Social Media Marketing

second screen social

What is Second Screen Social?

In the era of constant media and advertisements, our attention is almost always divided between two screens, especially when we have mobile devices right in the palm of our hand. Many of us scroll through social media while the TV […]
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social media marketing for nonprofits

Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits: A Guide

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, social media can make a big impact on any organization’s marketing strategy. The fact that social media access is free, though, does make it natural to integrate into nonprofit or startup marketing efforts, […]
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why your business should be using facebook ads

Facebook Ads… You’re Using Them, Right?

If you have a business, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve contemplated trying out Facebook Ads. For some, Facebook Ads are the answer to the dream of really hitting their engagement out of the park. For others, they’re the key […]
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pinterest for food brands

Top Pinterest Recommendations for Food Brands

Pinterest may seem like any other social media platform. After all, you can share photos, videos, and articles just like Facebook or Instagram. But what’s different about Pinterest is that it’s more than just a social media platform- it’s a […]
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