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Need logo help? Take our quiz!

Last week we talked about five questions you should be asking about your logo. This week, we want to offer everyone some free logo help. Answer questions about your logo below and see how you score. For the best results, have a colleague or friend look at your logo and take the quiz on your behalf! After getting your results, we’ll talk about what various scores mean and what can be done to get better results.


Score Your Logo

Get free logo help and find out if the logo you currently have is right for you!


Let’s review what each score means and what course of action you should be taking…

Score: A

Congratulations! Your logo meets all of our basic criteria and is likely helping your business make a lasting impression. Your next step should be to engage your customers and occasionally ask them what they think of your logo. If you see that your business volume is starting to slip, it may be time to consider doing a full re-brand. Although it varies by industry, it is a good idea to update your logo every fifteen years on average.

Score: B

Your logo may be lacking in 1-2 key areas. Go back and think about how you answered each of our questions and determine what you want to tweak or improve. Consider taking your logo to a professional graphic designer and asking them to help make improvements in these areas. The graphic designer will likely come back to you with a list of recommendations. Most changes should be cosmetic at this level, such as color, resolution, sharpness, or small changes to shape/composition.

Score: C – F

It is likely that your logo is actively hurting your business in some way, typically by giving a poor first impression to prospective customers/clients. We strongly recommend seeking out a professional to heavily modify or completely re-design your logo. Refreshing a logo creates buzz and can give a strong boost to any business — Take the plunge! It’s worth the investment!

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