4 Brands With Amazing Social Media Personalities

Some of our favorite brand personalities.

Have you ever spotted brands that you felt had dreamy social media personalities? You know, the ones that you read post after post from just because you like the way they talk to their audience?

Brands are always looking to share content that resonates with their audience, sparks emotion, and creates engagement. But, how do we do that? Well, most brands start out by reassessing their social media strategy, but later fall into a rut of blindly sharing.

Does this internal dialogue sound familiar?

“Hm… what should I post this month? I know! Let’s do about the same thing as last month – an article share every Monday, sharing a tip on Tuesday, sharing a sale on Wednesday, sharing another article on Thursday, and… hm… then we can share some industry news on Friday.”

Dun, dun, dunnnnn… you’re in a rut, and your social media personality has become just as exciting as you remember your 10th-grade Biology teacher being! You’re posting by category without the intention to make each and every post unique, interesting, and valuable.

Let’s get out of that rut and seek inspiration to spark exciting change in our social media personalities by looking at examples of brands who haven’t kicked uniqueness and variety to the curb just yet…


Introducing, Merriam-Webster! You’re familiar, right? Of course, we all know the book and web version of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, but did you also know that they have some killer social media activity? Let’s check them out:

Being Punny Always Wins

social media personalities merriam-webster

Did you catch that? Using a play on the commonly used (among youngsters) confirmation, “Word,” the Merriam-Webster rep used, “Words.” Super punny, right?

I can tell you from experience that replying to tweets all day, every day isn’t only exhausting, but can cause ups and downs with your level of creativity. Seeing this witty response made me smile. How about you?

social media personalities

Coordinating with Current Events

Although this isn’t a tweet in response to anyone, it shows the value-add Merriam-Webster is intended to provide. It’s super timely and interest-piquing.

Cringe-Worthy is Worth It

And, just another creative and emotion-drawing post sent by Merriam-Webster, this one appeals to both naturalists and anyone who finds gross things interesting. I can’t imagine many folks crossing by this post without either cringing or chuckling.

Merriam-Webster is near the top of the list of brands with great social media personalities. They’ve taken the opportunity to appeal not only to people who love words and chase knowledge but also to those who enjoy wit, care about current events, and just want a little entertainment throughout the day.

They take a special amount of time to reply in a unique way to those who reach out to them, and you can see by the interaction they get that people are engaged. In fact, take a look at some of the comments on the ‘Scoby’ post above.


Is it a surprise to see them on the list of top social media personalities? Perhaps not! Surely you know Starbucks, but have you seen them on social media? If not, you’re in for a treat! Here are just a few cool examples of what they have in-store:

Clever Humor – Trusting the Audience to Get it

Mmm… that picture looks super dreamy with the contrasted, refreshing dark brown and white drink against a bright blue background. And, the addition of the smilies on the fingers really takes the… cake frappe. To top it off, they trusted their assumption that we noticed those happy fingers when referring to them in their tweet.

Keep ’em coming, Starbucks!

A Sentiment That They Love Their Job Based on Their Jovial Tone

We don’t even need to see what tweets these Starbucks employees were responding to when they wrote the following short, but clever and engaged quips. The fact that they replied to so many folks, plus the presence of their fun tone says it all – they’re grateful for their customers, and they love their jobs.

starbucks personalities on social media

It’s easy to walk into social customer care thinking that you need to be perfect. It’s easy to think about the potential number of eyes on your responses and shy away from flicking bits of your personality in each reply, because… eek! What if they don’t like your personality? What if they will think you’re not as professional if you share a winkie face and some slang?

The fact of the matter is, you are your brand and the people who work for you across social are little raindrops of your brand around those platforms. You want your customers to be your peeps, and one of the best ways to discover if they are is if they resonate with you on social. If they hate your tone and just don’t get you, they’ll likely be a dread to work with. So… be you, and your ideal customers will follow.

Perfection Chocolates

John Kapos (a.k.a. Chocolate Johnny) of Perfection Chocolates is epic on social media, and I’m proud to add him and his small business to the list of amazing social media personalities. While his follower base is much lower than those giants above, there’s no reason this one-man band shouldn’t reel in the credit he deserves.

Let’s take a look at his techniques:

Attention and Compassion

Stacey felt a little reluctant to participate in #VideoReplyDay, inspired by Madalyn Sklar of Twitter Smarter, so John sent her some congratulatory love and support. What a great way to make people feel comfortable to open up to him, right?

I certainly would feel ok being a bit more vulnerable with this chap based on his wording here:


John is a Periscope guru, which is a fantastic way to project authority, personality, and thought-leadership, but in addition to that, he sends out short and thoughtful videos to those he appreciates.

In fact, here’s one he sent to Chris Strub after being called out in his Follow Friday tweet (telling his own followers that John is someone he recommends to follow).

This personal touch didn’t only affect Chris. It likely affected every person who came across it: it might’ve inspired them, his joy and quirkiness might’ve made them smile, and best of all, it might’ve made them think about how to make their followers feel the same about their tweets.

Encouragement and Humility

Alex Khan is another Periscope influencer. Instead of showing even just hints of rivalry or just ignoring him, John decided to pop in some love and encouragement for Alex.

That’s not only a great way to make friends in the industry but can encourage those influencers to support you, as well. Lastly, it can show your followers or potential followers that you’re worthy of following.


Dropbox definitely belongs on the list of top social media personalities. They are highly popular among both professional crowds and individuals who are interested in keeping track of their files in the cloud. Because of this, they need to appeal to both! How best to do that? Ahem, be yourself!

I found some fun interactions between the folks at Dropbox and their followers. Here are several:

Confident Quips

Although not dripping in humility, this response by Dropbox deserves a big round of applause for its smile-inducing wit. Not only that, but they included a link to their Wikipedia page, which it looks like they are super proud of! It was enough for me to take a glance!

Support for Others in Their Field

I love that Dropbox is taking time to highlight professionals who are rockin’ it in the tech realm, including Weera Saad of Facebook. This effort not only shows their commitment to supporting others in the tech arena, but shows how important it is to them to also enlighten their followers.

Calm and Confident with Confrontation

Pete wasn’t super keen on Dropbox’s lack of acknowledgment for the fact that the Southern Hemisphere was in winter and not summer like the Northern Hemisphere. Instead of shooting off some elitist remark or cowering in the corner, this Dropbox rep shared a general statement of support for all. The picture was a nice add!

what do you think?

Projecting an authentic, stand-out personality on social media isn’t always comfortable. I mean, what if they don’t like it? Chances are that if you project the real you, your followers, customers, and prospective customers will be impressed and will feel closer to you.

After all, you’re looking to attract your ideal customer, right? They’ll come with open arms if you welcome them with your true self. Cheers to [name your brand here] being added to the next list of superb social media personalities!

So, what do you think? Have you fallen into a rut of pushing out a brand personality that you think should be the right one, but isn’t 100% authentic? What is holding you back? Or, do you have a brand who we should add to the next list of Awesome Social Media Personalities?

Let’s chat.

Special thanks to @Donal_IRL and @ImTristanG for sharing some of their fav’s with me (Merriam-Webster and Chocolate Johnny)!

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