The Future of Social Media: All About Peach

Read all about the new and innovative social media platform.

Entrepreneurs. They just keep creating. Dom Hoffman, co-founder of the 6-second video platform, Vine, is also the brains behind the newest fad in social media: Peach.

The Peach app busted onto the scene on January 7th, immediately becoming so popular that it had a bout of crashing. All is well now, though, and app downloads have dramatically slowed down. Over the coming months, we’ll be watching closely to find out if Peach will be the next Facebook, or perhaps just the latest short-lived fad.

About Peach

So, what’s it all about? Peach explains (fairly vaguely) that it’s a “fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself”. Sounds like they’re looking to escape the pressure to pull in engagement on social media and getting back to the roots of just simply creating and keeping relationships. One differentiator, it looks like Peach is trying to grab onto is simplicity. But, as you’ll see, that simplicity still leaves space for a distinct aspect of innovation.

Due to their “Magic Words”, adding multimedia on Peach takes you half the time of adding it on other platforms. In fact, while Peach has many standard features, you can do a few things on Peach that you can’t do on other social media channels. This is what makes it super fun.

Fun is great, but many business owners are wondering if this is a platform they should delve into. Is it the next engagement and lead generating monster like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, or will it be what social media encouraged at the beginning of its time – solely social and filled with self-expression?

Let’s sit on that thought for a minute while we look a bit deeper into the app.

Creating an Account

It takes less than a minute to be up-and-running on Peach.

Even if you’re not planning on using Peach, it is in your best interest to secure your favorite username: perhaps your company name, personal name, or the same handle that you use on other social media accounts.

This is what it looks like to set up an account. Note: This video is sped up.

Let’s Take a Tour

After creating an account, Peach takes you through a short tutorial and then sets you on your way to explore.

With the quickness of Instagram, innovation of Slack, face-to-face of Vine, and personal spotlight of Facebook, it’s apparent in this tour that Peach is on a planet of its own.

Peach’s quick code system, nicknamed “Magic Words”, is one aspect of the app that really sets them apart from the other social media channels we know and love.

Here’s the full list of Magic Words currently available. Heads up! Peach plans on releasing more. Thankfully, we have some time to absorb these before moving along to memorize the rest.

Peach Magic Words List

If you’re anything like me, you want to see these in action! I shot an 8 minute, 28-second video that shows all of the Magic Words, plus a few more features in action. Care to check it out?

why do we need a new app?

If you watched the video above, you might have spotted a few similarities to what you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and other platforms every day: you can “like” a post, you can comment on posts and you find and request friendships.

However, there are also some noticeable differences between Peach and other platforms. One of those is that it doesn’t have an expanded newsfeed. This way, you see a compressed view of who has posted last and only click on those you’re interested in hearing from at the moment.

peach app newsfeed

The fact that the Peach newsfeed leads with usernames vs. content enforces the notion that Peach is here to nurture relationships, not build your email list. However, when you click on someone’s profile, it is like you’re stepping into their little private world. You’re a fly on the wall, looking at their thoughts. It’s pretty cool and even potentially intimate. This connection, this permission to look deeper into the personality of each person or brand is what can lead to a more personal relationship. That personal relationship has the potential to turn into sales down the line.

Here are a few more similarities and differences between Peach and other platforms:


  • Chat on your friends’ profiles
  • “Like” friends’ content
  • Add photos and videos to you profile
  • “Poke” your friends
  • Find friends via search


  • You can’t reply to other comment replies
  • No traditional newsfeed
  • You can’t connect to other social platforms
  • Quick terms reveal hidden media
  • You can “draw” on the screen

Lastly, there wouldn’t be much social in your social media if you didn’t have any friends.

So, how do you connect with others? In this video, I show you a couple ways you can snoop around to find some pals.

Are you interested in Peach, yet?

If you’re on iOS, scratch that itch and jump right in! Sadly, the Android version hasn’t yet hit the scene.

And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t sum up the thoughts we discussed above in terms of the burning question business owners have: Will this be good for business?

Being so new, that’s yet to be determined. But, if the trend continues as it appears, Peach will be a place to escape the marketing-infiltration and engagement-hoarding trends of other platforms and be a home for consumers and marketers alike to simply express themselves and praise others who do the same.

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