Acabonac Farms

Research & Strategy to Mooove Beyond the Competition

Acabonac Farms is a grass-fed, pasture-finished beef company in Long Island, New York.  Their cattle are raised in the fresh sea breezes, grazing on tender grasses along the shores of Long Island New York.  Strong believers in the local food movement, Acabonac Farms sells premium beef butcher boxes delivered frozen to their customer’s doorsteps.

While they now have a presence in local farmers markets and sell “meat shares” through local CSAs, Acabonac’s initial focus was on e-commerce sales and growing an online consumer base in the New York City metro area interested in supporting local farmers, and having high-quality grass-fed beef conveniently delivered.

What We Did

Research & Strategy

Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization Strategy
Market Research
Buyer Persona Creation
Social Media Research & Strategy

Package Design & Brand Collateral

Social Media Platform Setup


The Challenge

Acabonac Farms came to us as a brand new company.  They had cows, they had partner ranchers to raise the cows, but they didn’t have an online presence or customers to purchase their beef when it was ready.

As a new company, Acabonac Farms needed guidance on how to create an effective online presence that could be leveraged to gain a committed group of regular e-commerce customers.  As producers for premium beef products, Acabonac needed a clear understanding of the market they were moving into so that they could accurately set prices for their products and determine how to bundle and distribute them.  This market research was vital given that there were already several well-known players shipping boxes of grass-fed beef to customers homes.

With the rise in meal kit delivery services, the time was ripe for a new player to enter the market.  In addition to seeking a better understanding of their target demographic and who their prospective buyers are, Acabonac Farms also needed guidance on social media marketing strategy, recommended keywords for building and optimizing a search engine presence, packaging design, and box inserts to include in their packaging.

Research & Strategy

Compelling marketing content and an effective online strategy always starts with in-depth research and the creation of buyer personas.

Our team did a deep dive into research on local food, farmers markets, and grass-fed beef.  We combed through hundreds of studies and spoke to a number of industry experts to develop an in-depth understanding of consumer preferences for pasture-finished, local beef over conventional feedlot beef, including motivations for buying, typical purchase locations, and willingness to pay at various price points.

From this research, we developed a number of detailed reports, identified buyer personas, created social media and search engine strategic marketing recommendations, and designed product packaging + associated collateral.

Our Approach

Our approach to research and strategy development for Acabonac Farms was to first establish a broad understanding of current market trends and competitors on multiple fronts: from conventional grocery stores selling certified organic, grass-fed beef, to other local farms within a 90 mile radius of New York City with meat “shares,” to meal delivery kit and meat/butcher box e-commerce and delivery options.

After gaining a complete understanding of the current competitor landscape, our team exhaustively reviewed every existing peer-reviewed study published since 2013 on grass-fed beef, local foods, CSAs, farmers markets, and frozen meat delivery.  Research sources included ag school and university published studies, census and other government-funded demographic data, as well as cattle industry studies.  We spoke directly with experts in the field of grass-fed beef.  All of this data was compiled, analyzed, and used to draft a 22-page report and create two buyer personas representative of people most likely to purchase Acabonac Farm’s premium beef.

Following the establishment of a clearly defined target demographic, we turned our efforts toward developing specific strategies for search engine optimization and social media marketing that would most resonate with Acabonac’s prospective customers.  These strategies were clearly laid out with example content calendars and example posts (images + text) so that the Acabonac team could effectively execute the strategies in the following months.

Finally, we worked to design product packaging that would clearly convey who Acabonac Farms is – a small, local cattle ranch on the long island shores – and that would resonate with the established target demographic.  Each image and each word was carefully considered and placed to provide ultimate long-term value for Acabonac Farms and their customers.


  • package design
  • package inserts
  • market research
  • buyer personas

I thought this report was excellent. Very insightful and it challenged a few of my existing views.

Social Media

Though Acabonac’s internal team had the interest and ability to maintain their social media accounts on an ongoing basis, they turned to the Road Warrior Creative team for recommendations on which platforms to be on and what types of posts would resonate most with their audience.

After thorough research, we recommended Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, provided a recommended posting/engagement strategy for each, then set up these three platforms and handed the reigns over to Acabonac Farms for day-to-day management.

The Results

Following the conclusion of our work together, the Acabonac Farms team had a clear understanding of who their customers are and how to reach them, via social media, search engines, email marketing, and through offline marketing efforts.  The highly detailed reports they received not only presented an accurate picture of their target customers – from gender and household income level to interests, frustrations, and motivations – but also exposed the Acabonac team to new ways of thinking about their products, and how they might price, sell, and distribute them.

In addition to receiving actionable strategies for three key social media platforms, Acabonac received assistance in the creation of those accounts, including scheduling an initial round of content in keeping with their brand identity.  Finally, Acabonac received professionally designed product packaging and brand collateral that would not only excite current customers to see their newly ordered products on their doorstep, but would also pique the curiosity of everyone who saw the box along its route from farm to customer.

We were excited to partner with the Acabonac team to create a brand identity and strategy that took Acabonac from just an idea to a reality.