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Every business is on a journey. In order to reach your destination, you need high quality, results-driven research and strategy.

Whether you need a deeper knowledge of markets & buyer personas, social media, or search engines, our team is equipped to deliver reliable data and actionable strategies that will get results for companies of any size. We have helped food brands and socially conscious organizations grow their customer base, broaden their impact and launch new national campaigns — all of it founded on solid research and evidence-based recommendations.

Prevent costly mistakes and boost the success of your marketing efforts, by combining results-driven research with Road Warrior Creative’s digital expertise.

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Business Research & Strategy Packages

Package 1: Market Research & Buyer Personas

Every business needs to understand their market and get to know their consumers. We believe that without a foundation of in-depth market research, it is significantly more difficult to create effective marketing messages.

Using basic demographic information — age, gender, geographic area, income — as a foundation, our team then takes a deeper dive into gaining a true understanding of your target audience. From brand preferences and life priorities to hobbies and online habits, our in-depth research paints a detailed picture of who your marketing messages should be geared towards. Our singular goal is to provide all the details needed to create campaigns and marketing messages that engage, excite and keep them coming back for more.

Every market research package includes:

  • Executive Summary of Research Findings
  • Background Research Methodology Overview
  • Secondary Research Summaries & Key Findings
  • Key Strategic Insights
  • Buyer Persona Methodology Overview
  • Primary Research Overview & Key Findings
  • Key Buyer Demographics
  • Detailed Buyer Personas
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Package 2: Social Media Strategy

Nearly 90% of companies now use social media for marketing, in some shape or form. With so many businesses putting promotional content out there, social media users have become increasingly desensitized to conventional advertising methods.

Social media strategies have to be forward-thinking; methods that gained great results even two or three years ago are now obsolete. You need a team of experts in your corner, who understand not just where social media has been, but where it is going. By looking at general social media data and trends, any existing social media data your business has on currently active profile(s), and any data we can pull from competitors’ social media presence, our team is able to construct a detailed social media strategy that creates growth, allows you to meaningfully engage with your audience online and helps you stay ahead of current trends.

Every social media strategy research package includes:

  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platform-Specific Information
  • Competitor Analysis Methodology
  • Competitor Business Profile(s)
  • Overview of Competitors’ Social Media Presence
  • Competitor Detail + Post Examples (Up to 3)
  • Recommended Platforms + Detailed Strategy
  • Key Post Examples to Emulate
  • Sample Social Media Calendar
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Package 3: Search Engine Optimization Strategy

40,000 search queries are run through Google every second.

We believe that every time a person searches for something, an opportunity is created: Whether it ends with a product sale in an online store, a donation in a fund drive or simply engaging more deeply with a brand, behind every search query is a person that is ready to take action. The businesses whose content ranks highest will get the vast majority of the benefit. This is why it is so important to have a clear understanding of your industry’s overall search engine landscape and what the opportunities exist for attracting search engine users to your website. 

After conducting a thorough SEO audit of your current website, we perform in-depth research to identify the best keywords and keyphrases representing people who are most likely to be interested in your business. From there, we provide in-depth recommendations both on how to structure, create and optimize content, and how to build off-site credibility.

Every search engine strategy package includes:

  • Exclusive List of SEO Resources & Tools
  • Overview of Research Methodology
  • Key Definitions & Explanations
  • Keyword & Keyphrase + Search Volume (National)
  • Keyword & Keyphrase + Search Volume (Local)
  • “Raw” Data Export & Further Explanation of Data
  • Current SEO Audit Overview
  • Assessment of Key Problem(s)
  • Future Recommendations Overview
  • On-Site SEO Opportunities
  • Off-Site SEO Opportunities
  • Website Content Recommendations
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“I thought this report was excellent. Very insightful and it challenged a few of my existing views.”

Stephen S., Acabonac Farms Founder

Our Process

1. Discovery

We begin every research & strategy project by getting to know you, the client. Through one or multiple discovery sessions, we will gather as much information as possible about your business, goals and overall trajectory. This is the foundation of everything that comes next, as the research we conduct will focus on the key goals and performance milestones established during discovery.

2. Research & Data Collection

Following discovery, our team will take a much deeper dive, collating data, identifying trends, auditing your existing practices and looking at how other businesses may be tackling the same problems. This formal research phase may include both primary and secondary research, depending upon scope. If no reliable data exists, our team is capable of collecting consumer data at scale via digital surveys, interviews and online or in-person focus groups.

3. Strategy & Consulting

Following research, we will combine the most relevant data points and trends into an actionable strategy that is designed to help you reach your destination. Every research engagement concludes with a formal video presentation and digital copies of research findings & strategies, laid out in an easy-to-follow PDF document.

4. Delivery & Implementation

Having uncovered the best path forward, we proceed directly to delivery and implementation. Not only are we capable of creating the strategic vision, we have the expertise and resources to deliver it, as well. Our team will work with you to establish a clear timeline and budget, whether we’re deploying your next website,  designing unique collateral for your brand, or setting up your next ad campaign.

5. Ongoing Support

We treat every work engagement as a potential long-term partnership. Whether you need marketing help once a year or once a day, our team is standing by to provide individualized support and training when you need it.


Can you conduct surveys?

Yes! We frequently create and manage customer or market surveys. This can be done with your name/branding attached or anonymously with just Road Warrior Creative branding, as needed. All surveys we conduct are written in a scientifically valid format with both quantitative and qualitative questions, and we strive to receive a representative sample, as dictated by your needs, geography, and customer base.

What do I actually get from you?

Each report is different depending upon the scope of work and what is available in your industry, however in most cases you can expect to receive:

  1. A 15-20 page (minimum) written PDF report with images, screenshots, and clickable links.
  2. Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet with multiple tabs of supporting data.
  3. Links to or PDF copies of full-text articles where relevant.
  4. 1 hour meeting to review findings and answer initial questions.
What does it cost?

The cost of research and strategy can vary substantially, depending upon the scope of research being conducted. If we are focusing in just one area (e.g. social media), research may cost as little as $1.5K. For larger projects focusing on multiple areas, costs will scale accordingly. For the most accurate price, please do not hesitate to start a conversation with us about your needs.

How long does it take?

Research in a single area generally takes between two and three weeks to complete. This includes time for both initial discovery and final delivery, which will include a presentation, time for you to digest the information and a follow-up meeting as needed.

If your market research includes surveys or focus groups, the time to completion is typically extended to allow for adequate time to collect data from a representative sample.

Do you guarantee results from your strategy recommendations?

Our team will always deliver quality research and strategic recommendations, with clearly cited data sources that you may verify independently. We have many years of marketing experience and have been planning, executing, and reporting on digital marketing campaigns for a long time – we will not present research or make recommendations to you that we are not 100% confident in.

Although we are confident in every deliverable we create, due to the nature of consumer markets and the number of variables in play at any given moment, we can not guarantee any specific result, even if our strategies are followed to a T.

Can I see sample research?

Yes! We’re more than happy to provide you with sample research.

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