Social Media Communities: 6 You’ll Want to Join

6 platforms you can use to connect with others.

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Are you part of any social media communities?

Social media moves so fast these days. New social platforms come out, new features are released on existing platforms, algorithms change, and new information about social media strategy and social media marketing arise on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

There is almost no way to keep up with the chatter. Of course, we have some great sources to go to, like Social Media Examiner, Social Times, and multiple social media influencers, but is there a way we can have all of that information curated for us and make 1-on-1 connections with other people interested in keeping up with social media?

There is a way! Being a part of one or more social media communities can give you the chance to connect with others and stay in the know regarding what’s new in social media.

Social Media Communities: Let’s Get Real

If you aren’t already active in these or other social media communities, now is the time. Here’s why!

Joining one or more social media communities can enhance your:

  • General knowledge of social media
  • Ability to stay current with social media news
  • Chance to influence others who are in the same space or a similar space as you are
  • Opportunity to connect, network and possibly even work with other professionals

There are so many social media communities available to us nowadays. Below you’ll find six of my favorites across six different platforms so that you can go where you feel comfortable:

  • Membership site
  • Facebook Group
  • Slack Community
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Twitter Chat
  • Forum

Let’s check out the goods!

1: Social Media Marketing Society


Last season, it was $40/mo (cancel anytime). We’ll see what they come up with this season! If you want to get on the list, head here so you see the very first iteration of pricing when the Society opens next.

Community Features
social media communities social media marketing society

  • Group forum where you can chat with other members or ask questions.
  • You’ll receive live monthly trainings by the Social Media Examiner staff.
  • An archive of training sessions
  • Access to the Social Media Examiner experts


The Social Media Examiner has a very strong following. They are the first really strong social-media-focused company that has had years in the industry. Because of that, they are seen as the folks who know social media, and their content is all must-read.

The members of the Social Media Marketing Society are a range of people from just beginning in social media to people who have kept up with social media changes for years now.

Because of the confidence they have in Social Media Examiner, the Society members tend to be dedicated, interested, and active.

The Downside

The Society only opens a few times a year, which means that you’ll have to put your name on the waiting list here. There also isn’t a free version for you to enjoy if you aren’t ready to pay monthly.

2. Social Media Masterminds Facebook Group

social media communities social media masterminds Facebook Group

It’s free!

Community Features

  • This is a Facebook group comprised of social media influencers, business owners, marketers, and folks who just love the study of social media. Because of this, some great networking can occur.
  • Your voice can be heard. Feel free to post social media news, questions, or discussion topics.
  • Join the conversation by responding to posts from others.


Although not all of the members are active, you’ll usually see several posts published a day by members, plus several comments on each post.

The Downside

This forum is really a free-for-all. Being a Facebook Group, it doesn’t have organization around it, and therefore, finding details about a certain topic can be difficult. It is not a place for training. It is more of a networking, social sharing environment.

3. Online Geniuses Slack Community

social media communities online geniuses slack community

It’s free!

Community Features

  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) with influencers
  • The ability to start or contribute to discussions around social media news, trends, strategy, or other.
  • Access to the 5,000+ other members, many of whom are knowledgeable in the social media space. Members are internet marketers who “represent niches from across the spectrum from Social Media Marketing, CRO, PPC, SEO and almost every vertical in the IM space.”


Not only is this community active within its Slack channels, but it’s also thought of highly! This graphic from Troy Osinoff says it all:

social media communities online geniuses

Want a peek inside?

social media communities online geniuses

The Downside

If Slack isn’t someplace you frequent, you might find it difficult to remember to log in and participate in the conversation.

If you can’t commit to checking into the community weekly, it might be best to choose another one of these social media communities to invest in.

4. Social Media Today LinkedIn Group

social media communities social media today linkedin group

It’s free!

Community Features
social media communities social media today's linkedin group

  • Access to other professionals in the industries of PR, marketing, advertising, and others who know or want to know all there is to know about social media.
  • The first to see social media news from other Social Media Today LinkedIn Group members.


People are actively posting within this community, but not many folks are interacting with those posts. For example, today there were 58 posts published on Social Media Today’s LinkedIn Group, yet only 14 thumbs-ups and 1 comment.

Part of showing yourself as knowledgeable in the social media realm includes publishing original content, and the other part includes interacting on other people’s content. You might be able to add to the conversation or highlight a part that really hit you.

Right now, most folks in this community seem to be leaning into publishing and forgetting. This can still be a benefit! It is a feed full of social media news and thoughts that you can learn from, curate, and even choose to interact with.

The Downside

Like any social media forum, there isn’t a lot of organization around this social media community. People throw out either information they hope will be helpful to others, or the content they’re hoping to publicize.

 5. #SproutChat Twitter Chat

social media communities sproutchat

It’s free!

Community Features

  • New, 1-hour chats weekly
  • The avenue and environment to casually interact with other people in the chat.
  • Closeness to Sprout Social and other influencers who might take part in their chats


In a week, there were 141 users who took part. Since the chat is one hour a week, this is certainly not a bad stat! There are a lot of folks taking part and making their voices heard, but there are few enough so that people can still interact with one another.

social media communities #sproutchat twitter chat

The Downside

Twitter chats can create a tight bond between different Twitter users, but unless you put the effort in outside of the chat, you might lose that bond. It’s always good practice to make the effort to follow up with other chat attendees outside of the chat if you really want to create a relationship.

6. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum looks like any traditional forum. There are a lot of topics all strewn down in one column, with some stats included on the right.

social media communities warrior forum pricing


The forum does have a free option, which allows you to interact on forums, read all forum materials, and make connections with other social media marketers.

They also offer an Annual Premium War Room Membership for $97/year that seems to have some neat enhancements, but folks just looking for community will likely feel at home with the free version.

If you’re hoping to use Warrior Forum as your go-to source for social media education consumption, the Premium War Room Membership might be for you!

Forum Features

  • When you post, you can add a description and hashtags to get your post seen a bit more by folks looking up those topics.
  • As a viewer or contributor, you can subscribe and up-vote different topics that you enjoy, and you can reply and “Thank” on anyone’s comment. You can also easily share the topic on social media.
  • Access to Q&A recordings with “the best internet marketers”
  • Access to marketing tools and resources


As of today, Warrior Forum seems to be super active. Looking at the most recently added posts, I’m seeing 16 posts within 1 hour. Here’s a little peek:

social media communities warrior forum

The Downside

Warrior Forum allows users to create offers for other users to see and search function results seem to favor these posts. When I searched for a topic I was interested in, “Twitter Strategy,” ad after ad popped up. This is something that might make me avoid searching for interesting topics!

Now to you

So, what do you think? Are there any social media communities from the list above that you plan to visit soon?

If you have a community that you love, share it with us! We’d love to check it out.

Thoughts or Questions?

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