Our Business Values

Our values aren't just part of what we do, they're who we are.

Last month, I wrote a detailed blog post discussing Chris’ and my thinking behind the establishment of Road Warrior Creative, LLC and our business’ purpose.  Today I want to share with you the values that we established following the creation of our purpose statement.

Why Have business values

As we have previously discussed, creating Road Warrior Creative was a very intentional and conscious process – very much in contrast to how our predecessor, Au Coeur Design, came to be, as described here.  We have spent more than five years in the online marketing, website design, and WordPress development industry, and with the growth of our business, it had become clear that we could benefit from a thorough re-examination and step back to the basics.  Hence our rebrand.

One of the major differences between our business pre- and post-rebrand is that we now now have a clearly defined brand identity.  In the process of establishing that identity, we spent many hours thinking critically about who we are and what value we are able to bring to our clients.  Before we critically examined our services and offerings, we first worked to define our purpose.  Before we created our business website, we wrote a manifesto.  Integral to both our purpose and manifesto was the establishment of clear values statements.

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An important part of our brand identity is our values

Everything we do and are is driven by our values.  They are fundamental to how we do business and guide the way we work with our client partners, within our communities, and with one another.  Along with our purpose statement, our values will guide us in everything that we do now and moving forward and provide a road map toward business success.

Our Values

We believe quality of life matters.

There is a difference between “work” and “how you make a living.” We believe that joy can be found in work, but we also believe that there is more to life than work. For our clients, for our employees, for ourselves, Road Warrior Creative is a company that strives to improve lives.

For Our Clients

  • We make the internet more beautiful and more balanced, one website at a time.
  • We improve your customers’ experience and increase satisfaction as customers interact with your brand.
  • We help build online marketing processes that make businesses more efficient and more profitable.
  • Above all, we worry about about your online presence so you don’t have to.

For Our Employees

  • We believe you can live anywhere and work everywhere.
  • We value quality of work produced over hours clocked.
  • We think work should be fun and each day should should bring new, exciting challenges. If you don’t like something, change it!
  • We believe in work/life balance – family, happiness, health all come first.

For Ourselves

  • We love what we do and we wake up each day excited to get to work.
  • We’re committed to creating a positive environment for ourselves and those around us.
  • We never put profits above people, relationships, or self-care.

We believe in growing relationships, not transactions.

In every interaction, we strive to increase impact and add long-term value to our clients and their customers. Whether big or small, we consider each project to be the beginning of an on-going partnership.

  • We want our clients to think of us as an extension of their in-house marketing and web department.
  • We see ourselves and our clients as one team working towards one goal.
  • Our clients’ successes are our successes and our clients’ disappointments are our disappointments.

We see our employees and contractors as integral contributors to our success.  We care about them as individuals and value their experience as they work with us to make each project great.

We believe in always putting people first. We enjoy getting to know our clients and employees (face-to-face when possible), and place importance on shaping an experience that brings them back year after year.

We believe in giving back to our communities.

We place priority on giving back to our community, both locally and across the U.S. We believe that businesses can only be successful when they are engaged in making the world a better place. We value the people and organizations around us, and are committed to giving back through teaching, mentoring, volunteering, discounted services, and donations.

How We Support Nonprofits

How We Support the Community

  • We regularly attend local meetups, where we provide free website and business support to other designers, developers, and small business owners.
  • We answer questions in online support forums related to WordPress and small business ownership.
  • We share blog posts with how-to tips and relevant research.
  • We volunteer to teach a weekly entrepreneur club extra-curricular at a local elementary school.

Read more about how we give back here.

We believe sharing knowledge builds loyalty.

Education and training are a core part of our services. Not every business wants to completely delegate their website work to an outside team. No one wants to be beholden to a web developer. We create tools that give control back to our clients – even without coding knowledge – and we happily include training on how to use those tools with each project and proposal.

  • Want to change photos and text on your website? We’ll show you how.
  • Want to learn CSS, HTML, or PHP to do larger modifications on your website? We can help with that too.
  • Need to know SEO basics so you can optimize your own website? We have a training program on search engine optimization.

All of our clients have full access to their website and files from the day the project is completed. We have many clients for whom we manage all the day-to-day basics of their online marketing strategy, but we’re also just as happy to hand off the keys and take a step back while you run the show.

We believe that placing education at the center of what we do empowers our clients, builds trust, and grows long-lasting working relationships.

We believe the 9-5 is dead.

The internet doesn’t have business hours, and neither do we.

Customers don’t just visit websites between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Social media is 24/7. We know that our clients need their websites and online marketing strategies to work for them no matter what time of day or night their customers are online – whether on a computer or on a mobile device – and we have built our business around today’s 24/7 technology culture.

  • We have some traditional business hours when our clients are guaranteed to reach us.
  • We can also regularly be found answering client emails or launching new projects late at night or on weekends.

We believe that a business built on the internet has to be fluid and responsive. We believe in being available when problems arise, whether it’s at 2:00 PM or 2:00 AM. We also believe in taking afternoons off to watch a school play, Friday happy hours at a local brewery, and weekends camping in the woods. We value our partnerships and, whether we’re in the office or on the road, our team has you covered.

We believe “someday” is not a day of the week.

When it comes to building a successful business, there is no day better than today.

  • We believe in setting goals and meeting them.
  • We believe in not letting a fear of failure hold us back.
  • We believe in taking risks, trying new things, and taking businesses to the next level.
  • We believe there can always be more, we can always be better, and ourselves and our business can always grow.

Success Is Not Found, It’s Made

We believe that our actions can bring change, and we believe in inspiring others to be change agents in their businesses. We love working with clients who are committed to growing their business or nonprofit, and who understand there is no time better than the present. Changing a brand, improving a website, or increasing sales starts today.

Share your values

Does your business have values?  How are they working for you?  We’d love to hear more!  Leave us a comment and share your business values, how they came to be and what they mean for your organization.  We love to inspire other businesses who may not be as far along the planning process, and we are looking for other businesses with rocking values statements to highlight in a future blog post.

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