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Beginning with in-depth research and technical analysis, our goal is to provide a solid SEO foundation that our clients can build upon for years to come. More than just providing a strategy, our goal is also to be your teacher: With every engagement, we seek to share our knowledge, answer questions and provide actionable insights that translate into improved search engine performance.

Whether you have an established website with hundreds of pages and posts or you’re just getting started, we have the resources and technical knowledge to give your content a fighting chance at reaching the top. In addition to research and strategic development, we are also capable of providing ongoing technical SEO, content creation, and outreach for off-site SEO.

We’ve built our process from the ground up to maximize transparency and client return on investment: With 24/7 client access to a central dashboard that monitors search engine performance during your campaign, your finger will stay on the pulse of our ongoing SEO efforts.

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Search Engine Optimization Overview

Research & Discovery

Every SEO engagement begins through understanding your business and overall marketing goals. After learning everything we can about your business and conducting a thorough SEO audit of your current website, we perform in-depth research to identify the best keywords and keyphrases representing people who are most likely to be interested in your business. From there, we provide in-depth recommendations both on how to structure, create and optimize content, and how to build off-site credibility. Every search engine strategy package includes:

  • Exclusive List of SEO Resources & Tools
  • Overview of Research Methodology
  • Key Definitions & Explanations
  • Keyword & Keyphrase + Search Volume (National)
  • Keyword & Keyphrase + Search Volume (Local)
  • “Raw” Data Export & Further Explanation of Data
  • Current SEO Audit Overview
  • Assessment of Key Problem(s)
  • Future Recommendations Overview
  • On-Site SEO Opportunities
  • Off-Site SEO Opportunities
  • Website Content Recommendations
  • Full Competitor Analysis

Technical SEO

For clients that are serious about adding content to their website on a daily or weekly basis (or for clients that have a lot of old content that needs to be brought up to current SEO standards), our team can perform optimizations on an ongoing basis based upon keywords and SEO opportunities uncovered during the research phase. We will work with you to determine the frequency of new content being produced and the subsequent amount of time it will take to optimize it. In addition to regular website scans to uncover errors, technical SEO includes the following areas:

  • Keyword Identification & Meta Description
  • Title, Text, and URL Slug
  • Headers, Content Spacing (Paragraphs)
  • Image Optimization (Including Alt-Tags)
  • Internal and External Link Optimization
  • Duplicate Content Check

Off-Site SEO

Optimizing the content on your website is only half the battle. Making sure that your business and your content are both visible in all the right places is a key component of improving search engine performance. With decades of combined experience in SEO and digital marketing, our team is capable of deploying off-site SEO strategies on both a local and national scale, based upon backlink building opportunities uncovered during the research phase. In addition to ongoing backlink performance and traffic monitoring, off-site SEO may include the following:

  • Business Profile & Listing Optimization
  • Email Outreach to Bloggers & News Organizations
  • Ad & Influencer Campaigns to Boost Traction
  • Social Media Promotion & Sharing
  • Outreach & PR Scouting
  • Reputation Monitoring

Monthly traffic on the website grew by 24%. Our organic search traffic went up by 18%. We realized [… a] 500% increase in time spent on the site. What I like about Road Warrior is that they have that sympathy and kindness in doing business with us. You can tell they care, and that is refreshing

John M., Communications Director at A Woman’s Healing Center

Our Process

1. Discovery

We begin every project by getting to know you, the client. Through one or multiple discovery sessions, we will gather as much information as possible about your business, goals and overall trajectory. This is the foundation of everything that comes next, as the research we conduct will focus on the key goals and performance milestones established during discovery.

2. Research & Data Collection

Following discovery, our team will take a much deeper dive, collating data, identifying trends, auditing your existing practices and looking at how other businesses may be tackling the same problems. This formal research phase may include both primary and secondary research, depending upon scope. If no reliable data exists, our team is capable of collecting consumer data at scale via digital surveys, interviews and online focus groups.

3. Strategy & Consulting

Following research, we will combine the most relevant data points and trends into an actionable strategy that is designed to help you reach your destination. Every research engagement concludes with a formal video presentation and digital copies of research findings & strategies, laid out in an easy-to-follow PDF document.

4. Delivery & Implementation

Having uncovered the best path forward, we proceed directly to delivery and implementation. Not only are we capable of creating the strategic vision, we have the expertise and resources to deliver it, as well. Our team will work with you to establish a clear timeline and budget, whether we’re deploying your next website,  designing unique collateral for your brand, or setting up your next ad campaign.

5. Ongoing Support

We treat every work engagement as a potential long-term partnership. Whether you need marketing help once a year or once a day, our team is standing by to provide individualized support and training when you need it.


What does it cost?

Because we require upfront research & strategy for all SEO campaigns, upfront costs start as low as $1.5K, depending upon the amount of research needed. For ongoing SEO engagements, we require a minimum investment of $500 per month. We also offer one-off SEO engagements for static websites and other smaller projects. Please call us and start a conversation about your SEO needs for the most accurate pricing

How long does it take to see results?

Initial research generally takes between two and three weeks to complete. From there, it can take anywhere from several months to over a year of sustained effort, before appreciable results begin to manifest. Your starting point can make a big difference: Is your domain name new or is it several years old? Is your content already well-optimized with only a few minor issues, or is it a total mess? Are you trying to recover from penalties due to breaching Webmaster Guidelines? These factors and more can contribute to the time it takes to see results. Our team will ensure that you are informed of any challenges that may lie ahead and will set realistic expectations for performance.

Do you garuntee results?

Although we are confident in every deliverable we create, due to the nature of consumer markets and the number of variables in play at any given moment, we can not guarantee results.

Can I see sample SEO research?

Certainly. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to see examples.

Are there any free SEO resources that you recommend?

The Road Warrior Creative blog is a great place to start. We have an entire SEO category that you can peruse to your heart’s content.

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