep up with user trends and preferences. Is Twitter doing a good job of this? Will these new Twitter features cause you to continue to do business on the platform?

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