9 Amazing WooCommerce Websites

Need some eCommerce inspiration? Here's 9 of our favorite sites, built with WooCommerce.

Have you been thinking about adding eCommerce functionality to your business’ website? If so, you may already have read, or heard, about WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the online shopping platform of choice here at RoadWarrior Creative because it’s open-source (which means we can customize it to fit a client’s needs) and it works very well with WordPress, which is the open-source development platform we prefer.  

Why WooCommerce?

A WooCommerce website works wonderfully whether you’re selling 5 items or 5,000 and best of all, it’s 100% free – no initial purchase charge, no monthly user fee, no fee based on how much your business sells. Sounds pretty great, right? Let’s take a quick tour around 9 of our favorite websites that use WooCommerce to sell a variety of different products. When you see design aspects, information features, or presentation styles that you like, or think would work well for your business’ eCommerce website, make a note and jot down ideas!

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WooCommerce Website: Overclothing.com

woocomerce website over

Over designs and sells a carefully curated selection of shirts, clothing, and accessories for young men and women. Designed for mobile or tablet use (but still totally functional for those of us viewing on a desktop or laptop) the presentation of each product has an Instagram-like feel as you slide across the images to see the product from different angles. On Over’s WooCommerce website, visitors are also told how many of a particular item is left in stock when quantities are low, so there’s no excuse for putting off a purchase and then not getting your favorite style. Extra cool site feature: visitors are told the heights of the models on the homepage – that way you have a better idea of where the shirts will fall on your own body.

WooCommerce Website: Hatchery.co

woocomerce website hatchery

Hatchery is a box-based subscription service and e-commerce site where customers can explore a wide variety of artisanal condiments and specialty ingredients such as cocktail mixers, oils and vinegars, pastas, jams, sauces, and seasonings. When shopping in their marketplace, visitors can sort through their many products based on category (oils & vinegars) or by collection (Springtime Spreads) along with the option to buy the full-size version of the samples included in subscribers’ monthly sample box. The site also provides detailed information about the various purveyors whose products are sold through Hatchery, as well as each product’s ingredient list and designations such as vegan or gluten-free. The Hatchery WooCommerce website shopping experience certainly lives up to its motto of “Discover the Undiscovered” with its multiple methods for search and product inquiry.    

WooCommerce Website: Jhornig.com

woocomerce website jhornig

Hornig is a direct trade specialty coffee roaster focusing on coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Guatemala as well as select teas and barista accessories. For those who carefully consider the coffee they wish to consume, J. Hornig’s WooCommerce website allows visitors to compare across products, get detailed information about the co-operatives the beans are directly sourced from, and read detailed instructions for brewing the perfect tasting cup. As J. Hornig is based in Austria, the website’s native language is not English. However, official translation options are available on the menu which provides a smoother communication than browser-based translations. The J. Hornig website does an excellent job of explaining the finer nuances of coffee, as well as offering their 100+ year of expertise in preparing the perfect cup for the ever-growing coffee marketplace.  

WooCommerce Website: Porterandyork.com

woocomerce website porter york

Porter and York is an online purveyor of fresh, hand-cut meats including beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and seafood. Orders are shipped within 48-hours of purchase and kept below 40F throughout transport to maintain optimal taste and freshness. The organization of the site is intuitive and easy to navigate, facilitating quick and easy purchasing. When deciding on a selection, visitors are provided with descriptions of the cut, what the cut may commonly be referred to in restaurants, and nutritional information. Cuts are also offered in different weights as well as Natural and Prime grades. Video tutorials and recipes are also provided as are a variety of combination gift boxes. Porter & York keep it all very simple with their WooCommerce website and let their products take center stage to do all the talking. We’re sold!

