The Best Social Media Training Courses

Get the essentials in social media knowledge with these training courses.

Social Media Training = Essential!

Is social media training overrated? Can’t I figure it out on my own? Well, certainly we can try, but can we really succeed in knowing the strategies and all of the rapid changes as they come about?

Not quite.

Social media training courses give us a plethora of information in a really tight, time-saving packages. They also are often lifetime memberships with frequents updates.

What does that mean for you?

Simply revisit them every 6 months or so to find more goodness.

I pulled together courses (some of which I’ve taken) that will help you up your social media for business game. If you’re looking for a social media training course, this post is your pot of gold!

Hint: If you want to see the free courses, search ‘free’ by using cmd + f on Mac or cntl + f on Windows.

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General Social Media Training


Social Media 101

Social Media Training Constant Contact

Creator: Constant Contact
Cost: Free
Topics Include:

  • Facebook 101
  • Twitter 101
  • LinkedIn 101
  • Pinterest 101
  • Instagram 101
  • Google+ 101
  • YouTube 101
  • Snapchat 101


25 Expert Social Media Growth Strategies

social media courses

Creator: Brian Peters, Buffer
Cost: Free
Topics Include:

  • The best (free) tool for finding great content
  • Getting started with video marketing on a budget
  • 5 hidden Instagram features for marketers
  • Our must-have image creation tools for marketers
  • The power of resharing content on Facebook
  • 10 free stock photography resources for marketers
  • Building your brand through content curation
  • Create an educational screen recording to sell your product
  • Understanding social media algorithms and to use them in your favor

Care for a sneak peek of part of this course?


Introduction to Social Media Strategy

social media courses skillshare screenshot brian peters

Creator: Brian Peters, Buffer
Cost: Included with a Skillshare free trial or paid subscription
Topics Include:

  • Choose the right social platforms for your business
  • Create and curate effective visual content
  • Use tools like Buffer to schedule, analyze, and improve your posts
  • Execute Brian’s 5-step Facebook advertising plan


Social Media Marketing Education

Social Media Training

Creator: Hootsuite
Cost: Free
Topics Include:

  • Intro to Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles
  • Content Marketing Fundamentals
  • Growing Your Online Community
  • Social Advertizing Fundamentals


Social Media Marketing Society

Social Media Training Social Media Marketing Society

Creator: Social Media Examiner
Cost: $45.oo per month (membership for all-access)
Topics Include:

  • All platforms
  • Many industry leaders contributing
  • New trainings and hangouts several times monthly
  • Forum for members

Facebook Marketing Help


Facebook for Business

Social Media Training Facebook

Creator: Brad Batesole,
Cost: $24.99 a month for access to all trainings
Topics Include:

  • Planning your page
  • Engaging your community with status updates, photos, and video
  • Creating events and scheduling posts
  • Pinning and embedding posts
  • Moderating comments on your page
  • Creating a boosted post
  • Creating advertisements
  • Using Insights to track likes, post reach, page visits, and more
  • Adding page administrators
  • Linking to Twitter


Retail Marketing Academy

Creator: Samantha English
Cost: $197.00 or $697 (with Mastermind)
Topics Include:

  • Your Brand
  • Your Facebook Ad
  • Using Power Editor
  • Your Audience
  • Creating High Converting Email Collector Forms
  • The Art of the Follow-Up
  • Understanding Reporting


Jumpstart Your FB Marketing

Creator: Amy Porterfield
Cost: $197.00
Topics Include: 

  • Boost Your Online Presence
  • Apply the “Perfect Facebook Post” formula
  • Use the Facebook Guide
  • Implement the Simple System
  • Develop a Promotional Calendar
  • Gain Momentum and Supercharge Your Results

Twitter Marketing Help


Crack the Twitter Code

Creator: Keith Keller
Cost: Free
Topics Include:

  • Get More Followers
  • Extend Your Reach Using Hashtags
  • Track the Progress of Your Tweets
  • Automate Your Tweets to Save You Time
  • Drive Traffic Back to Your Website
  • Increase Your Database and Sales


Twitter for Business

Social Media Training Twitter

Creator: Brad Batesole,
Cost: $24.99 a month for access to all trainings
Topics Include:

  • Creating your user name and Twitter bio
  • Following other accounts
  • Crafting great tweets
  • Embedding photos and video
  • Using Twitter Cards to create “rich” tweets
  • Searching for potential clients
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Using third-party Twitter-management tools
  • Tracking Twitter via Google Analytics

Google+ Marketing Help


Plus Your Business

Social Media Training Google Plus + Plus Your Business Martin Shervington

Creator: Martin Shervington
Cost: $45.00 per month
Topics and Features Include: 

  • Access to Content Library
  • Learn How to Get Top Results on YouTube and Google
  • Tips on How to Bring Your Brand on Social Media
  • Latest Hints and Tips on Google For Business Apps
  • How the Become an Authority, Quicker Than Ever
  • Exclusive Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Martin
  • New Modules Added Every Week


Google+ for Business

Social Media Training Google+

Creator: Anson Alexander,
Cost: $24.99 a month for access to all trainings
Topics Include: 

