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8 Landing Page Design Tips for Better Conversions

Wondering if your business’ landing pages are as effective as they could be? Whether you’re using a series of highly specific landing pages to support online or traditional advertising or a general landing page for a variety of outreach initiatives, […]
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How to Win in the Gig Economy

The last few years have seen a significant upswing in employment opportunities that would be considered a part of what is commonly referred to as the “gig economy.” The gig economy is a loosely defined concept that applies to workers who […]
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Road Warrior Creative Food Photography Equipment Example

7 Ways Marketers Can Step Up Their Food Photography

We’ve all had this experience at least once… Food photography gone horribly wrong. Someone we follow on Instagram says: Hey, look at this amazing meal I just had. And all we can think is… That looks like pureed cat food […]
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5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Success

There’s no doubt about it, today’s consumers are increasingly using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches) to gather information, stay connected via social media and mobile apps, and make purchases. If your business has an online store or relies on subscription […]
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Super Bowl LI Marketing

The Super Bowl LI Marketing Postmortem

The post Superbowl LI marketing dust has settled and regardless of whether your team won or lost, we can all agree that this year’s big game played host to some powerful and well-crafted marketing messages. We’re going to share some […]
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AI Powered Marketing: Will it go mainstream?

Will 2017 Bring AI Powered Marketing Mainstream?

If you’re hoping for a comforting pat on the shoulder and assurances that online marketing will stay the same in 2017, I’ve got some bad news. AI powered marketing is already here and our soon-to-be digital overlords are outpacing human capabilities in […]
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Leveraging Market Research for Great Web Design

Business owners and marketing professionals who understand the value of gathering market research are a step ahead of the competition when it comes to making major business decisions (website design, product lines, services offered…). If you want your business’ website […]
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Online shopping

How to Build a Better Buyer Persona

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) jobs of a marketer is to get inside the heads of his or her target audience. We need to understand their work and home lives, what motivates them, and what demographic and personal […]
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