The Super Bowl LI Marketing Postmortem

Some of our favorite marketing strategies from the Super Bowl.

The post Superbowl LI marketing dust has settled and regardless of whether your team won or lost, we can all agree that this year’s big game played host to some powerful and well-crafted marketing messages. We’re going to share some of our favorites right here:

Super Bowl LI Marketing: Audi #DriveProgress

Now this is aligning your brand with a social movement!

 The Audi #DriveProgress commercial is shareable (note the #DriveProgress hashtag), has a powerful and emotional message connected with evocative visuals, and it aligns the Audi brand with a widespread, positive social movement.  There’s a lot to like about this commercial and as a majority woman-owned business, we’re 100% behind the principal of equal pay for equal work.

Super Bowl LI Marketing: “Born the Hard Way”

Sharing your brand’s origin story at just the right time.

Coming from a city that has 13.4 breweries per 100,000 people, we tend to lean towards local micro brews. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t find Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl LI commercial to be captivating in the best of ways. Anheuser-Busch’s origin story is a perfectly timed reminder of the fact that we are a nation that was founded and built by immigrants. Bravo!

Super Bowl LI Marketing: Google Home’s Feel-Good Ad

Technology as an integral part of everyday life never felt so good!

Friends… Family… Life! Google does a great job showing their product playing a pivotal role in small and beautiful everyday moments. And when you’re selling something that enhances life at home, what better way is there to show off your product?

Super Bowl LI Marketing: Mobile Strike with Arnold

Nostalgia is a powerful tool, even when it’s silly.

Maybe it’s because I’m an 80’s kid, but hearing Arnold say “get to the choppah” will never get old. After I was done laughing at all the silliness, seeing this commercial really got me thinking about how powerful nostalgia can be to get your audience’s attention. Don’t believe me? Their commercial now has almost 800,000 views on YouTube after just five days.

Superbowl LI Marketing: Get Creative!

“But, I’ll never do anything like this for my business.”

You don’t need to invest in $1 million per-minute Super Bowl LI marketing to get great results. Take a moment to think critically about your product or service: Could you use one of the above tactics? There are new ways to do this type of promotion, without needing the marketing budget of a multinational corporation. The best way to get started is to create quality content that gets you discovered.

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