Supporting Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

Formed in 2016, rise believes in the importance of a world where sustainable social businesses, created by local social entrepreneurs, are provided with resources, knowledge, and the professional community needed to be successful and transformational in their communities.

This U.S. based, 501c3 nonprofit organization, works to further opportunities for sustainable small social businesses in sub-Saharan African communities, specifically focusing on the architecture and design industry.

What We Did

Website Design & Development

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The Challenge

rise International needed to take their web presence to the next level.  As they geared up for their first big fundraiser, to be held in New York City, their needs were two-fold:

First, to create an event-specific landing page that included an interactive grid overlay above a map of Manhattan comprised of 100 “blocks,” which sponsors could purchase and artists or designers could choose from to create art inspired by the block of their choice to be auctioned at the fundraising event.  Blocks needed to be color-coded based upon if they still needed sponsors or artists, or both, and display sponsor/artist information when filled.  This functionality was vital to the success of their event.

rise‘s second need centered around the expansion of their primary website, to put their organization on par with other large nonprofits and NGOs serving the African continent.  They needed a professional design, copywriting assistance, and a clear ongoing content-writing strategy.

Amber and Chris provide incredible customer service, guidance and a solution to every problem. We could not have done this without their guidance.

Daniela Gusman, Executive Director

Our Approach

Our approach to rise‘s website needs was to create a single framework that could house both their primary website and also their individual event websites, which would be easier to manage for rise‘s small team.  It was our goal to create something that would allow the nonprofit to pour the maximum amount of resources into their mission, not their website – both initially and on an on-going basis.

Because of the short timeline before rise wanted to start promoting their event, we first focused on creating the 2017 NYC fundraiser landing page.  After hand calculating the latitude and longitude placement for the blocks over Manhattan, we custom-coded a solution that would display the blocks (with all necessary color coding logic) over a Google map – this guarantees the best user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Following the launch of the event page, we turned to designing and expanding rise‘s primary website.  Drawing font and color inspiration from their logo, we chose an energetic but simple color palette of grays and orange.  The sitemap and content throughout was specially targeted to bring in additional traffic to the website from organic search engine searches and to entice website visitors into becoming engaged with rise and their mission.

Website Design & Development

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A website that unites the world to empower social entrepreneurs and create change in  Sub-Saharan Africa.

Inspiring Solutions

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The Results

In the 12 months following their website launch, rise has successfully launched an architecture fellowship in Lesthoto, Africa and has made in-roads in developing a network of architecture firms in the United States and the United Kingdom to support their efforts, which include designing and building a new building for an over-crowded orphanage.

Within 6 months of the website launch, several of the articles that we wrote for rise were ranked on the first page of Google for terms related to social entrepreneurship in Africa.  This 1st page search engine ranking, along with the efforts of rise’s board is laying a foundation for increased traffic, website donations, and email subscribers.  Following the sucess of their “rise in the city” event in New York City, rise is now planning a companion event in Maseru, Lesthoto.