Food Photography & Videography

Digital expertise and culinary chops under one roof.

Our team consists not just of marketing experts, but also a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) graduate who ran restaurants for 10 years and has real-world first-hand experience writing recipes and styling food that is guaranteed to make your audience hungry for more.

When you combine digital and culinary expertise, you get far more than what any traditional marketing agency can offer: not only can we deliver the creative vision, we can deliver the culinary vision as well. Through a deeper understanding of consumer palates, flavor profiles, cooking methods and the culture behind each regional cuisine, we are able to create food content that is far more impactful and relevant.

We believe in creating a visual experience that captures the essence of your food brand and what your products stand for.

Whether you’re looking for commercial product photos suitable for online stores, magazines and catalogs, or need regular food and prop styling and videography for ongoing social media campaigns, we have the capability and expertise to make your food brand stand apart from the rest.

Food Photography and Videography - Road Warrior Creative

Food Photography & Videography Overview

Custom food photography & videography can make websites, social media and online promotions more cohesive, improves engagement across all platforms and measurably increases website traffic and conversions.

We work tirelessly to create a visual experience unique to your brand that will drive engagement and achieve the creative vision we build together. Our team specializes in the following areas:

  • Prop & Food Styling Consultation
  • Food & Beverage Photo & Video (Tabletop, Vertical, and Motion)
  • Social Media Photo & Video (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest)
  • Specialty Video (Stop-Motion, Animated GIF, and High Speed)
  • Commercial/Product
  • Recipe Development
  • On-Location Capture & HD Drone Footage Capture Available

“I cannot get over how great the June photo shoot is!  We love everything you guys did.  It was perfect timing as we just created a new presentation for retailers and used a lot of the photos. “

Beth C., Tommy’s Superfoods Marketing Director


Will you come up with ideas on how to style/use my products in photographs?
How will you know my style?
Can you create ongoing photos for me to use on Instagram or social media?
What does it cost?
Do I own the content you create for me?
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