WooCommerce Website: Crumpleandtoss.com

woocomerce website caliope

Crumpleandtoss.com is the website for Calliope Paperie, a popular bricks-n-mortar store in Natick, Massachusetts specializing in handmade cards, stationery, and specialty gifts and accessories featuring unique designs and quirky, amusing sayings (like the farmer’s market tote with artful lettering proclaiming, “I swear there are vegetables in her somewhere”). Items that are on sale are designated by a special graphic in the top left corner of the image, immediately letting the visitor know how much they’ll save. Cards for all occasions are the primary focus of this WooCommerce website, from birthdays to weddings, sympathy to thank yous – there’s even a special category for “cards with swears”, so you don’t need to look through PG-13 cards when you really want something that’s rated R. Despite being image-heavy, the pages of card selections load quickly and easily and allow for quick scrolling through to find the perfect sentiment.

WooCommerce Website: Thepinkmoose.net 
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woocomerce website pink moose

The Pink Moose is an online business featuring repurposed, recycled, and upcycled home decor and accessories. In addition to selling online, the Pink Moose also offers DIY craft techniques classes in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. Many of the home decor items The Pink Moose sells can be customized prior to delivery and their WooCommerce website allows customers to pick and choose the colors and styles they want. For example, when purchasing a personalized family sign, customers are allowed to choose the background color, lettering color, and lettering style. For those who love well-designed home crafts, but don’t have the time or skill to make their own, The Pink Moose makes it simple to pick the look you’d like to achieve.

WooCommerce Website: Yousli.com.au

woocomerce website yousli

Yousli is an Australian-based online retailer specializing in gourmet muesli and granola mixes, including gluten-free options. Yousli’s selection is small, as they sell both retail and wholesale, but quality and creativity wins over selection quantity and you’ll soon find your mouth watering over choices such as Almond & Black Cherry and Orange, Fig & Hazelnut. On Yousli’s WooCommerce website, each product contains a full ingredient list and two different size options. While they do offer free shipping within Australia, our only regret is that they don’t currently ship to the United States!

WooCommerce Website: Bezelbox.com

woocomerce website bezel

Bezel Box is an online box-subscription service featuring customized boutique jewelry and a marketplace store featuring affordably priced bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Bezel Box, like many sample-box services, offers participants free shipping plus rewards points for monthly subscriptions that can be used toward the purchase of additional jewelry in the online marketplace. When reviewing the marketplace selections on Bezelbox’s WooCommerce website, visitors can filter search results in a variety of ways including price range, popularity, most favorable reviews, and new arrivals – making it easy to find the perfect accessories to compliment any attire.

WooCommerce Website: Zionbags.com 
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woocomerce website zion bags

Zion Bags sells a variety of durable, well-designed messenger bags and travel bag accessories for missionaries. Affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Zion Bags are designed for a narrowly-tailored purpose, yet have broad appeal due to their simple style, organization, and functionality (you don’t have to be a LDS Missionary to purchase one!) The Zion Bags website also features photos of where their bags have traveled to around the globe and video clips explaining their origin and myriad uses. When reviewing the various styles available on the Zion Bags’ WooCommerce website, visitors are presented with several different photo angles, product features, size specifications, and reviews, making for a simple yet highly informative shopping experience.

Are you inspired yet?

As you can see from these 9 examples, whether your business is selling food, beverages, clothing, accessories, home decor, paper-goods, messenger-style missionary bags, or something in-between, WooCommerce can be deployed on your WordPress platform to create a clean, customizable, user-friendly shopping experience that allows your business’ personality and character to shine through. From simple to complex websites, and from a few items for sale to hundreds, WooCommerce can help your business begin selling online and then grow and adapt as you need it to.

The key thing to remember, and this advice applies to any online shopping platform you may choose to use, it to provide your online visitor with as much information as possible to help them make their purchasing decisions. In a bricks-n-mortar store, a customer can pick up a product, try it on, smell it, look at it up close, ask your sales staff questions, and easily compare it to other purchasing options. Re-creating that tangible, physical experience for online shoppers is essential, so don’t skimp when it comes to photos and images, detailed descriptions and product specifications, suggestions for use, customer reviews, and additional recommendations. WooCommerce’s capabilities allow you to easily provide cross-selling and up-selling options as well as giving online customers the opportunity to learn more about your business and products. Take full advantage of the open-source power of WooCommerce and WordPress to tell your business’ story and make your e-commerce site one that brings customers back time and time again.

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