Awesome Examples of Minimalist Website Design

When it comes to website design, bigger, brighter, or flashier isn’t always better. Especially when the users of today are constantly being bombarded with media during their daily lives, both on and offline. So, it only makes sense that clean, simple designs have become a huge trend for web design in recent years. Of course, this kind of design doesn’t work for every kind of website, but we wanted to show you some awesome examples of minimalist website design, and why it works for those brands.

What Is Minimalism?

First things first- let’s talk about what it really means to use minimalist design.

Minimalism can be found in art, music, architecture, and lifestyles (tiny house movement, anyone?). Each of these categories has different definitions, but the general sense of minimalism is something that has been stripped down to the essentials. In minimalist website design, the user interface is simplified by removing unnecessary or interrupting elements that prevent a user from completing a task.

Examples of Minimalist Website Design

Now that we’ve gone over the basic idea of minimalism and minimal website design, let’s get to the fun part: examples!


VINEBOX is a company that makes wine and ships it straight to their customers’ doors. However, VINEBOX isn’t your typical subscription service. They put a unique twist on wine delivery by carefully curating wine for a wide variety of palettes, from beginner tasters to experienced winos. Then, they ship you glass-sized samples of the chosen wines so that you can decide what you like. Here’s what their website looks like.

vinebox home page
vinebox home page
vinebox home page

VINEBOX’S website is a perfect example of minimalist design. Their text is dark, bold, and easy to read, whether it’s on white or colorful backgrounds. Their icons and information are clearly laid out in a simple, legible format that makes it easy for website visitors to get a clear picture of the company, their products, and how their service works.

VINEBOX made a great choice by keeping their website design simple and elegant, not only because it makes the flow of goal completions easy, but also because it shows off their classy yet sassy brand attitude.

La La Land Kind Cafe

La La Land Kind Cafe is a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas. The cafe employs youth who are aging out of the foster system in order to help them learn valuable life and job skills for the future. Let’s take a look at their website.

la la land cafe home page
la la land cafe home page
la la land cafe home page

La La Land’s website is minimalist to a T: stripped down to essentials. They don’t bother with a lot of flashy colors, fonts, moving parts or pop-ups, opting instead for a simple black and white color scheme with some small pops of color here and there. The hard lines and easy readability of the text let their story and their products speak for themselves, guiding your eyes to the hand-drawn and photographic elements on the home page.

La La Land “puts people over profit” and minimalist design really works to their advantage in demonstrating their values and the simplicity of their goals.


Plenaire is a skincare company based in the UK. Their products are made with clean, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients in order to help customers have a good relationship with their skin. Here is Plenaire’s website.

Plenaire home page
plenaire home page
plenaire home page

Every part of the Plenaire brand, from their website to their packaging, to their photos, screams simplicity. Their packaging is clear and only displays their brand name in bold, dark letters. The photos of the products and models are also clean and uncomplicated, showing only the essentials without a wild background or prop. Their website uses light, pastel tones and minimal text to draw your eye to the important elements of the page. This is especially true of their reviews section, which provides customers with legible and easily accessible information on the products.

Plenaire uses minimalist design on their website almost as a metaphor for their brand values: providing customers with clean, simple products, and a clean, simple website.


Allbirds is a shoe company from New Zealand. Their tennis shoes are known for their sustainability and natural elements because they’re made of wool! Check out their website.

allbirds home page
allbirds home page

Allbirds, much like Plenaire, prides themselves on their simple, natural product, and that translates to their website as well. While their logo has a unique font, the rest of the text on their website is written in an incredibly easy to read font, making it possible to scan their home page and find information quickly. Their illustrated elements are also drawn in a distinct and eye-catching way, providing some extra flair to their design without going over the top. Especially when the illustrated elements are put together with real-life photos!

Allbirds’ website design achieves minimalism in a perfectly balanced way, using extremely legible fonts, illustrations, and simple photos and product shots while also bringing in some fun and color.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a dog food company and delivery service. They create dog food that’s human-grade because they believe that dogs deserve to eat just as healthy as we do. Then, they ship the food right to your door. Here’s what their website looks like.

farmers dog home page

The Farmer’s Dog is probably the most colorful of all the examples we’ve covered, but that doesn’t mean it’s not minimalist website design! In fact, The Farmer’s Dog does a great job of using minimalism in the backgrounds and text colors to draw your eyes right where they want them. The white backgrounds make photos of their food pop, as well as the muted orange icons and dark text. Conversely, the tan wood background that appears at the top of their home page attracts attention to the bold white text in the center. They’ve also used the amount of text in a clever and minimalist way, writing short blurbs with important information so that potential customers don’t have to go searching for it throughout the website.

The Farmer’s Dog is another case of minimalist website design reflecting minimalist brand values, making it easy to identify the brand and digest the essential parts of the brand and its product.

Think Minimalist Design Is Right for You?

If your brand is loud and colorful (think Ben & Jerry’s, Noosa, Yasso), cutting out most of the colors in the rainbow might not be the right move for your website design. However, if you think your brand could benefit from something clean, simple, and easily accessible, minimalist website design might just be the perfect fit! If you’re not sure where to start with your website design, reach out to us! We’d be happy to help you find the design style that’s best for you.

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