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Digital Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

Owners of small and mid-sized businesses lead extremely busy lives and typically have multiple roles to play within their organization.  Whether you’re running a restaurant, online retail store, a traditional bricks-and-mortar service provider, or something in-between, chances are you don’t […]
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Fort Collins Social Media Marketing: Key Takeaways

Last week as I was doing my regular rounds on Facebook, an interesting post from the City of Fort Collins’ page caught my eye: The city of Fort Collins was holding social media workshops, which were open to the public and, […]
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2016 Social Media Stats in 5 Charts

Social Media Charts: They're fun to look at, easy to share, and are often packed full of useful social media stats. We're going to share five of the best social media infographics that showcase what's really happening in 2016. Check it out!
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