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Everyone knows the old saying, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” But what is it about ice cream and other frozen treats that makes us want to scream? (Other than their tastiness, of course.) Well, for us at Road Warrior Creative, it’s the amazing ice cream website design! You know we love creative design, and the world of ice cream is the perfect place to find it. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ice cream websites to show just how imaginative it can get.

Amy’s Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams is a staple in Austin, Texas. Their wildly popular ice cream, including the world famous Mexican Vanilla, can be found in shops in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, not to mention their appearances at festivals like Austin City Limits. Let’s take a look at their website.

amy's ice creams home page
Amy's ice creams scoops page

Why We Love It

There are a lot of reasons to love Amy’s website, but we’ll stick with our top 3 for now. First of all, it shows real people! Not just stock photos of models who love ice cream, but their actual employees and customers who love their ice cream. That brings in a real personal, almost familial feel to their website. Second of all, the quote at the top of their home page: “Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.” For one, that’s a true statement. But it also makes the first visible part of their website fun and lighthearted, setting the tone for their company immediately. Third, they have a unique way of showing off their employees. Other than the aforementioned photos of real employees, they call their staff “Scoops.” And these scoops are “the heart and soul of Amy’s ice creams.” This not only shows that they value their employees, but that they’re more than just a staff member, they’re a member of the scoop family.

What You Can Take Away

We’re sure you understand that your website needs to be unique to stand out, but Amy’s takes that a step further than some other websites. They’ve managed to create something that establishes a community between them and their employees, as well as them and their customers. This kind of community isn’t easy to build, but you can take a page out of Amy’s ice cream’s book, and try your hand at revolving your website around more than just your product. Center your website around why you do what you do: to provide value to your customers.

Steel City Pops

Steel City Pops is a popsicle company that has locations in several southern states. Their pops are well-known for their use of organic, natural, and often locally-sourced ingredients. Here’s a snippet of their website.

steel city pops home page
steel city pops our story page

Why We Love It

Steel City Pops has a very individualized design. They’ve included lots of illustrated elements, but they’ve managed to retain a kind of sharp modernity as well. As you can see above, their home page has an illustrated popsicle, with lots of hand written typography in the background. But then, their bold font on the buttons for different pages bring in a different kind of tone. You can also see this two-tone design on their Our Story page. As you can see, the top has some more illustrated features, and the font is a little more child like. However, when you scroll down to read the story, the font becomes more professional and pointed. This is something that’s truly creative about their website: the ability to balance playful, lightheartedness with clean, adult elements.

What You Can Take Away

While not every company is set up to succeed with this sort of two-toned design, it is something to consider! If your goal is to attract a wide variety of ages to try your product, then designing your website with both of them in mind is a great starting point. Steel City Pops’ website goes to show that you don’t have to sacrifice being playful for an elegant website design.

Salt & Straw

Started in Portland, Salt & Straw quickly became famous for their, well, interesting ice cream flavors. From Honey Lavender to Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese (yes, really), people have been lining up at Salt & Straw locations across the west coast. Here’s what their website looks like.

Salt & Straw home page
salt & straw home page
salt& straw about page

Why We Love It

Of course, Salt & Straw might have a bit of an edge when it comes to unique creations, but their flavors aren’t the only thing we love about their website. Right now they’re showcasing a Summer special, the camping series. We love the way that they show off this series with a specialized font, as well as some truly delectable looking photos! As you scroll through the rest of the home page, you can see more of their offerings, like the magic of delivered ice cream, a monthly pint club, and customizable, “one-of-a-kind” orders. Their home page also shows us an up close and personal (literally) look at Tyler & Kim, the owners and creators of Salt & Straw. Their website is personable and a little bit quirky, with lots of bold colors and standout fonts that perfectly match the tone of their business.

What You Can Take Away

I’m sure you’ve seen advice like this on our blog posts before, but make sure you stay true to your voice! Salt & Straw has been on a journey to create innovative flavors and an enjoyable atmosphere since the beginning of their shop. That translates to their website in the way that they offer a wide variety of flavors for every taste, give customers options for delivery and customization, and provide an overall bright and personal feeling.


NadaMoo! is a non-dairy “ice cream.” Their products are made from a coconut milk base, and feature exciting flavors and organic ingredients. Let’s look at their website.

nadamoo home page
nadamoo recipes page
nadamoo flavors page

Why We Love It

One thing we love about NadaMoo’s website is their use of color. They firmly establish blue as a brand color from the first second you enter their website. This bright blue is used all throughout their website, from the headers to the fonts, to social media icons and banners. The loud colors can also be seen on their products, making them stand out from the white background on the flavors page. Another part of NadaMoo’s website that we love is their recipe section. Not only does it show off their creativity, but it also shows new customers how to enjoy their dessert and allows current customers to participate by submitting new recipes. NadaMoo’s website is cheerful and animated from top to bottom.

What You Can Take Away

NadaMoo knows exactly who they want to sell to, and they use that to their advantage in their website design. While many people might think that dairy-free ice cream sounds unappealing, they’re changing our perceptions and showing us that their products not only taste good, but are exciting and clever as well (case in point, “That Snickerdoodle Dough”). So when dreaming up your website, remember your audience and take into account what makes them happy.

Lick Honest Ice Creams

Lick Honest Ice Creams is another Austin born dessert. They’re truly keeping Austin weird with original flavors and “honest” ingredients. Here’s a look at their website.

lick honest ice creams home page
lick honest ice creams flavors page
lick honest ice creams story page

Why We Love It

We’re always big fans of companies who are transparent and authentic with their audience, and Lick does just that. It’s literally in their name! Lick’s co-founders built their ice cream around honesty, and we love that their website is dedicated to that same value. The home page tells you upfront about their locally-sourced ingredients. Their flavors page gives you every detail of their ice cream flavors. Their story delves into the memories that made them and their ice cream into what it is today. Lick’s website is also simple, with a light wood background on all of their pages, simple and readable fonts, and easily navigable menus.

What You Can Take Away

No matter your branding style, simple or loud, be true to your values and clear with your customers about what goes into your product. Today’s consumers really value true authenticity because of our almost constant surrounding of advertisements and false promises. They don’t want to see flashy websites and packaging if they can’t even find out what ingredients are in your product. So just remember to show them who you are. Trust us, they’ll appreciate you for it.


Our last frozen favorite is Yasso. Yasso isn’t a traditional ice cream company, instead, they make frozen greek yogurt bars, pints, and snack buddies. Let’s look at their website.

yasso home page
yasso home page
yasso products page

Why We Love It

Yasso is another company that capitalizes on bright pops of color throughout their website. Between the home page, products page, and about page, you could probably find every color in the rainbow! But the vibrant colors aren’t the only thing to love about Yasso’s website. Their font is bold, crisp, and easy to read. Their values are clearly laid out, showing off their differences in their products and the wide variety of their offerings. Yasso’s website is another great example of website design that thrives on exciting their customers, no matter the product or desired taste. As they say, they’re “raising the dessert bar.”

What You Can Take Away

Don’t be afraid to be exciting! Even if you think your product is “boring,” your website design can change that perception. Experiment with colors, fonts, and graphic design. You could even look into color psychology and color wheels to find the best colors for your brand. No matter what, don’t be afraid to be bold with your design.

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