Ribbon Cutting at the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce

If you missed our ribbon cutting in Fort Collins, get the highlights!

The last few weeks have been busy, busy for us at Road Warrior Creative.  April 1st-3rd, we participated in and won a local app development competition put on by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, Go Code Colorado.  We’re moving on from the regional challenge weekend to participate in the state level final competition next month, so there will definitely be a blog post coming soon about that.  Following Go Code Colorado, we headed down to Austin, Texas for WooConf, a conference dedicated to all things WooCommerce, but not before squeezing in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce

We have been proud chamber members since 2014, and were thrilled to be invited to speak about our business at the Fort Collins Chamber Red Carpet Committee.   Last Tuesday, we started our morning by picking up some bagels, cream cheese, fruit, and juice (don’t worry coffee drinkers, there was coffee too, provided by the chamber), then Chris and I headed into Old Town Fort Collins to the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce’s building on the corner of Meldrum and Olive Streets.

Once there we had the opportunity to connect with more than 50 different business owners who do everything from pet sitting to real estate to saving birds and more.  After breakfast and refreshments, we presented the story of Road Warrior Creative.  Because we just re-branded in January, it was great to be able to share the story of who we used to be, who we are now, and where we are going.

Following our presentation and a Q& A session with some really great questions, we headed out front for and official ribbon cutting.  Craig Volmer took the awesome picture of us, above, just as I was about to use the biggest scissors I have ever seen to cut a red ribbon signed by chamber members.

fort collins area chamber of commerce

In the past two years, we have really enjoyed being Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce members.  There are tons of great events, both networking and educational, and there are also numerous opportunities for growth in the chamber’s supportive community of Fort Collins business owners.  If you haven’t joined your local chamber of commerce, we highly recommend it.

Our Business Manifesto Came in Handy

In the day between Go Code Colorado and our presentation at the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Chris and I discussed creating a PowerPoint, but ultimately realized that we already had the perfect thing ready to supplement our talk: our Manifesto mini-site.

Speaking at the chamber reminded me how important it is to have a business manifesto. Click To Tweet

I’ve written many times about how important it is to deeply understand and clearly define what and why your business is.  Not only am I glad to have identified all of these things for Road Warrior Creative, because they make it easy for me to speak about our business and be able to explain what makes us special, but I was also glad to have the manifesto built out on our website.  It saved us time from having to create a PowerPoint presentation, and it already matched our brand perfectly.

Taking the time to really write out the story of your business and to present it in a professional, visually appealing way is a huge asset for everything from marketing to connecting with your customers.  A business manifesto is an excellent way to put your best foot forward in a variety of situations.

Do you have a business manifesto?  If you don’t already have a business manifesto, or if it’s not in the wonderfully shareable form of a mobile-responsive mini site, you should make one!  Want it in WordPress and need a little help?  Give us a shout – we’d be happy to help.

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