Get More Facebook Views: Facebook Live

Using Facebook live can increase your views- is it right for you?

We’re all concerned about Facebook views: How to get them and how to keep them. Well, the answer might be right in front of you: Facebook Live.

The history of facebook live

It was first only available to celebrities through Facebook’s app, Mentions, but now everyone has access to this feature that rivals Twitter’s popular Periscope.

The history of Facebook Live isn’t a long one, but it helps in understanding the thoughtfulness behind this new feature.

FACEBOOK LIVE Timeline History Facebook Views
  • August 2015: Facebook Mentions open to verified public figures.
  • December 2015: Facebook Live is open to select iPhone Facebook app users.
  • December 2015: Facebook Live is open to all verified Facebook pages via the iPhone app.
  • January 2016: Facebook Live is released to anyone who uses the Facebook app on an iPhone.
  • February 2016: Facebook Live is released to Android users.
  • April 2016: Facebook Live is open to streaming directly in Facebook Groups and Facebook Events.
  • April 2016: Add filters and drawings to Live broadcasts, invite friends, share a live map, and allow viewers to send reactions.

Let’s chat about:

  • Why your company needs to broadcast, and how to start a broadcast.

Why You Need to Use Facebook Live

Facebook is known to love whatever they create. Who can blame them, right? They are pretty genius! When you play based on what Facebook’s new shiny object is, your Facebook views will increase.

After that, the hope is that these initial Facebook views will cause a snowball effect. If more folks are seeing your video, they might also meander through and engage with more of your posts. When Facebook sees this extra interaction, they will see that this follower is interested in your content and they might put your content into their News Feeds and the News Feeds of those who are in the same demographic.

Facebook views via #FacebookLive can cause a snowball effect for your page. Click To Tweet

In addition to increasing Facebook views, using Facebook Live can bring humanity to your brand. Beautiful images, thoughtful quotes, and funny quips only take you so far. Your fans want to see you. When they hear from you, they become closer to you.

Have you ever watched a show religiously and felt close to one of the characters, the host, or one of the players? This is how you want others to feel about you. You don’t know them by name, but you want them to feel you are their friend.

How to Start a Broadcast

  1. Head to your iOS or Android Facebook app or the Facebook Mentions app (only for verified public figures)
  2. Start a Facebook post like normal by clicking ‘Publish’
  3. Click on the icon that has a person with 2 semi-circles/halos/rainbows over them
Facebook Views Setup


The first time you pop in, you might see two simple set-up screens.

The one on the left tells you a bit about Facebook Live. The one on the right guides you turn on your microphone.

Facebook Views Setup


Feel free to toggle with the privacy settings. If you’re just practicing, click ‘Only Me’, and have fun! These many privacy options are only available if you are broadcasting from your personal profile. When broadcasting from a Facebook page, the only option is to broadcast to the public.

Flip the camera the way you prefer– either filming away from you or filming you– so the viewers immediately see what you want them to see as you start.

Lastly, type in your enticing description and ‘Go Live’!

Facebook Views Setup

Ending the Broadcast

When ending the broadcast, you have a couple of seconds to click ‘Cancel’ in case you stopped the stream in error. Once complete, you can toggle the switch to save your broadcast to your camera roll upon clicking ‘Done’.

Alright, so I wasn’t broadcasting to anyone but myself in that video, but I’m hoping that walk-through helps you feel a bit more comfortable getting started with Facebook Live.

When Facebook is finished loading your video, it will choose a thumbnail to attach. You’ll likely want this changed unless you enjoy stills of your mouth wide open or eyes half-shut!

Practice on Facebook Live By Broadcasting to 'Only Me' Before Going Public. Click To Tweet

Think about having a thumbnail already on hand for this. It can be a graphic you make from a template, a picture you take at the event, a picture of yourself in the space you’re filming, an image representing the content of the video, or even just your logo. No worries if you didn’t plan ahead of time. You can always change it later.

It’s a bit of a maze to jump into changing the thumbnail, so I thought I’d send a video your way. Since we’re popping into the Facebook settings, I decided to peek around just a tiny bit more and show you a few other changes you can make:

Streaming Through the Facebook App vs. Streaming Through the Mentions App

I mentioned at the top that you can use Facebook Live via the Facebook app or the Mentions app. Most of us aren’t public figures, athletes, musicians, or media personalities, so most of us don’t have access to the Mentions app.

However, if you listen to influencers on podcasts or if you follow any on Facebook, you might have heard them talk about Facebook’s Mentions app. Because of this, I thought it’d be great to quench your curiosity about how it might differ from the Facebook app.

Facebook Live Facebook Views Facebook App vs Mentions App

For a bit more explanation, Mentions is tied to your Facebook page, so it requires you to broadcast to the public. Within the Facebook app, you can broadcast from your Page or Profile. If you broadcast from your profile, you have the option to change the audience to:

  • Public
  • Friends
  • Friends except Acquaintances
  • Friends except… (choose whom from your friends list you want to omit)
  • Only Me, or
  • any collection of people you belong to (perhaps your college, your work people, etc.)

Something really exciting that Facebook Live also offers when broadcasting from your personal profile is that you can stream directly into a Facebook Group or Event by opening a post in the Group or Event and clicking on the Facebook Live icon. You do not need to be the owner of the Group or Event to stream live.

Broadcast directly to Groups & Events with #FacebookLive, increase Facebook views. Click To Tweet

It’s best practice to remember to check with the administrator of the group or the host of the event before broadcasting live on their page.

Whoa there! How do I stop others from broadcasting from my group or event?

If you are the administrator of a group or the host of an event and are concerned others will broadcast from your page, feel free to chant your privacy settings to ensure no one can live stream without your approval.


If you’re an admin of the group, click on the three dots on the upper right, click ‘Edit Group Settings’, scroll to the bottom, and checkmark ‘All group posts must be approved by an admin’.

Facebook Views Facebook Live Group Settings
Facebook Live Facebook Views
Facebook Views Facebook Live Group Settings


If you’re an admin of the page the event was created from, head into the event, click ‘Edit’ and scroll to the bottom to checkmark ‘All posts must be approved by an admin’:

Facebook Views Facebook Live Event Settings

Easy as that!

Are you ready to start broadcasting?

Sometimes seeing it first helps get over the nervousness that comes with the unknown. Set a date for your next and share it with us on Twitter so we can keep you accountable.

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