8 Landing Page Design Tips for Better Conversions

Wondering if your business’ landing pages are as effective as they could be? Whether you’re using a series of highly specific landing pages to support online or traditional advertising or a general landing page for a variety of outreach initiatives, optimizing these pages for maximum effectiveness and conversions takes some time, thought, and effort. For a landing page to be successful, you need to understand the mind and motivations of your customers.

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Landing Page Design: 8 Tips to Get More Conversions

Tip #1 – Know and cater to the “big 3” visitor groups.

Visitor #1 is the “Reader” and an enthusiast of your business or brand. They want to read everything and anything you have to say so make sure you give them meaningful copy that will inform and engage them.

Visitor #2 is the “Scanner.” These people will be the bulk of your audience, and they’ll read the headline and a few introductory sentences. Scanners focus on images and words that stand out. To entice the scanner, provide your key points first, and be sure to use strong subheadings and bolded keywords.

Visitor #3 is the “Bottom Feeder” who will read your headline, a few lead sentences, and then jump to the summary at the bottom of your message. Bottom Feeders may not navigate back to the top of your page, so be sure to include a call-to-action reminder following your concluding summary.

Tip #2 – Keep it simple.

When you fill your landing page with lots of unnecessary information, even the customer in the “Reader” category will become distracted and confused. Help all of your customers maintain their focus by keeping your offer simple and to the point. Providing multiple offers and too many options can lead to a decrease in conversions because customers have too many decisions to make. Make the choice as easy for them as possible.

Tip #3 – Build in some breathing room.

With most customers being Scanners, you want your copy and layout to have plenty of white space between paragraphs and in the margins. Having some breathing room for the eyes makes it easier to comprehend the content and increases the scanning time. Make your landing page as quick and easy to comprehend as possible.

Landing Page Design Tips: Master Your Pitch - Road Warrior Creative

Tip #4 – Master your 5-second pitch.

That’s pretty much the amount of time you have to convince someone to convert when they come to your landing page. Make sure you have a compelling headline, image, or video, and call to action all above the fold, so scrolling isn’t necessary. And don’t forget your load time! The snazziest landing page will still fail if the load time is slow. Make your delivery as lightning-fast as possible!

Tip #5 – Don’t “tell” it. “Show” it.

Use your landing page to show off your business’ accolades, honors, and memberships. Include these logos on your landing page along with testimonials (or client logos) that will resonate with your customer base. These proof points can enhance your business’ reputation and provide just the right amount of social pressure to convert. 

Tip #6 – Make it easy to contact you.

For customers unfamiliar with your product or brand, displaying your business contact information can help bolster trust that you’re a legitimate enterprise with a real physical location. Some visitors may choose to contact you this way rather than submit a lead generation form. Show that you’re interested and available to connect with customers on their terms, not yours.

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Tip #7 – Be social.

Incorporating social media, social sharing, and video are important. Just be sure to keep it simple, keep it short (3 minutes or less, when it comes to video), and keep it interesting. Social media components can be effectively used to educate and entertain your customers. Give them a good reason to share, watch, and engage!

Tip #8 – The devil is still in the details.

Make sure these four landing page components are rock-solid:

Headline: Your headline should be succinct and focused on the primary benefit of your customers’ desire. Every person who comes to your landing page will look at this and then decide whether to stay or leave.

Subheadings: Subheadings communicate the benefits and overcome objections. Scanners rely on these to make their decisions.

Body Content: The “Reader” wants detailed, clear information. Speak to their needs, and you’ll persuade them to convert.

Conclusion: All three types of customers will look at this. The conclusion should sum up your message and re-stress the benefits. Following the conclusion, restate your offer and provide a call to action button or link so the visitor doesn’t need to return to the top of the page.

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Ready to build a better landing page?

Landing page optimization takes time and a certain degree of market research to understand the motivations of your customers, but putting in the effort can transform your business’s landing page from so-so to SO AWESOME. If your business relies on lead generation and sales conversions, you don’t want to short-change yourself when it comes to well-crafted landing page design.

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