June News from Road Warrior Creative

Highlights from the month of June.

It’s time for a quick June news bulletin from Road Warrior Creative! There have been some exciting developments over the last three months, which we are very excited to share with you:

Meet Steve, Everyone

Steve Jones

We’re pleased to officially announce that we added another very talented web developer to our team in May 2017. Steve has already proven himself to be an asset across multiple projects during his first sixty days, implementing complex code solutions that have taken what we can accomplish to a whole new level.

Our hosting and support clients will have the opportunity to interact with Steve directly in the future. As he settles into his role, one of Steve’s responsibilities will be to assist in responding to and resolving tickets in Road Warrior Creative’s support ticket system.

You can learn more about Steve by reading his bio.

Want to welcome Steve? Leave him a note in the comments!

FREE Nonprofit Website Contest Submissions Nearly Over

Does someone you know run a 501c3 Nonprofit based in the United States? Do you? If so, you have until June 30th to nominate them for a free website from Road Warrior Creative.  This is our third year running the contest and it’s always a lot of fun.

Nominate your favorite US based 501c3 Nonprofit for a FREE website here: https://goo.gl/8VGgQJ Click To Tweet

We have not had a lot of submissions and are asking our clients to help us spread the word! You can help spread the word using the convenient “Tweet This” link above, by sharing the above Facebook post, or by visiting the application form and nominating a nonprofit that you’re connected with. Because contest submissions are low, that means the odds of winning are much higher!


PHP 7 Upgrade Imminent

Over the last few months, we have been running extensive tests to make sure that all websites we host are compatible with PHP 7. Today, we are in the final stages of upgrading all hosting clients to PHP 7.  All clients will be upgraded by June 30, 2017.

The major benefits of PHP 7 include:

  • Faster – Non-cached visitors will load your website 2-3x faster than PHP 5.5
  • More Efficient – Websites running on PHP 7 consume 30-50% less memory
  • Better Volume – Handle 3x more requests per second and higher traffic
  • Effective Error Handling – If there is an error, PHP 7 makes it easier to find and fix bugs

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