Tommy’s Superfoods

Bringing Consumers Back to the Freezer Section

Tommy’s Superfoods is a company that produces non-GMO and vegan seasoned frozen vegetables, which are sold at major grocery chains across the country, including Whole Foods, H-E-B, Kroger, Natural Grocers, Albertsons, and more.

Their veggies are tasty, healthy, and easy to prepare, and the company has a commitment not only to providing delicious vegetables but also to sustainability and teaching consumers to love (and eat more!) frozen veggies for a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing convenience.

What We Did

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The Challenge

Originally a salsa and spice blend company, Tommy’s came to us in 2013 as they were rebranding and revamping their image, at which point we built Tommy’s Superfoods a simple website to showcase their unique frozen products and help customers find them in nearby stores.  The clean and concise website served them well until early 2016 when the company entered a period of rapid growth, expanding distribution beyond their initial Texas-based markets to a national scale.  With nationwide distribution came a need for a more robust online presence.

In order to grow their position as a national brand, Tommy’s Superfoods needed an online presence inline with their top-tier competitors. They also needed to battle back against the misperception that frozen foods are not a healthy or delicious choice.

More than just a fresh website design, Tommy’s needed a complete online marketing strategy developed and executed to bring consumers back to the frozen food aisle and get them hooked on Tommy’s unique veggie blends.

Working with Amber and Chris has been not only a pleasure but has exceeded all expectations! They are very service oriented and focused on helping us grow our business - they treat it like it's their own by going above and beyond in their attention to detail.

Beth Carlson, Marketing Director

Our Approach

Our approach to Tommy’s initial website development project and ongoing marketing strategy was fun, colorful, and distinctive from their competitors in the frozen food aisle.  Emphasis is placed on Tommy’s all-natural, non-GMO products as being able to stand on their own, whether as a side dish or at the center of the plate, and significant effort has been put into visualizing how Tommy’s can be easily incorporated into every meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Tommy’s Superfoods website was expanded to include an interactive product listing with nutrition facts, ingredient lists, and clever descriptions.  A full-featured store locator tool was developed to handle Tommy’s large-scale distribution network, making products easily searchable by brand enthusiasts.  After extensive research and whiteboarding sessions to help Tommy’s develop a clear picture of their target demographic, our team developed a strategy for the ongoing addition of content to the Tommy’s Superfoods website through blog and recipe posts.  Lead capture and calls to action were included throughout the website.

Following the launch of Tommy’s Superfood’s website on world-class hosting capable of scaling with high levels of web traffic, we managed a robust online marketing strategy, including regular posts on their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, Google Adwords and ongoing Facebook advertising campaigns, ongoing food photography and videography, blog writing, and sweepstakes management.  Our approach to each of these platforms and content areas is unique based upon the identified audience and platform best-practices, but carries through key messages consistent with Tommy’s brand: that Tommy’s frozen vegetables can be a tasty, healthy addition to every meal.

Engaging Solutions

Website Design & Development

click and drag the screen

Tommy's website

These aren’t your mother’s frozen vegetables and the Tommy’s website uses bright colors and watercolor graphics in combination with high-quality food photography to prove it.  Mobile responsive + optimized for email list growth.


  • photography
  • videography
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • email marketing

Social Media

From mouth-watering food photography to thought-provoking articles, our work on social media drives engagement and showcases the Tommy’s Superfoods brand and products in a fun and light-hearted way.  There’s no reason to take yourself too seriously just because you love Brussels Sprouts!

The Results

We continue to partner with Tommy’s Superfoods to maintain their online marketing efforts and will unabashedly say that it’s one of the tastiest relationships we have to date – especially on food photography days!

We’re always innovating, and Tommy’s Superfoods continues to see significant gains in year-over-year website traffic, improved impressions and engagements across multiple social platforms, and the expansion of their current online marketing efforts into new areas, such as online video marketing and influencer marketing. This has contributed to the continued growth of brand awareness in key markets across the United States. As of the writing of this case study, Tommy’s Superfoods distribution has also grown to over 10,000 locations nationwide and shows no signs of stopping.

Below are a few results we’ve seen in the past 12 months.

increased website traffic


increase in overall website traffic.
increase in unique users


increase in unique website visitors.
thousands of new email subscribers


new email subscribers.
increased Instagram engagement


increase in Instagram followers.