Consolidating Websites for SEO: One Website to Rule Them All

Save yourself from stress: consolidate your websites!

In 2015, it is safe to assume that most businesses depend on the internet in some way. Even if you aren’t using a website to sell your product or service, you’re using the internet for something… Ordering products online for resale, emailing coworkers and clients, using Skype or Google Hangouts to connect with customers, or promoting your business on social media. The point is this: Just about every modern business depends on the internet in some way. (Of course, there are some really cool exceptions out there. The logistics of this operation boggles the mind.)

Google SEO Lord of the Rings

For some of us, the internet is much more than just a set of tools. People like us spend way, way, way too much time thinking about how the whole system works. We lose sleep over things like search rankings, click-through ratios, and bounce rates. We wonder why one blog post we wrote a year ago is still the biggest traffic driver to our site. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be enough to turn a normal person into a crazed, cave-dwelling hermit with a severe case of gingivitis and an unhealthy obsession with sashimi. Geeky punchlines aside, the true reason behind this blog post involves a common scenario for many small business owners.

Why You Should Consider Consolidating Websites

Let’s say you’re a professional photographer who also does web design, or perhaps you’re a blogger and artist that also runs an online store. As entrepreneurs, we often find our fingers in many different pies. Not long ago, conventional internet wisdom dictated that these different services should each have their own website and that those websites should then link to one another as much as possible. Search engine algorithms of the time favored websites that had a lot of external links because (they thought) a website that is linked to often must be an “authority” on a given subject.

This system was abused so severely that the math wizards at Google and other major search engines had to adjust their algorithms. What they came out with has ushered in a new age where content is king. The more genuine content (text, videos, and images) on your site, the higher your search ranking. It also helps if that content is optimized for keywords that the people you want to visit your site are searching for. For example, if you’re trying to promote your new restaurant website, posting all of your Star Wars fan fiction may not get you the traffic you’re looking for.

So far, we know that content is important, but how does this apply to entrepreneurs that are representing multiple brands/businesses? Let’s answer that question with another question: If “content is king,” then wouldn’t consolidating websites and just having one website be the optimal solution for the modern entrepreneur? Yes! And we’re going to take a moment to brag about one of our clients who does this really well. Allow me to introduce Dancey Pants Disco, the website of our fantastic client, Michelle Housel.

dancey pants disco website

This eCommerce website belongs to an artist and blogger that sells some of her work online. By combining all of her content (art gallery, blog, and online store), she is now much more likely to show up prominently in search results. As a business, she also appears more professional and established. This content could have easily been split between platforms like Blogger, Instagram/Flickr, and Etsy. Some are finding success on those platforms, but the vast majority spread their content so thinly that they are likely never to be discovered.

The advantages of consolidating your business’s online presence go far beyond search engine optimization.

Your advertising budget just got some much-needed wiggle room.

Think about it: Fewer websites mean either a smaller advertising investment or more “bang for your buck.” A bonus is that your centralized website now advertises for all of your other brands, products, and services.

You just saved yourself a lot of time, or a lot of money, or both.

Whether you’re paying someone to update your website or doing it yourself, you’re saving time and money by focusing on a single website. A good developer will also provide integration with social media so that content is automatically migrated to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter via RSS.

You’re driving more revenue to your business with minimal effort.

Even if you don’t do anything beyond consolidation, you’re still doing the business a big favor. More concentrated content means more keywords, and more keywords mean a greater potential to attract web traffic to your site.

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