New Plans, Rates & Terms in 2019

Big changes are coming. Let's talk about it.

Three Big Changes

Effective January 1st 2019, Road Warrior Creative will be overhauling our hosting & support plans, rate structure, and terms & policies.

We now have a team of seven amazingly talented creatives. In order to continue providing outstanding service to our clients and support the needs of our growing organization, we need to evolve how we do business.

Hosting & Support Plans

Over the last three years, our hosting & support plans have undergone a number of changes. These changes included partnering with a new provider that offered improved space, bandwidth and speed, adding new features like free SSL and CDN, and more recently the addition of automated image optimization software to improve load times.

All of these changes have added a cost to the services we provide, both in labor hours and direct costs to our business. In order to continue offering superior service, we are now transitioning all clients to the new rates.

  • STARTUP Hosting Only – $27.50 per month
  • GROWTH Hosting + Support – $175.00 per month
  • EXPANSION Hosting + Support – $375.00 per month

If you still aren’t sure how this will impact you, please contact us. Our 10% 501c3 nonprofit discount will still apply for qualifying clients.

New Tiered Hourly Rate System

Rather than charge a single hourly rate, we will have different rates based upon the type of work we’re engaged in. We just don’t think it makes sense to charge the same rate for setting up a Facebook ad that we do for developing a complex web application.

Basic work should cost less. But, by that same logic complex work should cost more. Clients that are currently on retainers with us will not be impacted until their specific recurring plans are up for renewal.

Work we perform will now be broken up into three distinct tiers:

  • Consulting & Strategy – $200 per hour
    This price tier is reserved exclusively for consulting & strategic development performed by Amber, who is responsible for the ideation and execution of countless marketing efforts that have reached millions.
  • Development – $125 per hour
    This price tier is for anything involving the creation of custom code or configuration of complex web software. As a policy, we only employ highly skilled US-based developers.
  • Creative Services – $90 per hour
    This price tier applies to any other services including but not limited to web & graphic design, copywriting, photography & videography, website updates, and data entry.

These rates will replace any/all legacy rates. Our 10% 501c3 nonprofit discount will still apply for qualifying clients.

Terms & Policies Overhaul (Updated December 31, 2018)

Our terms and policies have been updated with several revisions. Revisions are listed in document order (top to bottom) and are divided between major and minor revisions.

Major revisions are as follows:

  • Added a Payment Notices section, which gives us the right to withhold final deliverables on a project until we’ve received full payment. (Note: This does NOT include access to drafts/proofs for the purpose of review/approval.)
  • Added an Ongoing or Recurring Services section, which clearly states payment and delivery terms for that specific type of arrangement.
  • Replaced Arbitration with Mediation for resolving any disagreements or disputes regarding our services or terms. Mediation is widely regarded to be faster, simpler and more cost-effective for all parties involved.

The following minor revisions were also made:

  • Updated “Professional Services” and “Training” definitions to include Digital Marketing Services Digital Marketing Platforms respectively
  • Included Digital Marketing Services in the Scope of Professional Services section
  • Added a sentence regarding Client delays to the Development of Deliverables section and Time for Completion section for purposes of clarifying an existing policy.
  • Added a section on Third Party Software, which lists the software licenses we maintain in-house.
  • Added language to Ownership of Custom Content section which clarifies that Client only gains ownership of deliverables after they are paid for in full.
  • (Document Wide) Corrected typos where we had the incorrect State or County listed. All should now say Texas and Travis County.


Questions? Concerns?

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