Creating Accessibility for Colorado State University Communities

The CSU STEM Center at Colorado State University is responsible for facilitating collaboration between departments in the STEM field, developing specialized programs and furthering CSU’s impact by connecting the community with on-campus resources.

What We Did

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The Challenge

The CSU STEM Center is a hub for collaboration and connection in the STEM field at Colorado State University. They needed a website that would serve three distinct groups: CSU faculty both inside and outside of the STEM field, students at all levels interested in STEM programs or research, and the Colorado State University community at large. This website needed to provide these groups with quick access to resources, an understanding of the STEM Center and its efforts, and a deep resonance with the STEM Center’s mission.

The primary challenge of this project was to create something that would streamline their online presence and provide a user-friendly and easily searchable site that would broaden the impact of the CSU STEM Center both on and off-campus. In short, the STEM Center’s new website needed to remove as many barriers as possible so that they could easily direct people to various opportunities.

Our Deans and our Vice Provost have been extremely pleased with the website.... the general consensus has been extremely positive. It’s much improved from our previous site.

Dr. Laura Sample McMeeking

Our Approach

We understood that the STEM Center’s primary goal was to create a website that was easily searchable and usable. Our team got to work developing a website structure that would ensure the goals of the STEM Center were met. We optimized the website with modern and compelling design elements that still allowed users of all kinds to find exactly what they were looking for, whether it was a calendar of events or STEM Center news.

For the ease of access to resources, we made sure to showcase the key initiatives and elements of the STEM Center in the primary navigation seen on each page. Our team automated previously labor-intensive processes for sourcing and displaying information on research, programs and other resources. We highlighted their public events, research events, and more to promote the impact of STEM-related activities on campus and beyond. We designed the site from top to bottom to create a forward-thinking website that’s visually compelling and broadens the impact of the CSU STEM Center.

Website Design & Development

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CSU STEM center home page

The CSU STEM Center’s website was given a modern makeover and matched to the brand colors, fonts, and style of Colorado State University. From this starting point, we added customized sections, including a highly searchable repository, a showcase for events and initiatives, creating an overall accessible and visually-compelling website.

The Results

Since its launch, the CSU STEM Center has received positive feedback from a variety of groups, including Deans and Vice Presidents from Colorado State University. The new design has been bringing in an increased number of new users and returning visitors over the last 4 months that the site has been live.

The CSU STEM Center’s new website transformed their previously static and difficult to navigate into a modern and easily accessible source for its users. By simplifying the design and making resources more readily available, we were able to help the STEM Center with their goal of increasing their impact on both the on and off-campus communities of the STEM field.