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By Darcy Peters, Social Media Marketing Strategist

social media marketing for nonprofits

Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits: A Guide

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, social media can make a big impact on any organization’s marketing strategy. The fact that social media access is free, though, does make it natural to integrate into nonprofit or startup marketing efforts, […]
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why your business should be using facebook ads

Facebook Ads… You’re Using Them, Right?

If you have a business, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve contemplated trying out Facebook Ads. For some, Facebook Ads are the answer to the dream of really hitting their engagement out of the park. For others, they’re the key […]
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2019 Social Media Predictions

2019 Social Media Predictions from 8 Experts

Social media doesn’t stop changing, ebbing, flowing, evolving. As is common in this day in age, there’s always something bigger and better around the corner. The hardest part, sometimes, is getting in front of those changes. What if we had […]
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Instagram Features You Need To Know About

Instagram Features You Might Not Be Tapping Into

Over the past several years, many businesses have come to understand that Instagram is an important platform to spend time on, and that truly understanding how to use the various Instagram features is beneficial to their success. That’s why there […]
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Social Media Management - Road Warrior Creative

Social Media Tips from Buffer’s Marketing Team

It’s a tornado out there in the world of social media, and because of that, most of us don’t shy away from social media tips. In fact, [ideally,] we run to them, absorb them, and then experiment the day away. If you […]
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mastering social media video

Why Aren’t You Using Instagram Stories Yet?

Instagram is on fire, shown by its growth from 600 million to 800 million users in a 4-month period. They’ve grown from their simple Instagram feed to the dynamic new features like 24-hour lasting Instagram Stories, and a Live Video feature. Instagram Stories […]
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group on phones

300 Social Media Holidays You Can’t Miss

Every year, I’m hit by surprise due to the off-the-wall social media holidays that pop up. I mean, why wasn’t I informed that August 8th was International Cat Day? I definitely have some GIFs saved up for that one! And […]
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social media stats

2017 Social Media Stats in 4 Charts

A few months after our post about reassessing your annual social media strategy, we’re back with more telling 2017 social media stats! What do the latest charts tell us about where we’ve been and where we’re going in social media? […]
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social media marketing

It’s Time to Reassess Your 2017 Social Media Strategy

Have you thought about your 2017 social media strategy yet? Well, of course, you’ve jumped into it out of necessity, but have you really thought about the “why” behind your choices? When creating a strategy, it’s easy to default to […]
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group on phones

Social Media Communities: 6 You’ll Want to Join

Are you part of any social media communities? Social media moves so fast these days. New social platforms come out, new features are released on existing platforms, algorithms change, and new information about social media strategy and social media marketing […]
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winter background

Four Great Holiday Marketing Campaigns 2016

Holiday marketing campaigns are always really fun to take a deeper look at. A great strategy can put a company in the black (profitable) for the entire next year. Did you just feel giddiness in your belly thinking about that […]
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fast web development

Social Media Content Calendar Template

If you use a posting automation tool like Buffer or Sprout Social, you might think that you don’t need a calendar to help you plan your posts. That’s not the case. I’ll show you how consistent use of a social media […]
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