Logo Design Questions: The 5 Key Things We Ask

Does your logo follow these 5 key elements?

Your logo design matters immensely. In most cases, consumers will decide what they think about your business in the first three seconds. Your logo may be the first thing visible when they land on your website, walk past your storefront, skim your print ad, or pick up your business card. If your logo is overly complex, static, out-of-touch, or forgettable, then it’s not doing your bottom line any favors. Our clients recognize that having a great logo is a key component of a growing business, which is why we encourage everyone to ask themselves the following logo design questions.

1. Is my logo simple? Is it too simple?

A logo that has too many elements and colors, or that is otherwise too complex can be off-putting. Make sure that your logo has a clean look that clearly communicates who you are. We also caution our clients when it comes to logos that are hand-drawn or have a hand-drawn “look”. This usually does not translate well over multiple mediums and can reduce a logo’s visibility and versatility.  In some instances, logos can be too simple to the degree that they look unprofessional or unrefined. Here is an example of a logo that fails the simplicity check:

This logo design is so simple it looks unprofessional

2. Is my logo versatile?

A well-designed logo should transition effectively into nearly any medium and should look good on a variety of backgrounds. Additionally, versatility means that the logo can transition with your business as your products and services grow and change over time, and is not visually tied to one specific offering. Logos that are not versatile can add unnecessary challenges to promoting and growing your business. We think that Apple Inc. has created the ultimate example of a versatile logo:

Apple's logo design is versatile

3. Is my logo relevant?

A law firm logo should look very different from a restaurant logo. When determining if a logo is relevant, we encourage our clients to consider their audience. Do you believe you are attracting the right clients/customers to your business? If the answer is “no”, consider doing a logo revamp that will target the customers you want in the future, instead of the customers you have right now. Here is an example of a logo that fails the relevancy check:

Not the best logo
They might be the best auto detail business in the region, but nothing about this logo sells me on it. 

4. Is my logo memorable?

A well designed logo should be simple enough as to not overwhelm, but complex enough to differentiate itself. Starbucks is a great example of a logo that toes the line perfectly:

Starbucks Iconic Logo

5. Do I like my logo?

This is the most important of the logo design questions! A business that hopes to grow must have a logo that it feels is the right fit. You have to 100% believe in your logo’s power to give the right impression within that first three seconds, because your logo is your business.

Socially Fit Media's Colorful Logo
Socially Fit Media is a social media management and marketing business. After working with them for three weeks and going through 8+ revisions, we reached a final product that they absolutely loved.

Is your logo design helping or hurting your business? Contact us to find out how we can help your customers get the right impression.

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