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Our favorite innovative WordPress websites.

Did you know that WordPress is the most widely used self-hosted website creation tool in the entire world? Millions of websites around the globe rely on it every day to provide a platform for their online shops, news outlets, informational blogs, and more. One of the many reasons WordPress is so popular, and considered the “premier class” of content management systems, is because it supports an enormous number of themes and plugins that are forever extending the platform’s use in new and innovative ways. When you use WordPress as the foundation for your personal or business website, you are given the highest levels of freedom to customize and build your business’ web presence. This is why we recommend WordPress over any other platform, and why we put together this collection of innovative WordPress websites.

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Yes, there are other tools out there you can use to create a website, but really, why would you settle for a broken-down cramped-quarters Yugo-stye website platform (those of us “of a certain age” may recall this fine example of automotive tom-foolery), when you could have all of the speed and style of a Bugatti Chiron without the 2.6M sticker-price?  If you’re curious about what WordPress can offer you, jump in the passenger seat, buckle your seatbelt, and let us take you on a 261-mph tour of some of our favorite innovative WordPress websites that are using this powerful platform to conduct their business.

NASA Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: NASA

We openly admit it, all of us who work at RWC are total geeks. We love technology, we love science, we love OUTER SPACE. These three very cool things come together at NASA and we think it’s awesome they’ve built their website using WordPress. Of course, when you’re incorporating videos, live streaming, high resolution images, educational resources, e-books, podcasts, various social media channels and more into your website, you want a platform that can handle it all – and not leave visitors “Lost in Space” due to limited functionality.

Trefecta Mobility Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: Trefecta

Following on the heels of NASA is the Dutch company Trifecta. Their electric bicycle might not power you to the international space station but it will give you a very environmentally-friendly ride to work or tour around the neighborhood. Combining both traditional-style pedals (for when you want to put in some physical effort) with a throttle (for when you don’t) the Trifecta allows you to travel in three distinct power source modes, making it a very unique, multi-purpose vehicle. When you’ve engineered and designed a piece of technology this innovative (and cool looking) you want a website that shows it off and offers prospective customers all of the details and specifications. Read about it, build your own Trifecta using their configurator, watch videos and animations, and stay social with other enthusiasts.

J Hornig Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: J Hornig

J. Hornig is a speciality coffee roaster focusing on direct trade coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala. For those who carefully consider the coffee they wish to consume, J. Hornig’s WordPress e-commerce website allows visitors to compare across products, get detailed information about the growers co-operatives the beans are sourced from, and read detailed instructions for brewing. The J. Hornig website does a excellent job of explaining the finer nuances of coffee, as well as offering their 100+ year of expertise in preparing the perfect cup for the ever-growing coffee marketplace.

v76 Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: V76 by Vaughn

The marketplace for men’s grooming products is growing exponentially and V76 by Vaughn offers a sophisticated collection of face, shaving, and body products for today’s modern man—and this one stands out among other innovative WordPress websites with its sleek, stylish manner. But V76 is much more than an e-commerce website for buying hair wax or conditioner, it also offers a complete “Lookbook” for men with concise videos, styling instructions, and product recommendations for achieving certain looks depending on your hair and skin types. In addition, all of the V76 by Vaughn products are made with American-sourced ingredients and are Cruelty-Free, Petroleum-Free, and free of sulfate and parabens – so you can look good and do good by the environment at the same time.

Tinkering Monkey Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: Tinkering Monkey

Tinkering Monkey is a great example of a small, independent business that gets a big-time look and feel by utilizing WordPress as their website platform. This Berkeley, California based signage studio uses the best of today’s high-tech tools to offer the warmth, beauty and originality of traditional sign making to all types of businesses. Through their website you can view extensive portfolios, receive an estimated price quote using an interactive questionnaire explaining the various options for style, materials, colors and display, and even watch a live workshop stream which shows exactly how the sign-making process is done.

Fair Ivy Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: Fair Ivy

Another interesting example in the monthly subscription box category is Fair Ivy. Designed for those who love unique, handmade gifts, jewelry and accessories, Fair Ivy provides subscribers with high-quality products made by emerging artists around the United States. Fair Ivy’s WordPress website offers visitors enticing photos and descriptions of prior subscription boxes, a blog with detailed information about the artists featured each month, and social media accounts for even more ways to connect and share information with subscribers. *Note: Right now, Fair Ivy’s subscription boxes are completely sold out. However, you can place your name on a waiting list to be alerted when future openings are available.*

Neopolitan Clothing Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: Neopolitan Clothing

Based in San Diego, California, Neopolitan offers a fun and funky array of t-shirts for men and women made with responsibly produced, eco-friendly materials including 100% organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. To reduce unnecessary waste, all shirts are dyed and printed to meet each order and all artwork is produced in-house. Free desktop and poster downloads of select images are also available to visitors looking for more ways to bring interesting artwork into their lives. Neopolitan’s website is another great example of how WordPress can flexibly adapt to a business’ branding strategy and visual identity.

Dineamic Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: Dineamic

We’ll admit that after looking at Dineamic’s website, we think they might be worth moving to Australia for! (or at least taking a business trip out there to do some research…) Featuring healthy whole food delivered to your door, all of Dineamic’s meals are based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating with fresh ingredients from trusted Australian suppliers. In addition, Dineamic also offers a range of gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and fructose friendly options for subscribers with dietary restrictions. Their WordPress website makes it easy for the curious to learn about their menus, meal plans, chefs, delivery schedules and store-front operations as well as news and stories about healthy eating, ingredient suppliers, recipes, interviews and more.

Travel Portland Innovative WordPress Websites

Innovative WordPress Websites: Visiting Portland

As much as the RWC group would love to fly to Australia to see Dineamic in action, visiting Portland, Oregon might be a bit easier with small children and a small-business budget. And, after looking at Travel Portland’s WordPress website, we’re certain we’ll be visiting this city in the not-too-distant future! Travel Portland offers lists, links, and photos to events, attractions, accommodations and activities for visitors of all ages. Learn about the best seasonal activities for the area, download brochures and maps, or get the “Portland in Your Pocket” app so you can access all the details from your mobile device. Can we start packing our bags now?

WordPress is Awesome.

On the surface, one of the big reasons WordPress is an ideal platform for a website is because there are thousands of design themes to choose from. These templates are easy to customize and with some modifications can adhere seamlessly to the visual identity and branding styles you use. However, when you “look under the hood” so to speak, the real power of WordPress lies in its adaptability through the use of plugins. Plugins allow your website to have the functionality you and your customers want and need. There are thousands of free and premium plugins available and the list is constantly growing. So, whether you’re working to develop your business’ first website or re-designing one that has become outdated, dream big. The sky isn’t the limit when you use WordPress – in fact, it’s completely reasonable to expect it can help launch your business into OUTER SPACE.

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