Choosing The Right Logo Font

A font is more than just printed words.

We aren’t the only ones talking about Google’s new logo. The web is abuzz debating the merits and downfalls of Google’s new logo font. Some agree with Google – it’s clean and easy to read on small devices – others think it’s too simplistic and childish, and there have been more than few discussions of what might be a deeper meaning behind the abandonment of serifs. What does this mean to you as a business owner?

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How do you choose the right logo font?

Choosing the right font to represent your company can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have an initial idea of the typeface you prefer. Serif. Sans serif. Handwritten. Script… How do you know which will work best to convey who your company is and what you offer to your customers?

From early print design when printing presses relied on handset letter blocks, to the digital age of computers, fonts have always done more than just print words and paragraphs. Different typefaces bring varying degrees of readability and even emotions and feelings to text. Check out this infographic produced by Mediaworks. Not only will it help you determine where to start with choosing a font, but it also provides a lot of interesting history on different fonts and typography.

Logo Font Infographic

Hat Tip: Creative Market (which is also a good place to buy fonts).

Next Steps

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