Generating Recurring Revenue with Troy Dean

Get some tips and tricks on recurring revenue from Troy Dean.

This weekend was Genesis Camp, a community-organized event specifically for Genesis professionals. Think web developers, designers, project managers, and others that work with and build sites on the Genesis Framework. We, at Road Warrior Creative, are huge fans of Genesis and nearly all of our websites are built in Genesis, so we spent much of the weekend glued to our computers watching and participating in the crowd casts. One of our favorite presentations was one by Troy Dean of WP Elevation on generating recurring revenue.

Troy is an online marketing speaker, coach, consultant, and podcaster from Australia. He specializes in helping businesses and entrepreneurs use the Internet to attract new customers and build their communities. His talk was about recurring revenue, which is the holy grail of income because it gives your business a steady stream of income with fewer fluctuations, and, as Troy discusses in his presentation, there are many ways to implement recurring revenue in your business model, no matter the product or service you sell.

While this talk was specifically geared toward website developers, many of his strategies can be used by businesses in other industries, so we wanted to share it here for our clients. In the video, Troy gives a lot of examples of recurring revenue models that are used by businesses that do many different things: everything from Netflix to fruit of the month clubs to yoga studios with monthly memberships. One of our website clients, Andrea of These Little Joys, is an artist who generates recurring revenue by selling memberships (with WooCommerce) that allow midwives and doulas to print off her pregnancy and birth coloring pages to give to their clients. La Leche League of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont is one of our nonprofit clients that also generates recurring revenue through the sale of memberships (using a Gravity Form).

Watch Troy’s talk for more examples. We hope this will get you thinking about your business and how you might be able to generate increased more consistent revenue. Enjoy!

Troy Dean: The How & Why of Recurring Revenue

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