Social Media Updates: Twitter Drama and New Facebook & Instagram Tools

Big changes are being made on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook- have you seen them?

If your business relies on social media for online advertising, it’s essential to be aware of social media updates, as any changes may require changes to your business’ social media marketing plan.

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This week there were big changes on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and we’re here to help keep you in the know.

Is Twitter in trouble?

picture of jack dorsey twitter ceo
Jack Dorsey’s Twitter profile picture

What’s a social media update without a little Twitter talk? In October 2015, Jack Dorsey announced he isn’t just the Founder of Twitter, but he’s now taking on the role as CEO of the company along with his standing role as the CEO of Square. Only four months later, we’re seeing four of the nine executives on the Twitter team step down. According to Dorsey, all four left on their own, but some speculate one or all of them were encouraged to leave due to the decrease in value of the Twitter stock over the past year to $20: a 55% drop.

To see more nitty-gritty details on the departure of the Twitter executives, visit Wired’s post here.


What if someone came into your store and started shouting about how much they hated you? I’m wondering if that’s how Jack Dorsey feels every time he sees #RIPTwitter in his timeline.

The hashtag arose after rumors spread that the company plans to change the Twitter timeline from posting chronologically, to post ordering that is dictated by an algorithm based on what they think you’d like best (much like Facebook’s timeline).

Read through the very long thread started by Dorsey in response to #RIPTwitter. Below, I cutout the extra comments so you can see only Dorsey’s thoughts:

Jack Dorsey Twitter #RIPTwitter
Jack Dorsey Twitter #RIPTwitter
Jack Dorsey Twitter #RIPTwitter
Jack Dorsey Twitter #RIPTwitter
Jack Dorsey Twitter #RIPTwitter
Jack Dorsey Twitter #RIPTwitter

These tweets show the mixed reviews from Twitter followers:

twitter comment positive #riptwitter
twitter comment negative #riptwitter

The Guardian even suggests that Dorsey’s careful addition of “next week” in his first post might suggest that they still have it in the plans to reorder timelines in the future.

Dorsey’s carefully worded denial doesn’t rule out the possibility that Twitter is planning a major refresh of how its service would work. In fact, a new version of the Twitter timeline which was tested on my own feed by the company in the last few weeks would fit Dorsey’s description to the letter, while still marking a major change for the service.

Facebook News

Sadly, not all browsers have a switch that forces them to automatically translate all web content into our first language. For business owners who have followers of diverse backgrounds, this can be a bit challenging. Which language do you cater to? Or, do you alternate languages in each post? Yikes!

Have no fear – Facebook’s new update erases all the worry. Well, at least some of it, as they still require you to manually translate. I don’t know about you, but my translating skills are solely restricted to Google’s help. But if you have a couple of languages under your belt or a multi-lingual friend by your side, this is the tool for you!

Introducing Facebook’s Multiple Language Tool

If you have over 5,000 followers, the tool is already activated in your account. This tool allows you to post the same content in many different languages so that all of your followers can see your content in their preferred language without having to ignore the ones they don’t quite understand. Facebook allows many separate language posts for the same content. I’d venture to say that you won’t run out of possibilities!

Here’s what it looks like and how to get it:

Facebook Private Comment Reply

Have you noticed a little addition to the comments area of your Facebook page? Facebook just released a private reply feature that allows you to send a message in response to a follower’s comment. The message you send includes a copy of the post you originally sent out.

This feature allows Facebook pages to go around the restriction that prevents pages from initiating a private message with users. This is one of the more customer-focused social media updates, but is it truly a good thing for users? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

facebook reply social media updates

Facebook Audience Optimization Tool

Another of Facebook’s anticipated social media updates is in!

Now audience optimization is available on your Facebook page without having to create an ad to access it. The Audience Optimization Tool’s predecessor, Facebook Interest Targeting, cut down post reach. However, this new tool allows you to target a specific and relevant subset of your audience without decreasing your overall reach.

The idea is to use this tool to pull in more engagement via likes, clicks, comments, and shares, as those who will see it will likely be the ones who will also connect to it best. The tool is currently only available in English, and if you have over 5,000 fans on your page, you should see it automatically. If not, no worries! I’ll show you how to activate it along with how to use it in the video below.

What does it do?

The Audience Optimization Tool allows you to choose the demographics of your audience. Categories you can alter include interests, industry, age, gender, location and language.

There are two tabs: Preferred Audience and Restricted Audience. First, let’s take a look at the Preferred Audience tab. This is where you narrow down your audience based on interests and industry. The idea is to be as specific as possible, so using the subsets of each category is a great way to really reach those who will benefit most from your post.

The next is the Restricted Audience. Taking into account the interests you chose under the Preferred Audience tab, the Restricted tab will now allow you to narrow it down a bit further. You have the option to specify the exact age, gender, location and even language the followers who you want to see this post should have. Something to note: You do not have to choose anything from the Preferred Audience tab in order to narrow the audience down via the Restricted Audience tab.

Let’s activate it on your page and start using it:

Why might you use the Audience Optimization Tool’s Preferred Audience feature? A few examples:

  • You have a national audience, but want to post something specific to your city.
  • You have an audience how have a variety of professions, but want to reach only one of those professions.
  • You have a multi-hobby page and different fans follow you for different reasons. You don’t want your pro-fitness post to be sent to those who aren’t fitness-focused or omitted from the feeds of those who are.

Why might you use the Audience Optimization Tool’s Restricted Audience feature? A few examples:

  • You don’t want one gender or the other to see it.
  • You have Dutch, Spanish, English and German followers, but you only wrote three versions of your post – one each in Spanish, English and German and want to prevent Dutch speakers from seeing your post.
  • You don’t want those who are underage to see it.

Why might you use both Preferred Audience and Restricted Audience together? A few examples:

  • You are posting an article on the most effective exercises to steady the hands of 40+ year old surgeons.
  • You are promoting a giveaway for a local baby store and only want to reach moms of babies who also live in Houston.
  • You want to invite teenage aspiring graphic designers who also live in the Salt Lake City area to an upcoming event.

Instagram News

Yesterday, Instagram released a new version of their app for both Android and iOS with one of their most anticipated social media updates: it’s now possible to switch between accounts without logging in and out. 

Starting with version 7.15 for both Android and iOS, users can add up to five additional accounts and manage them all with a single login – this is perfect for business owners who might have both a personal and professional Instagram account. Previously, users with multiple accounts had to either log in and out of Instagram repeatedly or maintain separate mobile devices for managing each account. No more!

How To Use Multiple Accounts on Instagram

How to add additional Instagram accounts to your app

  1. Go to your profile, by tapping on the “head and shoulders” icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Now tap on the gear or triple-dot icon at the top right and scroll down to “Add Account” near the very bottom of your settings options menu.
  3. Type your username and password for the additional account and log in.

Your new account will now be active!

To switch between accounts, simply click on the account name at the top of the page and a dropdown will appear with all the profiles that you have active.

How To Switch Between Accounts on Instagram

I hope our insight into these social media updates were helpful for you. Please leave your feedback on Twitter or by sending us an email. Do you enjoy social media current events? I’d love to keep it coming!

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