Meta Keywords: Why You Don’t Need To Use Them for SEO

Meta keywords aren't as important as you think.

meta keywords are unnecessary for SEO

A month or two ago one of our clients had a small business association provide him with suggestions for bettering his web presence.  One of their suggestions to him was that he add meta keywords to his website.  They recommended that he go back through and add these to every page and blog post that had been written.  Luckily, it had not been long since I built his website and there were not a lot of pages to edit, but I told him not to waste his time adding meta keywords to even a single page.  What the person from this small business association did not realize is that meta keywords are useless from a search engine optimization stand point and that there is no reason to waste time adding them to your website.

In September 2009, Google announced that “Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking”.  Matt Cutts, a Google representative, explains more about it in this video:

A month later, Yahoo! announced that they no longer use meta keywords tags for selecting search results either. This turned out to be not entirely true, as they do index them, but they won’t help you one bit.

Bing said at one point, in a guide about how to optimize your website: “it was abused far too much and lost most of its cachet.”

So there it is, straight from Google, Yahoo! (sort of), and Bing: meta keywords will not help your search engine ranking.

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