How to Use Instagram Story Stickers

From GIFs, to music, to Q&As, here's how you can use Instagram story stickers.

Instagram is constantly adding new features to their stories, but one that has stayed around since the beginning is stickers. These stickers vary from GIFs, to music, to the temperature, and they’re a great way to get your followers interested and involved in your story. So, I wanted to go over each of the Instagram story stickers and how you can use them to step up your story game.


The location sticker is pretty self-explanatory- it tags your story at a certain location. But this sticker might be useful in ways you’ve never thought of, especially if your brand or business doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar location. Here are some ways that using a location on your story can drive more engagement and interest for your followers.

1. Attract New Users

Adding a location sticker to your story can attract new users in a couple of different ways.

First, when someone visits your store, restaurant, or event, they can add the location sticker to their story. This can lead their followers, who might not be aware of your business or follow you, to your location and Instagram account.

Second, having a location on Instagram also creates an explore page for that specific place. Here’s what it looks like.

six flags location explore page

In the top left corner, you can click on the circle to see tons of stories that have been posted with the Six Flags Over Texas location sticker. This is another way that users can be led to your Instagram account.

It’s also important to note that you should be tagging your Instagram posts at your location when it’s applicable. This can help people find your profile when they see the location sticker or story, or simply find the location on the explore page.

2. Find User-Generated Content

Another way that you can use the location sticker is to share user-generated content. When someone posts to their story with your location sticker, you can use it on your own social media. This is a great way to get more content for your stories, and to show your users that you appreciate them and their loyalty.

3. Create Something New

In addition to finding new content and attracting followers, a location sticker can be a good way to brainstorm some new and innovative ideas for your Instagram account. If you don’t have a physical store, try adding your brand name as a location at stores. Or, if you’re having a pop-up event or taking part in a local market, add your brand name as a location at that event. You can also add locations for special events or parties at your store or restaurant to create excitement and show off the event.


Adding a mention to your story is another great way to attract followers and gather up user-generated content. Just like using a location sticker, when a user mentions you in their story, you can repost it to your story, making them feel seen and appreciated by you. It also helps new users find you, because someone’s followers can go to your page by tapping on the mention in their story. This is perfect for brands of all kinds, whether you’re online only or a brick-and-mortar business. Here’s an example.

309 Coffee mention story

309 Coffee in Georgetown was mentioned in a story, and they reshared it on their account, reassuring brand loyalty and showing that they’re not just a company, they’re also human.


A hashtag on your story is a way to get more views and potential followers. Adding a hashtag will include your post in that hashtag’s story, which can be seen by users who follow the hashtag or are searching for hashtags on the explore page. It’s also a way to get your customers and followers engaged with your business or event by creating a specific hashtag that they can use to post when they get new products, visit your store, or take part in one of your events. You can even use these hashtags as a highlight on your Instagram account or as entries in a giveaway. Here’s an example from Juiceland.

juiceland hashtag story


Polls are a fairly new addition to the Instagram story sticker collection, but they’re a really get way to get feedback and engagement on your stories. Here are some ways you can use polls in your Instagram story.

1. Encouraging Customer Engagement

When you put up a poll on your story, you’re asking your followers to engage with you by participating in the poll. It’s also a way to help your customers feel like their voices and opinions really matter to you. It’s also a way to get a large amount of direct feedback without asking your customers to leave a review or relying on private messaging. (Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be ignoring your messages or not asking for reviews!)

2. Developing Products

When you’re developing new products, a poll on your story can be a quick and easy way to do research. You can try putting up a poll asking which colors your customers prefer for new products, features that they’d like to see in the future, or the best time for releases.

3. Research for Giveaways or Sales

In addition to using polls as a way to research for product development, you can also use them to research for future events, like giveaways or flash sales. For example, a cosmetics company could put up a poll to find out which shades of lipstick are their most popular, then use that information to offer a flash sale on those shades. You could also use the poll sticker to find out which discontinued items your customers would like to see come back and offer a limited edition sale or giveaway.


There are two different kinds of questions stickers: a quiz-style sticker and an “Ask me a question” sticker. The questions stickers can provide you with feedback, allow you to share information, and drive more engagement. Here’s how.

The Quiz Sticker

The quiz sticker is great for sharing information with your followers. For an example, we’ve used quizzes for one of our clients, Tommy’s Superfoods, to share nutrition informational and fun facts in a pop quiz style.

tommy's quizzes story

While we like to use these stickers simply to spread information, engage with followers, and have some fun, you could also use the quiz stickers for a giveaway, or reward your superfans’ knowledge with a discount or free gift on their next order.

Ask Me a Question Sticker

“Ask me a question” stickers can be used for reviews, feedback, Q&A’s, or FAQs. The sticker allows you to change the question being asked, so you could write in something about a specific product to receive feedback or a review. You can then send a direct message to the users who answer the question to ask if you can use their review on your website and thank them for their feedback. If you want to do a general Q&A or answer FAQsm you can share the questions that are asked with answers, providing information for your multiple followers in just one story.


The countdown sticker is perfect for creating buzz for your brand. Whether you’re counting down to a new product release, a giveaway, or even a surprise, a countdown can be shared multiple times to make your event extra special. You can even personalize what the countdown is for to make it relatable to your brand and fun for your followers. Here’s an example from Fabletics.

Fabletics countdown story

Fabletics used illustrated elements and a specific hashtag to brand their countdown. This helps their followers and fans get excited and share their own stories to create even more buzz about their Legging Day event.

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