High Plains Spice Company

Bringing a Hometown Flavor to Ecommerce

High Plains Spice Company is the premier destination of spices, rubs, coffees, teas, extracts and other culinary delights in Sterling, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Owners, BJ and Lacey New believe that great food makes great memories, and find joy in sharing their custom hand-mixed spice blends and other culinary delights with both customers in their retail store and online.

What We Did

Website Design & UX

Ecommerce Development

Website Hosting

Research & Strategy

Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization Strategy
Social Media Research & Strategy

The Challenge

High Plains Spice Company came to us after several years of running both a retail storefront and also selling products online.  The vast majority of their online sales were happening on Amazon, though High Plains Spice Company had been trying for several months to increase sales on their website with the addition of WooCommerce (an eCommerce plugin) to their WordPress website.  While they had no problems setting up the initial storefront themselves, they were not seeing the sales they expected to see on-site, nor were they growing their email list as quickly as they would have liked.

The primary challenge for this project was to create a targeted design that positioned High Plains Spice Company to become a top player in online sales of spices and culinary products, with an effective user experience (UX) that would drive sales and increase email list signups.  The design needed to convey their “country chic” aesthetic but still appear professional and trustworthy.

With a broad catalog of nearly 400 products, each with multiple size, pricing, and variable options, it was key that their website code and hosting platform be scalable and able to handle large amounts of traffic and data as High Plains Spice Company continued to grow.

Finally, High Plains Spice Company needed additional guidance as to how to better market their business online.  Following the launch of their website, they also engaged with our team for keyword research, search engine optimization strategy, competitor analysis, and social media marketing strategy.

Our Approach

Knowing the primary goal of High Plains Spice Company’s new website was to increase sales and conversions, we created a design and site structure to support that goal.  Our team identified clear visitor paths and sales funnels, then optimized the website structure and design – everything from navigation menus and reorganization of products into nested categories, to intentionally placed calls to action – to ensure increased sales and lead generation.

For ease of navigation and to help customers find products they want, the product categories heavily emphasized – both in the front page view of the website and also in a categorized navigation structure. On interior shop pages, a custom sidebar helps shoppers find the product they’re looking for, either through collapsible lists or keyword search. There is functionality for High Plains Spice company to feature or call-out specific products for which they want to increase sales in multiple spots on the website.  Down to the tiniest detail, the entire site is designed to create the best possible online shopping experience, which mirrors the warm customer service that High Plains Spice Company provides in its small-town retail store.

Research & Strategy

As an experienced business with an existing online customer base from selling on Amazon, High Plains Spice Company already had a good feel for who their target demographic was, and to some degree knew what competition they faced in the specialty spice, coffee, and culinary markets.  The focus of our research and strategy development, then, was to provide a clearer picture of their competition and to provide recommendations for both search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Because High Plains Spice company is a younger company with deeply involved owners managing all aspects of their operations, a large part of our strategy recommendations focused on those which would provide the largest ROI for their time.  We recommended paring down their social media efforts from 9 platforms to a manageable 2-3 that would be most effective at reaching their target demographic.  Likewise, the data-driven search engine optimization strategies we recommended also heavily focused on what could bring significant ROI for a small team with limited implementation time.

Website Design & Development

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High Plains Spice Company Homepage

High Plains Spice Company’s website has a custom theme that uses wood tones, rustic paper accents, and an earthy palette to convey down-home, small-town charm.  But don’t be fooled! Behind this rustic theme is a powerfully and thoughtfully developed WooCommerce store optimized to increase sales and email list signups.

The Results

High Plains Spice Company’s newly designed website brought additional credibility to the online side of their food product sales business and significantly contributed to the impressive growth that they saw in their overall revenues.  By reorganizing the website’s content and redesigning the home and category landing pages of High Plains Spice Company’s eCommerce store, we were able to dramatically increase conversions and gross revenue on the online store – even with minimal changes to blogging, email newsletter, and social media marketing strategies.

Within months, average monthly revenue had doubled.  Results 18 months later are even more impressive, as shown below.

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increase in gross revenue
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increase in conversions
thousands of new email subscribers


new email subscribers
increased website traffic


increase in website visits