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By Emma Crowe-Fleming, Digital Content Specialist

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Blogging for Business: 6 Tips to Get Started

Getting into business blogging can be tough. What topic do you choose? How do you pick a category and a focus keyword? And what’s the deal with readability? Well, as someone who’s fairly new to business blogging, I can tell […]
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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Jargon

In the world of online marketing, there are always new terms coming up, and as you dive deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of perfecting your online strategy, you may see more and more unfamiliar terms. And yes, we’ll […]
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We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy-You Should Too

Recently, you may have noticed your inbox filling with emails with “Updated Privacy Policy” in the subject line.  I sure have!  Here’s an example of an email I received from Twitter about their privacy policy updates: Well guess what… We have […]
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