  • How Google+ will help your business
  • Creating a Google+ account and business page
  • Understanding circles and Hangouts
  • Sharing posts
  • Interacting with Google+ comments
  • Using Google+ Insights
  • Managing reviews
  • Connecting to a YouTube account

LinkedIn Marketing Help


LinkedIn for Business

Social Media Training LinkedIn

Creator: Viveka Von Rosen,
Cost: $24.99 a month for access to all trainings
Topics Covered: 

  • Understanding company pages and profiles
  • Knowing and finding your audience
  • Using the Who’s Viewed Your Profile and You Recently Visited tools
  • Tagging and sharing content
  • Creating a message campaign
  • Building a dynamic company page
  • Creating engaging updates
  • Marketing your LinkedIn page
  • Recruiting with LinkedIn


Linked University

social media training linkedin linked university

Creator: Josh Turner
Cost: $897.00
Topics Include: 

  • How to prospect on LinkedIn to find new, qualified business opportunities
  • How to position your profile at the top of LinkedIn’s people search
  • How to grow your database of first degree LinkedIn connections exponentially
  • How to drive a ton of traffic from LinkedIn to your website
  • How to establish a marketing campaign to stay “top of mind” 
  • How to establish yourself as THE expert in your space

Pinterest Marketing Help


Power of Pinning

Social Media Training Pinterest Power of Pinning Melanie Duncan

Creator: Melanie Duncan
Cost: $297.00
Topics Include:

  • Setting Up An Official Business Account
  • Fueling Your Creativity & Inspiration
  • Branding & Optimizing Your Pinterest Page
  • Using Pinterest for R&D
  • Becoming the “Art Director” of Your Pinterest Page
  • Content Curation Code Cracked
  • The Perfect Pin
  • Build Your List
  • Building Your Boards


Pinterest for Business

Social Media Training Pinterest

Creator: Cynthia Sanchez,
Cost: $24.99 a month for access to all trainings
Topics Include:

  • How to pin
  • Researching customers on Pinterest
  • Creating a Pinterest plan
  • Creating a pinnable website
  • Opening a business Pinterest account
  • Linking to other social networks
  • Following other pinners
  • Crafting good pin descriptions
  • Creating article- and product-rich pins
  • Measuring Pinterest success with analytics

Periscope Marketing Help


Periscope Profit Machine

Social Media Training Periscope Kim Garst

Creator: Kim Garst
Cost: $97.00
Topics Include:

  • 17 training modules
  • Getting your first 1000 followers
  • Writing catchy titles
  • Drive more hearts, shares and comments
  • Building your brand on Periscope


How to Grow Your Business with Periscope

Social Media Training Periscope Chalene Johnson

Creator: Chalene Johnson
Cost: Free
Topics Include:

  • How to Get Started
  • How to Grow Your Business
  • How to Re-Use Your Content

Snapchat Marketing Help

The Ultimate Snapchat Tutorial

Social Media Training Snapchat Leslie Samuel

Creator: Leslie Samuel
Cost: Free
Topics Include:

  • Why You Should Take it Seriously
  • A Tour of Snapchat
  • How to Find Friends on Snapchat
  • Text and Video Chat
  • How to Create and Send Snaps
  • How to Use Filters and Geofilters
  • 10 Ways to Get More Views and Friends
  • What Do the Numbers Mean?


Up and Running with Snapchat

Social Media Training Snapchat

Creator: Anson Alexander,
Cost: $24.99 a month for access to all trainings
Topics Include:

  • Creating a Snapchat account
  • Adding friends in Snapchat
  • Sending and receiving videos
  • Chatting
  • Deleting a Snapchat account

Instagram Marketing Help


Learn Instagram: The Basics

Social Media Training Instagram

Creator: Garrick Chow,
Cost: $24.99 a month for access to all trainings
Topics Include: 

  • What is Instagram?
  • Creating an Instagram account
  • Following other users
  • Shooting photos and videos
  • Processing photos
  • Posting photos to Instagram
  • Liking and commenting on photos
  • Tagging photos
  • Regrammming photos


Instagram With Intention

Social Media Training Instagram Hilary Rushford

Creator: Hilary Rushford
Cost: $97.00
Topics Covered:

  • Why and how to use Instagram
  • Photography and Visual Voice
  • What to Share
  • When and How to Share
  • The Dual Profile Debate
  • How to Nurture and Grow Your Audience
  • Your Endgame


Instagram Impact

Social Media Training Instagram Chalene Johnson

Creator: Chalene Johnson
Cost: $99.00
Topics Covered: 

  • Creating an Effective Instagram Bio
  • How to Use Videos on Instagram to Connect with Customers
  • Connecting with Instagram Direct Message
  • Best Practices for Linking Your Instagram Account to Other Social Sites
  • Using the Explore Page to Connect with More Potential Customers
  • The 5, 3, 1 Technique

Social media training is essential to knowing where to focus in your digital marketing.

What social media training courses have you taken? How were they? Share below!

social media training

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