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By Jordan Gray, Designer

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Do you have a brand? You need a brand book.

We always hear about logo design, rebrands and provocative advertising campaigns. Brand books rarely make news, since they’re an internal, behind-the-scenes deliverable. However, that does not diminish their importance.  They provide a high level set of guidelines for maintaining brand […]
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2017 Logo Trends to Watch For

While the underlying principles of design remain constant, certain trends dominated logo design in 2016 and are predicted to continue into 2017 with a vengeance. They’re evident brands across the board, from global to local. Here’s four big trends to be […]
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Where Can I Get a Logo Designed?

You had an idea and now you’re bringing it to life. You’ve settled on a company name, fleshed out a business plan and the next step is branding. It’s time to figure out where you can get a logo designed. […]
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5 Reasons You Need a Graphic Designer

If I had a dime for every crude clip-art logo I’ve seen created in Paint, Word or PowerPoint…I would have a lot of dimes. It can be tempting for business owners to save money by creating something themselves. However, cutting corners […]
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Effective Company Logos and Why They Work

We’ve discussed how consumers are inundated with thousands of marketing messages. We’ve outlined the process of logo development, rebranding and general branding guidelines. Now, we’re going to look at a couple of company logos that have championed these concepts, creating inspiration-worthy branding. […]
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Creating a Logo Design That Doesn’t Suck

According to this study, the average person encounters roughly 5,000 marketing messages every day. We hear ads on the radio. There’s a label slapped on every single item in the supermarket. We drive by countless billboards and scroll past dozens of promoted posts. But exposure […]
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Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding can be just the ticket for a company looking to reach a new target audience, stand out from competitors, increase market shares or refocus your brand purpose. Adapting your company’s image can have a substantial impact. For the most successful […]
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Quick Tips on Business Logo Design

Your logo is the book cover that consumers will judge you by. Good design communicates that you’re a competent, reliable brand. Adhere to these guidelines, and you’ll have a logo that builds instant trust with your audience. Start with a clear, […]
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