Food Web Design in 2019: Convert Visitors to Brand Fanatics with These Simple Steps

Some tips for creating a web design that creates brand fans.

Web design is an important part of any brand’s online presence, and great web design can really take that presence to the next level.

For food brands, your website can take a one-time buyer and turn them into a brand evangelist that shares your brand for you! That’s the holy grail of marketing – communicating about your brand to your target demographic in a way that your products practically sell themselves.

Wondering how to cut through the clutter of all the other food brands and your competitors online and really make a lasting impact? We’ve got some inspiration that will have you on the way to improving your food web design and accelerating your brand.

2019’s Best Food Websites

Before we deep dive into what you can do for your website, let’s get some inspiration. Looking at websites that inspire us is a great way to come up with ideas for our own websites. So we’ve rounded up examples from some of the best food websites of 2019 to help spark your creativity.

The Ice Co.

The Ice Co. is a UK-based, bagged ice brand that has managed to turn frozen water into something fun. Take a look at the examples below:

The Ice Co. Home page
The Ice Co. Home page

Why We Love It: As you can see, this website design is full of color, but it’s still clean and flows very well. It also shows that ice is for much more than just keeping drinks cool. They even have recipe ideas and an app for creating the perfect cocktail. As an added bonus, their social media call out stays on the side of the website as you scroll through the home page. That’s a great way to remind visitors to your website to check out your social media accounts as well. The Ice Co.’s website is a great example of what thinking outside of the box can do for your brand.

EG Wine Co.

EG Wine Co. is a canned wine brand with a website that has lots to say for itself. They have a clearly defined aesthetic of adventure that’s clear from the first glance at their homepage, and it flows through the rest of their website. Here are some examples:

EG Wine co. home page
EG Wine Co. home page 2

Why We Love It: For one, their home page video montage is serious #Goals. It shows how their product can fit into so many different aspects of life, whether it’s hiking to the top of a canyon, riding a bike around town, or sitting by a fire. This shows that their product is for “adventurers” of any kind and is clearly targeted at a specific demographic. This is continued as you scroll down the home page, where you’re greeted with food & event pairing suggestions for their different wines. Each wine has specific adjectives given to it, showing just how much fun their product is. This website has a casual feel, but they clearly know their audience, and how to market to them.

RX Bar

RX Bar is a whole food protein bar. They’ve been noticed for their “No B.S.” marketing, telling everyone exactly what’s in their products. Let’s take a look at how that translates to their website:

RX Bar home page
RX Bar home page
RX Bar home page

Why We Love It: Okay, we know this website doesn’t look like much on first glance. But, that is sort of the point of their whole brand, so, in our opinion, it’s actually really clever. With all the fancy ads and gimmicks that some websites and food brands try to play, seeing a simple, clean design can be really refreshing for users. Plus, their sort of passive, casual voice is something that you don’t see very often. It might even seem like they’re sort of careless, but we think their transparency is actually what makes them even more caring to their customers.

Tick Tock Tea

Tick Tock Tea is another UK-based brand. They’ve been selling their teas since 1903, but that hasn’t kept them from staying up to date on the newest design trends. Check out their website:

Tick Tock Tea home page
Tick Tock Tea home page

Why We Love It: The home page is full of bright, eye-catching colors. It’s even customized to your time zone with the clock and greeting at the top, adding on a level of personalization that makes a user feel welcome. Tick Tock Tea has done a great job of creating branded elements as well, like “The Tock Times,” that bring together an entire experience from the home page, to the products, to the cart. This is the kind of user experience that drives customers to turn into fans of the brand.

Chameleon Cold-Brew

Chameleon Cold-Brew is an Austin based coffee brand. They pride themselves on their organic, ethically-sourced products, and they tell a story throughout their website. Here are some examples:

Chameleon Cold brew home page copy
Chameleon cold brew home page

Why We Love It: Much like the EG Wine Co. website, Chameleon Cold-Brew has an amazing home page video. It not only showcases their finished product, but also how it’s sourced and the faces of individuals who are a part of their company. This is an important part of who they are as a company, and they want to tell that story to anyone who visits their website. This helps draw us in and take notice of their differences, both in the actual product, as well as the who they really are as a brand. This storytelling creates a unique experience that will help bring users back time and again.


Koox is yet another UK-based food website. While this is a restaurant and not product like the other food websites we’ve shown you, Koox still has an incredibly creative and eye-catching design. Take a look at what we mean:

Koox home page
Koox home page

Why We Love It: Right away, you can tell that this website has one of a kind illustrations and unique fonts. Their logo and hamburger menu stay put while you scroll through the rest of the options on the home page, each one bringing you a new illustration. Koox wants to make high-end creations more accessible for everyday life, and their design seems to do just that. By bringing their food down to earth with custom graphics, it makes their brand presence feel more casual and comfortable.

4 Ways to Improve Your Food Product Website Design Right Now

Now that we’ve looked at some inspiring websites, let’s talk more about your own food web design. While custom design, home page video montages, and gaining a following can take some time, there are a few simpler steps that can be taken to make your website great.

1. Have Professional Photos of Your Products

Professional photos are a big part of a website, especially for a food brand. Whether it’s a steaming cup of coffee or a perfect peanut butter cup, good photos will show the quality of your products.

High-quality photos are one of the best ways to turn a random internet traveler into a first-time buyer. If you’re taking your own photos, invest in a DSLR camera that allows for different lenses, use real-life photos as examples when styling your products, and play with lighting. You can find more tips on food photography here.

2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

With so many users searching the web on their phones and tablets, you want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. This will help you reach more potential customers, especially because websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are less likely to show up in search results from a mobile device. As you go through your website, ask yourself:

  • Is it easy to read through on a small screen?
  • Does it load quickly?
  • Is your website easy to navigate?

If your website is hard to read or loads slowly, a mobile user is much less likely to complete a goal, like buying a product or signing up for your email newsletter.

Need help making your website load faster or work better on mobile?  We’d love to chat about our website development capabilities.

3. Integrate Your Website and Social Media

If you’re already creating content for your social media account(s), why not feature that on your website?! It can be as simple as a call out for visitors to check out your accounts and follow them with a few example photos. This can also be done vice-versa, by showcasing your products on your social media accounts.

Instagram stories that let you swipe up for products, links to your blog or story in the bio, and even ads on Facebook are very helpful for standing out. Plus, if you’re already creating professional grade photographs for your website, you’ve got part of your social media work already cut out for you.

4. Create a Consistent Voice

The voice of your website is just another part of your brand. Whether you’re choosing to be more casual, formal, witty, young, or any other number of adjectives, you need to keep a consistent voice across all platforms and content that you create. A consistent voice will help your customers become familiar with who you really are, and make it more appealing for them to join in the conversation.

Your voice should flow across your homepage, your story, your blog posts, and even your social media content. Your voice is what helps your website come together and makes it unique to you.

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