Twitter Settings You Need to Know About

Do you know what's hiding in your Twitter settings?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t tend to spend your weekends lingering around your social media settings. Maybe we should! There are a lot of great settings that can increase our productivity and the security of our accounts. Today we’re specifically looking into how to make the most out of our Twitter Settings.

Let’s jump in!

Twitter Settings: Account

Most of the Account area of Twitter Settings is pretty straight-forward, but I did want to highlight a few must-clicks here!

First of all, did you know that Twitter allows sensitive material? If you have sensitive material, it might be appropriate to checkmark the ‘Mark media I tweet as containing material that may be sensitive’. This can protect your account from being blocked by followers or closed by Twitter.

twitter settings content

The next is video autoplay. Do you like the ease that comes with not having to click on videos to play them, or does it feel bothersome to see videos autoplaying? You can decide!

Lastly, see that ‘Request your archive’ button? Yes! You can actually download an archive of your tweets! That’s pretty cool, especially if you don’t use a third party scheduler (as they usually keep a record for you).

Here’s what it includes:

  • Tweet ID
  • The Status ID and User ID related to any replies
  • Timestamp
  • The text of the tweet with the URL (and emojis!)
  • The Status ID and User ID related to any retweets
  • The retweet’s timestamp
  • The full URL (if yours was shortened)
Twitter Settings

Twitter Settings: Security and Privacy

Security. Booooooring, right? Well, sure – it’s super boring until you learn your account has been breached. THEN it becomes front-of-mind!

Really important Security Twitter Settings include:

  • Verify login requests: This setting is, essentially, Two-Factor Authentication. Whenever you login to Twitter, there is an extra layer of security that prevents you having full access until you insert a code that is sent to the mobile number on file. Is this important? Ask anyone who has had their account taken out from under them. Yes!
    • P.S. Make sure to save the extra backup code somewhere safe! This will be useful if you lose your phone.
  • Password reset. If someone gets through the layers of security you’ve put into place, they can change your password and prevent you from logging in ever again (unless you’re a super hacker like they are!) This setting will require them to know additional personal information about you before it allows them to change your password. Really important!
Security chat is boring until your Twitter account has been breached. Click To Tweet
  • Always require a password to log into my account. This is another layer of protection. Normally, if you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a temporary login code via email or text message. Twitter will send you a login code if you’ve forgotten your password while attempting to login via iOS. The one-time login code will allow you to jump straight into your account without needing a password. If you don’t want this to be an option in fear someone else might get their hands on your login code, check this box. Checking this box offers just one more layer of security for your account.
    • Quickly before we move on, the reason some folks choose this option is because if someone hacks into their email, they could potentially also hack into their Twitter account and therefore, have access to the code that is generated. Might seem far-fetched – I’ll leave it for you to decide if this is overkill or not.
Twitter Settings Security

The Privacy area of Twitter Settings has a lot to look through. These are a few of the most notable.

First, for your own productivity, are you looking to see promoted content and other tweets based on your browsing history? This ‘big brother’ feel doesn’t appeal to some, but for me, I like to have a bit more relevant content placed in my queue.

Lastly, and really important for businesses is if you want to receive direct messages from anyone. Do you want your followers (and perhaps potential customers) to contact you in this way even if you aren’t following them? Put a checkmark in this box if you do.

Twitter Settings Privacy

Mobile-specific Settings

Some people love text notifications. Are you one of them? The Mobile area of Twitter Settings is all about notifications. Even if you don’t love to see pop-up notifications on your device, here are a few you might consider:

  • Direct Messages. If you don’t get a ton of spam DMs (pssst…if you do, unfollow those folks!), you might consider opting-in to receive text notifications each time you receive one. That way, you hopefully won’t miss important comments or questions from prospective customers.
  • Someone who follows me. If you love sending a personal message to each new follower, it might be worth turning on these text notifications.
  • Announcements from Twitter. If Twitter sends out some important news, you’ll be the first to receive it. For as long as I’ve had this notification turned on, I’m not sure I’ve ever received a text message from Twitter. Perhaps they save it for the really big news!

And to manage all of those text notifications, Twitter included sleep settings. Specify the times you do not want to receive text notifications. This will force Twitter to respect your no-screen time. Thanks, Twitter!

Twitter Settings Mobile

Email Notifications

If you’re not into the text notifications, but still want to see what’s happening while you’re away, try turning on your email notifications! There are so many different instances Twitter will email you about, and you can fully customize what you’d like to receive right within your Twitter Settings.

Here are several email notifications you can opt-in to:

  • Someone likes your tweet
  • Someone retweets you
  • You received a direct message
  • You are mentioned in a tweet
  • Someone replies to one of your tweets
  • Twitter news

Web Notifications

If you want your attention to be drawn to Twitter every time someone likes, retweets, replies, direct messages, follows or mentions you, please turn these notifications on.

Web notifications are pop-ups in the corner of your browser, letting you know that something exciting happened on your Twitter profile.

This might be great for folks who do most of their work on Twitter. If you have other projects to work on, think about unchecking each of these within your Twitter Settings.

Twitter Settings Web Notifications

Muted Accounts

Ah! This is one of the golden nuggets within Twitter Settings! Are you following someone you feel like you have to be following (don’t worry, I’m not going to ask why!)?

If you are following someone you don’t want to see posts or notifications from, muting is a great option. Note that if you are following them, you will still see their replies, direct messages and mentions of you. They can also follow you even when you’ve muted them.

If you aren’t following someone and you want to make sure you don’t see their replies or mentions of you, feel free to mute them. This does not prevent them from following you in the future.

The best part is, folks you’ve muted will never know – unless they ask you at a dinner party if you saw their last tweet. You’ll have to play smooth when responding to that one!

Want to stay friends, but not hear a peep from them? Use Twitter's 'Mute' function. Click To Tweet

Blocked Accounts

Eek! If you have someone you need to block, it must be pretty serious. The Blocked Accounts area of Twitter Settings allows you to pretend that these folks don’t exist within the world of Twitter.

Accounts you block won’t be able to:

  • See your posts
  • Follow you
  • See your profile
  • Tag you in a photo, or
  • Add you to a Twitter List

Reasons you might block an account:

  • They are sending you spam
  • They’ve violated you in some way
  • They violate copyright
  • You don’t feel secure around them

Twitter Settings: Design

This is the fun part! I’ll let you at it to find a theme that looks great to you.

If you’re really motivated, add your own custom background image just below these templates.

Twitter Settings Design

Twitter Settings: Applications

This part looks fun, but it also contains a huge piece of security. Some don’t realize how many apps they have connected to their social accounts.

The more apps connected, the more chances a breach of your Twitter account can happen. It’s important to have apps connected to keep you as productive as possible, so don’t let me scare you off.

Run through your list really quickly and revoke access from the apps that you don’t use.

Twitter Settings Applications

Twitter Widgets

Ever wonder how companies pull their tweets onto their websites with clickable ‘Follow’ and ❤️ buttons? This is one (simple) way!

Head to the ‘Widgets’ area of your Twitter Settings and get that puppy onto your website. No worries if you aren’t a developer; there are instructions included. Worse comes to worst, you can call your favorite website developer for a hand!

Twitter Settings Widgets

Did you jump into your Twitter Settings? It’s amazing how many people don’t know there are so many customizable nuggets and security improvements we can make by changing a few things around.

I know I didn’t hit it all. What Twitter Settings tips can you share?

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