Best Food eCommerce Websites

There are thousands upon thousands of food websites out on the internet, but some of them stand out more than others for their unique design or great functionality.

While standing out is the ultimate goal for any brand, it’s especially important when you’re a food brand that’s trying to sell your products on your website. Having a great design, fast load time, compelling calls to action, and easy to navigate user experience is key to generating sales online. We make it a priority to stay on top of what’s happening in the food marketing space, and have been watching a few brands who are on top of their website game! Today, I’m excited to share with you some of the best food eCommerce websites in hopes that you’ll find some inspiration for your own food brand!

Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes is a whole grain baking and pancake/waffle mix brand. They focus on providing important nutrients that help keep you going all day long, no matter your activity. Their products range from boxes of pre-made mix, to frozen waffles, to fruit syrups. They even have Kodiak Cups, which can be microwaved in minutes for a quick, on the go breakfast. Let’s take a look at their website.

Kodiak Cakes home page video
Kodiak Cakes our products home page section
Kodiak Cakes social media home page

Why We Love Their Website

At First Glance

Their home page draws you in instantly with a beautiful background video that showcases different landscapes and activities. It supports their brand and story, showcasing all the ways that their food can keep you fueled, and that they care about nature and natural foods.

As you scroll down, you can see all of their products. I personally love this section because of the language: “Nourishment for today’s frontier.” Then, towards the bottom of the page, Kodiak Cakes displays posts that have been posted on Instagram with their hashtag. This is another place that the language is used very well, because it moves the focus from their brand, and instead asks how you use it.


Kodiak Cakes has a dropdown menu at the top, which makes it easy to click to their shop page, or go directly to a certain product’s individual page. On each product page, it gives you the option to either buy the mix online or find it in a store near you as you hovering over the product image.

Your shopping cart is also easy to access from anywhere on the website, because it remains at the top of the page even as you scroll down.

All in all, Kodiak Cakes does a great job of telling their brand story throughout the website, as well as engaging their customers in their story and making sure they can view and purchase their products without much effort.


Smashmallow is “no ordinary marshmallow.” They’re proud to produce a snack that’s a healthier alternative to some of the other desserts available in stores. They have a wide range of flavors and products available, and even their home page showcases that. Let me show you what I mean.

Smashmallow home page
smashmallow home page

As you scroll down the home page, you’re transported to a different world with each new section. These sections showcase the different flavors of Smashmallow, like Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberries and Cream, and Cinnamon Churro. This is a super effective way to integrate your branding into all the aspects of your website. This is true even on their products page:

smashmallow products

Why We Love Their Website


As I already mentioned above, their website is a great example of branding. Their brand is light, colorful, and fun, and that’s shown throughout their website design and their packaging. The home page is filled with hand-drawn elements, some of which move and others that are static.

The top navigation menu is simple and clearly defined, making it easy for their customers to navigate through. They even have access to all kinds of unique recipes that can be made with their products.


On the eCommerce side, Smashmallow has several ways to get to their products page, which is helpful for customers. You can get to it from the top menu and a few other sections as you scroll down the homepage.

Their top menu also gives you the option to purchase products on either their website or Amazon, which allows customers to choose their prefered eCommerce experience – marshmallows with free two-day shipping? Yes, please!

The way their cart is set up is a feature that I really enjoy about their site, because it’s in a sidebar. That means that you don’t have to go to a different page to edit or look at the items in your cart, and can easily keep scrolling through the website or looking at other products, adding more items to your cart as you go.

Smashmallow has done really well with both their website design elements and their path to converting new customers.


Hippeas is a snack product made from (you may have guessed) chickpeas. Their brand is all about giving back to the Earth, and serving “modern hippies.” Their sacks are simple, and so is their website. Here’s what part of their home page looks like.

Hippeas home page
Hippeas home page

As you can see, their home page has fairly simple colors, and these are the same ones that are used on their packaging. This makes a clear statement about who they are as a brand. Especially with the emphasis made on peace and giving back, two important brand values of theirs. Take a look at their products page:

hippeas product page

Once again, the products page is simple, and only uses the colors associated with their brand.

Why We Love Their Website


I’ve already mentioned that Hippeas‘ website is simple, but don’t think that’s a bad thing! The simplicity of their site and colors does two things:

  1. Creates an association with these colors and their products in your mind, and
  2. Shows their customers that they’re not loading up their products with anything that modern hippies wouldn’t eat.

This simplicity in design makes their website very easy to navigate, which is something you want when you’re trying to convert new visitors into customers. The harder it is to look at your products and add them to the cart, the easier it is for a potential customer to click away from your website or leave their cart abandoned.


Hippeas‘ product pages haves a unique way of showing the details of each product. When you hover over each product, a chickpea shaped pop-up shows you more information about the taste and flavor of each different variety.

You can see what’s in your cart through a drop-down menu when you hover over the cart icon at the top of the page, which, again, takes out the unnecceccary step of haiving to go to a “cart” page to review and make the purchase. Hippeas‘ website does a terrific job of keeping away the clutter that distracts users from the ultimate goal: buying their product.


Seedlip is a non-alcoholic spirits brand based in the UK. Their website is another example of how simplicity can be a good thing for food and beverage brands and their eCommerce websites. Of course, it helps that they’ve got a pretty one-of-a-kind product that allows them to leave out a lot of the fancy website design that brands with a lot of competitors might be using. Take a look at their home page:

Seedlip home page

And guess what: that’s their whole home page. I know, crazy right? Well, it’s actually a pretty innovative way to layout a website. Look at their products and cart sections:

seedlip product page
seedlip cart

While both of these pages can be accessed from the shop and discover sections on the main page, there are also icons on the top left and top right of the homepage. The top left hamburger menu opens up the product and about section. The top right cart icon opens up your shopping cart.

Why We Love Their Website


Apart from their gorgeous homepage background video, Seedlip has created a truly different food brand website. The menu that extends from the top right hamburger gives customers easy access to their spirits in two ways:

  1. with the different flavors in the sidebar, and
  2. by clicking on the spirits button under the shop section.

They also have links to different parts of their about section in this menu, which includes their story, ingredients, and cocktail recipes.


The shopping cart that extends from the icon in the top right of the home page is also a pretty cool feature, because you can easily access it from anywhere on the website, and because it gives you the option of adding other products in right from the sidebar.

Seedlip’s transparent website shows the elegance that they want their brand to emanate, as well as an uncomplicated path for customers to follow for purchases.


Bobo’s is a food brand that sells oat bars, bites, and toaster pastries. They want their customers to spread the love and snack with a purpose, and that’s why they focus on creating products with wholesome, good-for-you ingredients. Let’s see their home page.

bobo's home page
bobo's products
bobo's about ingredients

Why We Love Their Website


Bobo’s website is totally dedicated to their values, and that’s something I personally love seeing. This works so well because it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to force you to buy their products, but instead they’re telling you about themselves and what’s important to them. The first section of their home page even shows their passion for giving back, with a new bar that helps benefit a nonprofit partner.


Something else that I like about their website is the way their products are showcased on the home page. They continue with their hand-drawn elements from the packaging design, and they even help you decide what products to buy with their “Can’t decide?” button. That’s especially helpful for customers who are new to their website and product.

Bobo’s breaks down exactly what’s in their bars with both text and a photo. The photo helps bring the simple ingredients of their bars to life. This may make the difference in a consumer adding their products to a shopping cart or not – as we all know, visuals often speak louder than words!

Bobo’s website does an excellent job of selling their product through telling their story and sharing their values.

Want an eCommerce website that stands out?

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