A Woman’s Healing Center

Putting A New Face On An Established Brand

A Woman’s Healing Center is a premier, boutique ob-gyn and aesthetics practice in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Founded in 2000 by Dr. Christine Skorberg, A Woman’s Healing Center has an all-female team of doctors and nurses whose mission is to provide quality, personalized care to women of all ages.  At A Woman’s Healing Center, patients have a personal relationship with their doctor and are not a number in a crowded waiting room or shuffled from practitioner to practitioner.

In 2009, A Woman’s Healing Center began adding aesthetics services to their obstetric and gynecological offerings, to support patients as they age.  Dr. Skorberg, especially, has an interest in helping women to feel confident and beautiful as they age gracefully.

What We Did

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The Challenge

A Woman’s Healing Center came to us in 2017 as the practice was looking to ramp up their aesthetics offerings and grow their patient base.  As a small, independent office, A Woman’s Healing Center competes with large, corporatized medical practices to attract new patients across Northern Colorado, as far south as Denver.

A Woman’s Healing Center had previously done some Google Adword campaigns but needed to partner with a marketing agency to provide expertise and support as they ramped up their online marketing efforts.  Additionally, the practice’s brand needed a refresh, as their logo, website, and overall online aesthetic had a dated appearance, not appealing to a younger audience and challenging to their new patient growth goals.

With strong expertise and strategy, this team improved website traffic and social media visits, ultimately increasing the number of new patients coming to this clinic. They impress with their high level of understanding, kindness, and personalized service.

John Monahan, Communications Director

Our Approach

Upon partnering with A Woman’s Healing Center, our initial focus was to address immediate issues in the optimization and security of their existing website and social media presence.  Addressing urgent HIPAA and search engine optimization issues left by their previous website developer was our first priority, then we worked with A Woman’s Healing Center to establish an online marketing strategy that would allow the practice to better connect with their current patient base and also attract new patients within a specific target demographic.

Our intent at the outset of the engagement was to create an immediate strategy and quick fixes that could be implemented right way, allowing A Woman’s Healing Center to see growth and results in a minimal amount of time.  This allowed us adequate time to meticulously tackle the larger issue at hand: updating A Woman Healing Center’s brand identity and building a web presence that communicated that brand identity to the right women in their community.

Following thorough research and discovery, we created a clean and simple logo, removing outdated script and floral graphics. Supporting elements included business cards, flyers, appointment reminder cards, and review request cards, all of which included not only A Woman’s Healing Center’s new logo, but also content and design which highlights the unique aspects of their brand as an independent medical practice founded by women for women.

Our approach to all of A Woman’s Healing Center’s marketing – from the redesign of their website to their print marketing materials and social media presence  – was doctor-first.  Because their practice places so much emphasis on providing personalized care in which patients develop relationships with individual doctors (in contrast to large practices where patients might be shuffled from doctor to doctor), we created a brand and strategy that highlights that level of personalized care.  We use video content, blog posts, and social media to share the doctors’ voices and support personal connections between each doctor and her patients, in addition to presenting A Woman’s Healing Center doctors as experts in their fields and driving patient engagement between visits.

Research & Strategy

Compelling marketing content and an effective online strategy begin with in-depth research and a clear understanding of the prospective patients in A Woman’s Healing Center’s target demographic.

After extensive conversations with A Woman’s Healing Center’s doctors and communications director, our team did a deep dive into the Northern Colorado aesthetics, obstetrics, and gynecology market, exploring competition, search engine optimization opportunities, and messaging that might resonate with women in the area.

From this research, we developed a number of detailed reports, created social media and search engine strategic marketing recommendations, and designed product packaging + associated collateral.

A Woman's Healing Center Logo

Logo Design & Branding

A Woman’s Healing Center’s old logo utilized a formal script font and included both a purple flower and a female figure. The overall effect was a dated appearance that did not represent the modern, cutting-edge medicine practiced by AWHC doctors.

We eliminated the flower, redrew the female figure, and chose a distinctive but clean font to form the basis of a new identity that will speak to women of all ages and work elegantly across all of the ob-gyn practice’s marketing materials, from the web to print, signs, and staff uniforms.

Website Design & Development

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A Woman's Healing Center Home Page

Doctor-focused and interesting to look at: the AWHC website makes use of curves and gradients to appeal to women while maintaining a professional, modern aesthetic with multiple sources for lead capture and new patient acquisition.

Content Creation

  • print design
  • copywriting
  • email marketing

Social Media

Our strategy for A Woman’s Healing Center’s social media presence has two main goals: first, to provide valuable women’s health information and news to patients, prospective patients, and online followers, and, second, place AWHC’s doctors as the center of marketing efforts, allowing people to feel a personal connection with them.

Our team developed a targeted strategy for social media marketing and works collaboratively with A Woman’s Healing Center to execute that strategy, which includes video, “action” shots, and sharing of relevant news articles.

The Results

Following the redesign of their logo and website, A Woman’s Healing Center had a modern aesthetic that positioned their practice to compete with large, corporate medical clinics in the region and attract larger numbers of new patients.

Consistently following through on our search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy allowed A Woman’s Healing Center to see immediate growth not just in website traffic and social media engagement, but also in the metrics that matter most: new patient acquisition and increase in phone calls and scheduled appointments.

Below is a sampling of results over a comparative 12 month time period.

increased website traffic


increase in overall website traffic.
increased time on site icon


increase in time spent on-site.
events icon


increase in online appointment requests.
phone call icon


increase in calls from Google search.