Social Media Management

Multi-platform management that is genuine, engaging and on-message.

Digital content is only effective if it reaches your target audience. You need a team with proven expertise to cut through the noise and make your message heard.

Whether you need help with only a single social media account or a much broader presence, we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively monitor performance and communications, engage with your customers, and promote your content. Our team is capable of either taking over an existing campaign, or creating and executing a new social media strategy.

We’ve built our process from the ground up to maximize transparency and client return on investment: With 24/7 client access to a central dashboard that monitors social media performance during your campaign, your finger will stay on the pulse of our ongoing social media efforts.

Social Media Management - Road Warrior Creative

Social Media Management Overview

Social Media Strategy

Every social media management campaign begins through understanding your business and overall marketing goals. After learning everything we can about your business, looking at general social media data and trends, any existing social media data your business has on currently active profile(s), and any data we can pull from competitors’ social media presence, our team is able to construct a detailed social media strategy that creates growth, allows you to meaningfully engage with your audience online and helps you stay ahead of current trends. Every social media strategy research package includes:

  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platform-Specific Information
  • Competitor Analysis Methodology
  • Competitor Business Profile(s)
  • Overview of Competitors’ Social Media Presence
  • Competitor Detail + Post Examples (Up to 3)
  • Recommended Platforms + Detailed Strategy
  • Key Post Examples to Emulate
  • Sample Social Media Calendar

Platform-Specific Management

Our team focuses on creating experiences that are engaging, genuine and on-message for your target audience on each platform we manage. There are a number of platform-specific options that may be added or removed, depending upon your unique needs and budget.

Initial Profile Setup (Available for all platforms below)

  • Facebook: Status updates, promotional posts, event management
  • Twitter: Tweets, direct messaging, hashtag engagement
  • Instagram: Promotional posts, community engagement
  • Pinterest: Pinning on-site and off-site content, community engagement
  • Google Plus: Business page updates and group engagement
  • Reputation Monitoring: Yelp & other sites

Please note that ad management and content creation are entirely separate from social media management. The creation of advertising campaigns and shareable digital content (such as blog posts, photography, videography or custom graphics) must also be budgeted into your plan, if your in-house team does not have the capacity to create enough shareable content.

They are very service oriented and focused on helping us grow our business – they treat it like it’s their own by going above and in their attention to detail.

Beth C., Marketing Director at Tommy’s Superfoods

Our Process

1. Discovery

We begin every project by getting to know you, the client. Through one or multiple discovery sessions, we will gather as much information as possible about your business, goals and overall trajectory. This is the foundation of everything that comes next, as the research we conduct will focus on the key goals and performance milestones established during discovery.

2. Research & Data Collection

Following discovery, our team will take a much deeper dive, collating data, identifying trends, auditing your existing practices and looking at how other businesses may be tackling the same problems. This formal research phase may include both primary and secondary research, depending upon scope. If no reliable data exists, our team is capable of collecting consumer data at scale via digital surveys, interviews and online focus groups.

3. Strategy & Consulting

Following research, we will combine the most relevant data points and trends into an actionable strategy that is designed to help you reach your destination. Every research engagement concludes with a formal video presentation and digital copies of research findings & strategies, laid out in an easy-to-follow PDF document.

4. Delivery & Implementation

Having uncovered the best path forward, we proceed directly to delivery and implementation. Not only are we capable of creating the strategic vision, we have the expertise and resources to deliver it, as well. Our team will work with you to establish a clear timeline and budget, whether we’re deploying your next website,  designing unique collateral for your brand, or setting up your next ad campaign.

5. Ongoing Support

We treat every work engagement as a potential long-term partnership. Whether you need marketing help once a year or once a day, our team is standing by to provide individualized support and training when you need it.


What does it cost?

Because we require upfront research & strategy for all social media campaigns, upfront costs start as low as $1.5K, depending upon the amount of research needed. For ongoing social media management, we require a minimum investment of $500 per month. We also offer one-off social media engagements for smaller, time-bound campaigns. Please call us and start a conversation about your social media presence for the most accurate pricing. Social media management campaigns are offered in 12-month increments, with the option to cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Do you guarantee results?

Although we are confident in every deliverable we create, due to the nature of consumer markets and the number of variables in play at any given moment, we can not guarantee results.

Can I see a sample social media strategy?

Certainly. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to see examples.

Are there any free social media resources that you recommend?

The Road Warrior Creative blog is a great place to start. We have an entire social media category that you can peruse to your heart’s content.

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