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By Laura Zurowski, Digital Content Specialist

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8 Landing Page Design Tips for Better Conversions

Wondering if your business’ landing pages are as effective as they could be? Whether you’re using a series of highly specific landing pages to support online or traditional advertising or a general landing page for a variety of outreach initiatives, […]
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How to Win in the Gig Economy

The last few years have seen a significant upswing in employment opportunities that would be considered a part of what is commonly referred to as the “gig economy.” The gig economy is a loosely defined concept that applies to workers who […]
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8 Skills Every Social Media Marketing Company Should Have

Ten years ago, social media marketing companies were just starting to emerge. At that time, platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube were growing in popularity with adult viewers, Twitter had just launched, and Myspace (there’s a “blast from the past”) was […]
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5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Success

There’s no doubt about it, today’s consumers are increasingly using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches) to gather information, stay connected via social media and mobile apps, and make purchases. If your business has an online store or relies on subscription […]
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Leverage Market Research for Web Design

10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

For many small business owners and marketers, the fear of making SEO mistakes far outweighs their desire to see the benefits that good SEO can bring. The term “SEO” (search engine optimization) is frequently perceived as scary, technical “mumbo jumbo” […]
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Leveraging Market Research for Great Web Design

Business owners and marketing professionals who understand the value of gathering market research are a step ahead of the competition when it comes to making major business decisions (website design, product lines, services offered…). If you want your business’ website […]
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Leverage Market Research for Web Design

SEO Techniques for Websites: What Businesses Should Know

Once you start investigating search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for websites, you’re bound to uncover all sorts of advice: good, bad, outdated, cutting-edge, sensible, questionable, and downright dangerous. While there is no shortage of “SEO Experts” and “Tips for Top […]
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10 Digital Food Marketing Trends We’re Loving

It’s an amazing and whirlwind time to be a business owner in the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a food production facility, or a hyper-local artisanal foods enterprise, we are coming into an era when more […]
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Check Out These Innovative WordPress Websites

Did you know that WordPress is the most widely used self-hosted website creation tool in the entire world? Millions of websites around the globe rely on it every day to provide a platform for their online shops, news outlets, informational […]
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Digital Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

Owners of small and mid-sized businesses lead extremely busy lives and typically have multiple roles to play within their organization.  Whether you’re running a restaurant, online retail store, a traditional bricks-and-mortar service provider, or something in-between, chances are you don’t […]
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Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

The majority of business owners understand the importance of having a website, but often they simply create a site, launch it, and never look at it again, ignoring website maintenance entirely. If your site isn’t properly maintained, chances are you’re […]
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Earn a Quick Win with Paid Search Advertising

Paid search engine marketing (also known as search advertising or SEM) is an inexpensive way to use the power of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to connect your business’ internet advertisements with people who are searching for the […]
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