74 Social Media Resources to Keep You Up-To-Date On Trends

Stay current with our list of resources.

If you’re anything like me, you check in with different social media resources in spurts. Sometimes you’re on it, and other times you miss weeks of the news and feel a bit of anxiety that you’re missing out on something big!

That’s why I knew it was time to share some of the most amazing social media resources out there.

Now, the idea is not to check into each one of these websites each and every week. I put them into sections for you so that you can easily spot the ones you think will be most beneficial.

Soon enough, you’ll find your favorites and will use the rest of this list as the cherry-on-top when you have the time to seek more nuggets of social news.

Social Platform News

Facebook Newsroom 

Facebook’s blog is the place to be if you want to catch any important announcements and new features. While I think it’s imperative to check the Facebook Newsroom, note that for the most part, it is not the place you’ll hear about Facebook trial features or rumors. If you’re interested in those, skim down to Tech Crunch and Social Media Today in the list below.

Twitter Blog 

Twitter not only shares important feature and business updates, but they also share mini case studies on how brands use Twitter to enhance their customer reach on social media.

For example:

LinkedIn Newsroom

Just as professional as you’d expect, LinkedIn’s Newsroom includes announcements about new or updated features, and also tons of business, job search, and LinkedIn-specific tips.

Instagram Blog

Although Instagram is part of Facebook, it is nowhere as meaty as Facebook’s Newsroom. However, if you’re ok with sifting through pages of articles featuring different Instagram accounts, you’ll end up finding the goods at some point! If you’re a bit more technical-minded, another site to keep an eye on is Instagram’s Engineering Medium account.

Pinterest for Business Blog

Full of ideas and inspiration, the Pinterest blog is one of my favorite social media resources. Throughout, you’ll find a blog full of Pinterest tips, case studies, and feature updates.

Top Content Creators

Social Media Examiner

The leading social media resources for many, Social Media Examiner not only masterfully curates content from other social media resources, but they also release new ideas and social media strategy advice of their own.

Care to see their weekly social media round-up on Facebook Live? Click “Follow” from the drop-down here.

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is the hottest site to discover social media rumors or under-the-radar features along with thoughts about social media platforms’ public announcements.

Here are two articles from Tech Crunch that you might not see on many other sites:

Social Pro Daily 

Displaying thought leadership and often referenced, Social Pro Daily leads the way in the realm of social media news. They release blog posts about the latest in social media news (always with their own take on the update), and also creative thoughts surrounding all-things-social.

Here are two examples of the thought-leadership content they release:

Social Media Today 

Highly referenced, Social Media Today is a clear leader in social media news and social media thought leadership. They often have the inside scoop on tests that social media platforms are experimenting with, as well as fun spins on the news.

Here are two examples of the kind of content you’ll see from Social Media Today:


Supremely beautiful and well-known, Forbes doesn’t only exist to release business news and thoughts. It is also one of the top social media news sources for marketers today.

Although you won’t always see off-beat, creative thoughts, Forbes consistently passes along credible information.

social media resources


Another well-known publication for one genre of content also pushing its way in the social media news realm is Entrepreneur. They don’t just stick to news, though. Entrepreneur branches out into some really fun content. If it weren’t for their frequent pop-up ads, I might just sit in their site all day!

Here are a few examples of the fun:

Social Media Explorer

Not only does the Social Media Explorer have a plethora of content, they also make it entertaining to scroll through their feed. It’s definitely one of the coolest social media resources I’ve come across.

social media resources social media explorer

The Next Web, Apps 

TNW is no secret to you, I’m sure. It’s a leader in releasing quality news for the digital media fans. If you’re hoping to get social media news, specifically, TNW’s Apps category is the place to be.

Here’s a snapshot:

social media resources The Next Web

Business Insider, Media 

If you’re looking for a wide range of digital-media based topics, Business Insider is a great resource. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of topics, including:

The Huffington Post 

Much in line with their other content, the Huffington Post Social Media blog is filled with gossip and introspective thought. So, this is the site to be on if you’re looking for unique headlines like:

Social News Daily 

Fun is the name of the game at Social News Daily! You’ll find some stream-lined posts, like “Seven Steps to Build a Strong Brand on Twitter,” and also unique posts, like “Is Reddit the New Alcoholics Anonymous?” Have fun!

Experience and Stats from Social Media Tools

social media resources

Buffer Social 

A social media scheduling tool also known for radical company culture, sharing content about how to be top-of-the-line on social.


A tool focused on increasing your traffic and connecting with leads, Hubspot’s mission is to teach business owners how to use all social media platforms to the highest success.

Meet Edgar

An automated social media scheduling tool that has one of the most beautiful blogs you’ve likely seen!

social media resources


A social media scheduler that shares social media strategy and advice several times a day.

Sprout Social

A social media scheduler, customer service and analytics tool that also shares content about social platform best practices.

Agora Pulse 

A full-service social media tool that schedules content, monitors social media mentions, allows you to reply to followers on numerous platforms and provides analytics. Their blog shares tips for all of the above.

social media resources

Simply Measured

A social analytics tool sharing how to level up in social media and other marketing methods.


A leader in content strategy, CoSchedule shares tips on how to standout on social media.

Tailwind Blog 

Primarily sharing thoughts on Pinterest and Instagram due to the fact that their tool supports those two platforms, Tailwind shares tips on how to make the most out of your time scheduling to social.

social media resources


A tool that helps you collaborate throughout the content creation process and also share posts on social media, Contently is a master when it comes to all things content production and content marketing.


A tool used to automatically send curated content to your Buffer or HubSpot queues, Quuu’s blog has some really slick guidance on how to keep your social queue up-to-date and interesting with minimal effort (so you can spend more time engaging).

social media resources buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is a giant in the digital industry. Known for their blog title images with Sumo wrestlers and a killer content popularity tool, they also come out with really useful content that helps marketers find their way in the changing age of social media.

Quick List of Social Media Influencers and Agencies Who Also Write Great Content


Jon Loomer

Mari Smith

Boom Social


Manly Pinterest Tips


Madelyn Sklar


Jenn’s Trends

Sue B. Zimmerman


Wide Range of Content

Convince and Convert


Razor Social

Socially Sorted

The Social Media Hat

Ann Handley

Maximize Social Business

Casual Fridays

Heidi Cohen

Peg Fitzpatrick

Rebekah Radice


Digital Trends

Janet Fouts

Katie Lance

Cinch Share

DhariLo Blog

FireBelly Marketing

Social Chefs

Social Bakers

Neil Patel

Tech Wyse

Sociable Blog

We Are Social

Eli Rose

Social Media NZ

Dream Grow

Jeff Bullas

The Future Forth

Social Samosa

Top Dog Social Media


Social Media Fuze

Hot in Social Media



Idea Girl Media

Crackerjack Marketing

Let’s start studying

These 74 social media resources are sure to give you a full scope of what’s new in social media, and what decisions you can make to thrive in social media marketing.

Do you have any favorites I missed? Leave a comment so others can explore it.

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